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  1. At first the title drew me into reading it as it was such a Naley title... It was really beautifully written probably one of the best I've read, it was perfect.. SO SAD but great! You should write more.
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  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  4. Wahh Jack better save her in time... Cmon JACK! Naww Matti n Lucas are sooo cute, they are going to have a cute kid.
  5. Hey great updates, Martha's dad needs to be locked up and have the key thrown away. Valli is also a little obsessive/psycho, I'm glad Martha overhead the conversation maybe she can convince Jack that Valli is no good. If I have time I'll read ur new fiction as I love ur work. Please update soon :-) Channy
  6. OMGISH pyscho father hopefully he'll go to jail. Love this story please update again soon.
  7. wow what an action packed update... what a nut case of a father someone needs pyschiatric help lol. Great story Please update soon!
  8. Great fiction it's very original which is great! can't wait for a new update!
  9. Great fic, they seemed cute together. This is the fist non J/M fiction I have read fully. I'm sad it's over but I look forward to reading ur new fiction!
  10. Hey great chapters, and I'm not mad.. we get to read 2 new fics YAY! Please post again soon!
  11. Hey Matticus just read ur fiction.. and it was enough to distract me from the tennis which i was watching so that iin itself says something about how good it is lol... I really like the mystery in it (u used my name as the girls fake name haha) I think the girl is Belle (I thought either her or Martha from the beginning) now I don't think it's Martha so it has to be Belle and the guy I think is Lucas or maybe Ric. Although Lucas with black hair hmmm... I really want it to be Jack and Martha only cuz they are my fav. couple but Jack loving Matilda and sleeping with Annie is not likely, so I'll stick with Belle and Lucas or Ric (if only Ric made the hot chocolates). Anyways please update soon it's great!
  12. hey Bec! I've been flat out with work lately but have finally caught up! It's still as great as usual, wahh Sam is a pyscho (reminds me of the Derek guy from OTH). Glad that they've found out what a creep she is hopefully they'll arrest her... Hmm.. dunno what the prophecy is about, maybe Macca gets pregnant? Not sure lol! Neways please update soon! Channy Xx
  13. I'm still here aswell... Wonder what Sam did? It's so cute they both said I love you at the same time... Glad Martha is feeling better lets hope her 'counsellor' doesn't change that!
  14. Loved the different POV's they are so cute. I agree that Mattie and Lucas need to get a room lol Naww how sad is the funeral poor Martha. I wonder what Sam is hiding... ERR she is already getting on my nerves and she has hardly been in it lol If she wants to break JnM up, she's going to have to try damn hard cuz their relationship seems pretty damn solid to me. Please update soon!
  15. Great update.. YAY she woke up and remembers Jack... I'm going away for 4 days but I look forward to catching up on the story when I get back... Have a good xmas matticus01
  16. Hey I saw this today when I was doing my daily Jack and Martha youtube search haha I commented on there under my username McDreamyGeyer.. great job it is a really good video (she makes the best videos aye?)...
  17. Oh YAY Martha wakes up.. I hope they don't tell her about her parents straight away she doesn't need another blow expecially not one as HUGE as that. Mattie and Lucas made love WOOT WOOT.. if someone comes in they are so going to get busted though. Reporters drive me insane it's like leave them alone already.. great as always, please update soon.
  18. WoW you are an awesome writer probably the best I've read on bttb.. not to put anyone else down because everyone is good in there on way. I would really prefer JnM's christmas, I could so see them having one like that if the writers had let them survive xmas, they alwayd new how to have fun and drive each other insane which only made them like each other more... I hope you write another fic because I'd really like to read more.
  19. Mattie and Lucas are so cute.. I'm glad you reminded me when their first kiss was because now I remember how cute they were, I've been seeing them more as brother and sister lately now I'm thinking I wouldn't mind them gettin back together. Poor Martha nothing seems to go right for her, I hope she wakes up soon. WAHHH SAM!! Just the sound of the name annoys me, I agree with abbie please let her stay FAR FAR AWAY! But you won't do that will you, you mentioned her for a reason... NOOO not another Sam one is too much already lol!
  20. oh wow, loving the matilda lucas sneak peak... errr.. Ranya has to be dreaming Jack can't stand being near her let alone touch her haha. Please give us an update soon lol
  21. oh wow, loving the matilda lucas sneak peak... errr.. Ranya has to be dreaming Jack can't stand being near her let alone touch her haha. Please give us an update soon lol
  22. What a psycho Ranya's cousin... Ranya better be sorry, but I hope Jack doesn't accept her apology. you really are a great writer.. I haven't been on since the eating disorder thing, but a little while ago I found his quote thing, I thought it really suits what teenagers have to go through these days and how people always say we have it easy *these*, read if you like and tell me what you think. They say we haven't been through half as much as they had to go through when they were teenagers. Sure, they watched in horror as they heard the news of Kennedy being shot, and went through the Vietnam War. They went through Raids and the Kent State mystery, but we've been through Columbine and saw the Twin Towers fall. We've been through Virginia Tech and experienced the Iraq war, we've experienced the great tsunami engulf and destroy shores, we've watched peaceful bali explode, and have had to fight alcoholism, encounter drug addictions and devastation and battle eating disorders. We fight a different kind of war; one with ourselves and never being good enough. We've seen bulimia and anorexia to the extreme. They say we haven't been through much, but we've been through just as much and maybe more.
  23. I have never had a eating disorder, but I have been an compulsive drinker (I don't say alcoholic cuz that just makes me think of old people and I was only in grade 11) because of some tough times I was going through, like Martha nobody really understood and alot of people judged me. That's why my two fan fics have drinking in it, because I'd like more people to be aware of what you feel to make you want to drink, so that more people can understand... I loved this chapter because you could tell you really related to Martha and Jessica therefore you wrote their stories really well. I think you are brave to put so much detail etc. into the chapters its something I've yet to be able to do in mine. update soon please, it's great!
  24. Martha has to get better she has heaps of friends that care about her.. Ranya so deserved Jack yelling at her... The visitor hmm. I actually have no idea? Update soon please
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