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Sinful Seduction?

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Story Title: Sinful Seduction?

Type of story: Long fic

Main Characters: Martha, Jack, Tony, Kim and Tasha Also new characters - Lisa, Elli and Kate

BTTB rating: T/A Recommended 15+

Genre: Romance/Drama (actually, I'm not sure lol)

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: SC L

Summary: Read the Information and It'll make more sense

Ok, so I know what your thinking; why the heck is Rachel posting another fic in the normal fanfic section? :rolleyes:

Well you may be pleased to know I've already written a lot of the chapters, and Sexual content is suprisingly at a minimum.

If it does get too raunchy however, or people think its not appropriate, I'll have it moved.

Special shout out to Puja :P for helping me with the title. You rock :D

Please read the information section to understand the background to the story...


Jack was born (by accident), and following a rocky marriage, his parents separated.

At the age of 3 he went to live with his mother.

Due to the unfortunate lack of communication between the ex’s, he lost contact with his father.

At the age of 17, his mother died.

He was therefore passed onto social services. He was forced to stay in care until he was 18, but the decision was then made to find his blood relatives.

Following almost a year of searching, his father was finally located. He lived in the small seaside town of summer bay, with his new wife Kate, his adopted daughter Martha and his biological daughter Elena (Elli for short).

His father (Tony Holden) thankfully welcomed him with open arms. And despite Jacks shady past, he agreed to make a change. Life was far too short to be living on the edge, as he had learnt from witnessing his mother’s ill-fated demise.

Jack has lived with his father and two sisters for over a year now, and although it has been a struggle, each day he grows in happiness and feels more a part of the family.

Jack is now almost 21 years of age. Martha is 20 and Elli has just turned 8.

Tony is the owner of the local nightclub (this isn’t anything like Noah’s bar btw, it’s a proper nightclub) and Martha works there on weekends.

Martha attends university. She is in her 3rd year.

Jack also works in the nightclub.

Note: Ok, so, those UK fans that are clued up on their soaps, may have recognised this storyline from the past :P

I won’t say what it is, but I’m sure you’ll guess it along the way.

I’m merely adapting it and shaping it to fit with my fic.

Well, please enjoy ... Im not sure about chapter one, but hopefully it shouldnt be too bad...

Also, this fic wont be proofed!

Warning: Content may not be suitable for younger readers!

Chapter 1:

“Do you have to sit like that at the breakfast table” Martha scoffed as she eyed up her brothers bare torso.

“Why? Cant hide your blushing eyes?” he smartly replied; flashing her a sweet smile, before taking another mouthful of his cereal.

She shook her head at him in disgust, “get over yourself Jack” she spat back, pushing herself away from the table and dumping her bowl into the sink.

Walking through into the living room she picked up her university bag, it was Monday morning, which meant that she had lectures from 10 until 4; not exactly an experience that Martha appreciated, but still, it was the only time she ever got to see her friends, so thankfully the positives outweighed the negatives.

“Ok I’m off” Martha called out as she grabbed her car keys from off the side table. Leaning down she kissed her fathers cheek, before exiting through the hallway.

“Don’t work too hard” she heard her fathers distant voice call out, before she slammed the front door behind her and made her way down the driveway.


(5 minutes later)

“Damit, damit, damit!” she swore as she gave the car wheel a good kick with the toe of her ankle boots.

“Problem?” a smug voice called out from behind her.

Spinning around in a huff, she came face to face with her brother. “What does it look like Jack!” she yelled out in a fluster.

“It was a simple question, no need to get snappy” he strolled up towards her; his face displaying a cheeky grin. One of which infuriated Martha at the best of times.

“Fine, yes, there’s a problem, and no, I don’t know what it is” she turned away from him in annoyance; before looking across at the heap of junk that was her car.

“Alright, keep your pants on” he sniggered at her short fuse, “there’s no need to act like a princess all of the time”.

“A princess!?” she gasped as she scrunched up her nose; placing her hands on her hips as her piercing eyes glared at him like daggers.

“Yeah, that’s what I said” he shrugged; replying in a matter-of-fact way.

She shook her head as she looked at him through the slits of her eyes. She could really loath him at times.

“Look just go away. I don’t need you buzzing around me at a time like this” she dismissed him; shooing him away with the wave of her hand.

“Yeah sure, no probs" he gave her a nod. "So you can sort this out by yourself then?” he smirked.

“Do I look like a mechanic to you?”

“Well no, but … Damn, I’d sure like to see you in that outfit” he looked her up and down with lustful eyes.

Shaking her head in frustration, she tore her vision away from him. “Can you not, please, I’m really not in the mood right now” she warned him, before she marched her way around to the back of the car.

Opening the car boot she gripped the large text books that lay there so neatly, and with all of the strength she could muster, she held them in her arms.

Closing the boot she scrambled back around to the front…

“You’re never in the mood though are you?” he kept on, “Why don’t you just chill out for a bit. You’re so uptight all of the time” his voice turned into a mutter.

Her eyes opened wide through anger, but she tried her best to hold back; she had no time to fight right now. “Are you going to just stand there being a prick all day? Or are you actually going to help me”.

He smiled, folding his arms as he looked awfully pleased with himself. “Well, what will I get in return?”

She was almost about to blow a gasket, as she helplessly dumped the books onto the ground. Placing her hand to her forehead, she rubbed at her temple; she could feel a headache coming on. “Jack, how many more times!” she flung her arms into the air, “Seriously! Can you not understand the prospect of me being late for my lecture” she took a step towards him and looked at him with serious eyes, “because when I’m late, I get yelled at!”

He raised both hands to surrender, “Alright! Calm down, I’ll take a look” he rolled his eyes and gently brushed passed her…


(5 minutes later)

“Well, nothing appears to be wrong” he spoke up having looked at the contents beneath the bonnet, “but hey, what do I know about cars” he sniggered; finding it all rather amusing.

Taking a look at her watch for the 17th time that morning, she huffed, “look, can you fix it or not?” she asked impatiently; feeling as her cheeks were starting to burn.

“Errrm, no, doesn’t look like it. But maybe you’ve just run out of gas or something” he replied as he stepped passed her and took a look at the dash board.

“Gas?” she asked mockingly, “I think I’m a little smart enough to know that I should keep gas in my car Jack” she rolled her eyes.

“Yeah, course you are” he muttered with a giggle. “Oh well, it can’t be helped. I guess you’ll just have to call the AA or something. I’m sure it’ll be fine” he shrugged his shoulders as he slammed the car door to a close.

“Fine!? How is it fine Jack! I have a lecture in 20 minutes and my cars a complete and utter wreck! Why’d you always have to be so god damn blasé about everything?”

With the spin of his heel, he turned to her with a piercing stare, “Hmm, such a great question, oh and here’s another, why do you have to be such a pain in the ass all of the time?” he raised his voice at her. Two could play at this game!

They continued to glare daggers at each other as the moment dropped silent.

Jack, being the more laid back of the two, decided to drop the issue however; as he casually leant backwards and rested against the car door.

A smirk appeared on his face as he took note of her pissed off expression. There was nothing more satisfying than seeing Martha Holden completely riled up, and just knowing that he was the cause of it, couldn’t help but satisfy his inner most desires.

“Look, if you’re through having your tantrum, I’ll drive you to uni in my car, ok?”

Suppressing the burning desire to snap back at him and lash out, she gave in, realising that if she didn’t take his offer, she would without a doubt, miss her morning lecture.

“Alright fine. Lets go” she walked passed him, heaving her books into her arms once again and stomping off towards the other vehicle.


10 minutes later and they had arrived at their destination.

Switching the ignition off, he turned towards Martha with a smile; his gaze was as clear as day as he flicked from her eyes to her lips. “So, how about a thank you kiss for dropping you off?”

Scrunching up her face she looked at him with disgust; his slimy grin was plastered across his face as he looked at her; before she shook her head and clambered her way out of the car.

Slamming the passenger side door to a close, she marched her way towards the university campus.

“Yeah, you’re welcome princess!” his voice sounded aloud from out of the car window, before he sped straight passed her and disappeared around the corner.

From the second Martha had discovered she would be gaining another sibling, she had been utterly thrilled. She had always wanted an older brother; someone to look after her and protect her from the many sex-crazed males that graced this world.

However her delight unfortunately fell to pieces, from the moment he had tried to flirt with her, and at that point she realised he too was a sex crazed male.

You see, according to Jack Holden, the concept of a brother and sister relationship didn’t exist when you weren’t blood related; therefore, in his eyes, he had an all access pass to flirts-vile. Well, when his father wasn’t around to witness it of course.

It also didn’t help the fact that all of her friends fancied the pants off him. His well-built physique, and his beautiful brown eyes and flawless skin, was enough to make any girl go weak at the knees.

So that in itself didn’t exactly amuse her!

Because as far as she was concerned, if she couldn’t have him, then her friends certainly couldn’t either!

Walking into the lecture theatre she took a seat beside her friends, “Hey guys, sorry I’m late” she said as her text books thumped onto the wooden desk.

“Wow, you’re cutting it fine. The lecture’s about start”.

“I know” she rolled her eyes, “I had a slight technical error with my car this morning” she groaned, “I’ll tell you about it later”.

“Ok, can we have a little quiet please!” the lecturer called out as he dimmed the lights; ready to start the presentation…

Note: Please review and thanks for reading :)

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Ok, so I know what your thinking; why the heck is Rachel posting another fic in the normal fanfic section?

Well you may be pleased to know I've already written a lot of the chapters, and Sexual content is suprisingly at a minimum.

That's exactly what I thought when I saw you had started a new fic in the normal fanfic section. :D

Great start. I love it!

Luckily, Jack and Martha are not blood-related. :P

I love it when they're fighting. :wub: They always fight at first and then they get together.

Because as far as she was concerned, if she couldn’t have him, then her friends certainly couldn’t either!

This means Martha likes him and she doesn't think of him as a brother, right? :wink: That's really good! :)

Please update soon.

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Because as far as she was concerned, if she couldn’t have him, then her friends certainly couldn’t either!

Lol, someone's jealous.

Great start loving the relationship between Jack and Martha, it reminds me of all the stuborness and competition between them when Jack first came to the bay on the show.

Can't wait to read more.

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Well my dear friend Rach!!!

The 1st thing I said when I seen it was!

"Why is this not in the Adult Section"

Im loving it so far!!!

But I no what storyline its from and I cant for the Life of me see Jack and Martha as these two people!!!

However I wonder if you story turns out they way they did!!!!!!!!


Well I loved it!!!

Sorry for the ramble

Update soon


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You can imagine the shock i had when i saw that you were the brains behind a new fic. Rachel writing a new fic, im proud of you, hey now im double proud of you :P

Anyways, incest?? Gross :P A bit like Wuthering Heights, where Catherine and Heathcliff hook up, and Heathcliff is the adopted brother :P Anyways, that was year 12 English, moving on

Great start. Im just going to ignore the fact that they are non-blood related siblings, and just love it anyways :)

More please :D

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