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Latest 5STAR episodes (UK)


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So really there was no reason why they would show 2 episodes on Five Life (Fiver is such a bad name) yesterday?

Because I missed it, I forgot lol.. Good to know it will be shown like normal.

So did I. :lol: Oh and I agree on the new name, Fiver, so lame.

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The crash with Aden was way before Henk even came back so Cassie wouldn't have even had HIV then!

Not the first time he was here. Remember he came for Brad and Sally's wedding, which was before the crash, and they slept together, and then they moved together to the city, and then sally persuaded Cassie to come back. He came back again after the crash. He's possibly had the disease for years, since he went travelling. Trust me it fits!

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Todd was excellent last night, as usual. I could really see the shock on Aden's face when Cassie was in the class talking about blood-to-blood contact. The flashbacks were a great touch, and the car crash hadn't even crossed my mind until I saw the episode.

What I love about the show at the moment is that it doesn't let you get too complacent with what's going on. There are moments, sometimes episodes, where everything's quite light and fluffy and then the storylines will suddenly get quite a bit darker. This week has been a prime example in my opinion. We've had the Tony and Jazz reunion thing, which was very lighthearted, and then we've had the Sam and Jack storyline, which is completely different. It's that mix that I really like. Another thing that I'm really enjoying at the moment is how the characters are leading the storylines, and not the other way around. And the newer characters are becoming so layered - e.g Miles, Aden and Roman. They are all deep characters, especially Aden, and I think it's fantastic that such a great bunch of actors have been added to the main cast :D.

...2008 = H&A's finest year???...

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Fiver?!? They changed Five Life to Fiver? What a stupid name!

Oh well, that's all I had to say, I'm a couple of weeks behind on H&A at the moment, got 2 tapes at home to watch, I'm never home when it's on, so every now and again I just have a catch-up where I spend about 3 hours watching episodes back-to-back :mellow:

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