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  1. hey, thanks so much, I'm glad you like my videos :)

  2. That was amazing!! Poor Martha Hopefully Henry doesn't do anything to her And Jack Hopefully Henry doesn't do anything to him either Update soon
  3. Martha and Jack-y sittin in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G Awwwh they are so cute Martha's one lucky girl, spending a night alone with Jack in a shed so small they can hardly move, doing God knows what ........ Update soon
  4. Yay, sleepover Alec is mean. I don't like him at all. Why is Martha even engaged to him Great chapter Update soon
  5. I love these three The colouring is really good
  6. The colouring on that first sig is amazing
  7. I really thought I replied to this already My memory must be going Anyway. I love it. I'm so happy your starting another fic because they are always awsome Poor Jack I can't wait for him to meet Martha Please update soon
  8. I love these two from the previous page The colouring is amazing
  9. The last movie I watched wassssss Jumangi - twice and Spy Kids I love kiddy movies
  10. Poor Geoff Hope Annie's not dead. Love Aden and Belle Update soon
  11. I had a movie night lol The Return - Could not follow it Le Divorce - It was ok No Reservations - Sherrybaby -
  12. Now this is funny because you said happy birthday to me a day late and here I am saying happy birthday like a month late. I could lie and say that I purposely did it to do you a favour and stretch your birthday out as long as possible haha but really I didn't check until now :P

    well happy birthday (for a long time ago) I hope you had a great day :)

  13. , that's if I have the heart to go through with it. Warnings: VD, L. Not too much SC. AU. Summary: Sam only ever wanted one thing - freedom. And now she finally has it, she can't control herself. Her old life keeps coming back to her just when she's started a new one with Rory, her twin daughters Anna and Louisa, and her husband Jack. But when she finds out Jack was having an affair with his Ex-Wife, Anna and Rory witnessing the whole thing, her world spirals out of control. After a messy annulment, Jack continues to see Martha, and Sam gets sucked into a nasty deal, leaving her life shattered. When Jack petitions for custody of Anna and Louisa, and Rory decides he'd rather live with Jack, what will Sam be left with? Is it worth living on? I'd definately read this one. It sound so good
  14. Just read this whole thing and I have to say I really love it I love how you write so true the characters. It was really interesting to see the way the statments differed from each character. And I love Aden and Belle And I bet someone's died or something, hopefully not to do with Annie I really love the way you write and can't wait for the next chapter
  15. Proof Reading Form Title of Story: Because You Live Type of Story: Long fic - continuous (hopefully) The Story's rating: T/A Main Characters: Jack, Martha, Sam Does it contain spoilers: no What type of proof reader would you like: Proof reader who will offer advice and help with plot and also help with adding detail
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  17. Love these. They're awsome
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