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Latest 5STAR episodes (UK)

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I loved Alf blatantly telling Irene 'I remember you when you had character traits'

Next to the one Irene kept Mick's shawl in, no doubt.

It's a miracle! Josh can see!! I can't say I'm surprised but I was really hoping they would do something more interesting with him learning to cope with being blind. What a stupid waste of a potential

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Yes, it worries me when I see young children like that 'acting'. I have heard that to get small children to 'act', the director tells them that their mummy is dead and they won't see her again, and that's how they get them to cry. And also, if they want them to look really happy, they suddenly produce the 'dead mummy' and the child is overjoyed. I know that sounds cynical of me but I can imagine it happening. Its all very well to say 'no animals were harmed in the making of this programme,' but what about humans? :angry:

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I don't know if anyone agrees with me but I think the show's been really bad recently. All the storylines with Melody/Geoff, Martha/Jack and Morag/Ross are so annoying and boring. And I really can't be bothered with Jai.

The only way all this will be worthwhile is if Belle finally makes a move on Aden and he tells her to stop because she reminds him of his Grandad.

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^It just seems ridiculous to me, why would Belle like him after everything? It just doesn't work to me.

Annie's good at keeping a secret isn't she?! Did anyone get deja vu of Nick telling Will about Kane then him going storming out to find him? He was even wearing the same clothes!

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I have just watched todays fivers episode on youtube because i'm going out later can someone tell me why Tony needs a opertoin to have kids cant remember him having operation to stop him having them before

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