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Latest 5STAR episodes (UK)

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I loved Alf blatantly telling Irene 'I remember you when you had character traits'

Next to the one Irene kept Mick's shawl in, no doubt.

It's a miracle! Josh can see!! I can't say I'm surprised but I was really hoping they would do something more interesting with him learning to cope with being blind. What a stupid waste of a potential

Yeah, it was definitely a bit far fetched. Martha had been charged with Sam's murder, then Jack gets his off duty cop mates to help her by trying to find the guy in the pub! The episode was saved by Roman's facial expression at the end, when he saw Martha with Jack.

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So, did Jack sleep with Jazz? And were Tony and Jazz arrested? Can someone summarize the episode for me? Its hard to tell from my television- the digital reception is terrible at the moment! I had Martha and Morag frozen on the screen, Jack's voice talking to someone, and Roman and Irene talking via the subtitles! :angry: So frustrating not to know what is going on, I'm on the verge of giving up watching 5 and Fiver :(

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I wanted Jack and Martha to go to prison so bored of them and Martha seemed really ungrateful to Morag the sorefest which is Jack and Martha conuies

Could not agree more. I'm seriously wishing that instead of killing herself Sam had persuaded J/M to take a very long walk off a very short cliff. Tony and Jazz getting arrested was the highlight of the episode it was hilarious! I love Jazz :D .

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:o After many days, I finally saw an episode of H&A on Fiver, which didn't freeze and muck about. And what episode was it: Jack and Martha getting back together! Hurrah! Hopefully this will stop them ruining everyone else's lives :lol:
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