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  1. At first the title drew me into reading it as it was such a Naley title... It was really beautifully written probably one of the best I've read, it was perfect.. SO SAD but great! You should write more.
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  4. Wahh Jack better save her in time... Cmon JACK! Naww Matti n Lucas are sooo cute, they are going to have a cute kid.
  5. Hey great updates, Martha's dad needs to be locked up and have the key thrown away. Valli is also a little obsessive/psycho, I'm glad Martha overhead the conversation maybe she can convince Jack that Valli is no good. If I have time I'll read ur new fiction as I love ur work. Please update soon :-) Channy
  6. OMGISH pyscho father hopefully he'll go to jail. Love this story please update again soon.
  7. wow what an action packed update... what a nut case of a father someone needs pyschiatric help lol. Great story Please update soon!
  8. Great fiction it's very original which is great! can't wait for a new update!
  9. Great fic, they seemed cute together. This is the fist non J/M fiction I have read fully. I'm sad it's over but I look forward to reading ur new fiction!
  10. Hey great chapters, and I'm not mad.. we get to read 2 new fics YAY! Please post again soon!
  11. Hey Matticus just read ur fiction.. and it was enough to distract me from the tennis which i was watching so that iin itself says something about how good it is lol... I really like the mystery in it (u used my name as the girls fake name haha) I think the girl is Belle (I thought either her or Martha from the beginning) now I don't think it's Martha so it has to be Belle and the guy I think is Lucas or maybe Ric. Although Lucas with black hair hmmm... I really want it to be Jack and Martha only cuz they are my fav. couple but Jack loving Matilda and sleeping with Annie is not likely, so I'll stick with Belle and Lucas or Ric (if only Ric made the hot chocolates). Anyways please update soon it's great!
  12. hey Bec! I've been flat out with work lately but have finally caught up! It's still as great as usual, wahh Sam is a pyscho (reminds me of the Derek guy from OTH). Glad that they've found out what a creep she is hopefully they'll arrest her... Hmm.. dunno what the prophecy is about, maybe Macca gets pregnant? Not sure lol! Neways please update soon! Channy Xx
  13. I'm still here aswell... Wonder what Sam did? It's so cute they both said I love you at the same time... Glad Martha is feeling better lets hope her 'counsellor' doesn't change that!
  14. Loved the different POV's they are so cute. I agree that Mattie and Lucas need to get a room lol Naww how sad is the funeral poor Martha. I wonder what Sam is hiding... ERR she is already getting on my nerves and she has hardly been in it lol If she wants to break JnM up, she's going to have to try damn hard cuz their relationship seems pretty damn solid to me. Please update soon!
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