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  1. Oh.My.Gosh. How much do I hate Charlie?
  2. Yeah that was the one I was talking about! Did they ever even mention a body being found? Thanks for reminding me why Kane was arrested, I knew it had somehting to do with a gun and his dad but not exactly what. I wish his dad would turn up and confess too!
  3. Was Ric in it when Kane and Kirsty left? I don't remember them knowing each other.
  4. More to the point, nothing was ever done about Amanda KILLING that guy and leaving him by the side of the road! Or am I wrong?
  5. ^It just seems ridiculous to me, why would Belle like him after everything? It just doesn't work to me. Annie's good at keeping a secret isn't she?! Did anyone get deja vu of Nick telling Will about Kane then him going storming out to find him? He was even wearing the same clothes!
  6. Oh my gosh how cute was Oliver!!! It was so sad, how did they get him to cry like that, good acting for a toddler!
  7. So good to see that arrogant look wiped off Nicole's face!
  8. It is a bit far fetched she'd figure it all out but I liked today's epsiode when it all came together. They certainly get things done quick in this show! Eastenders would drag this one out for several months.
  9. Ooh that's what I guessed!
  10. ^You should have put that in spoilers....
  11. Not the first time he was here. Remember he came for Brad and Sally's wedding, which was before the crash, and they slept together, and then they moved together to the city, and then sally persuaded Cassie to come back. He came back again after the crash. He's possibly had the disease for years, since he went travelling. Trust me it fits! Yeah I guess so, I actually didn't see it around that time or the crash so i don't know what happened!
  12. The crash with Aden was way before Henk even came back so Cassie wouldn't have even had HIV then!
  13. So glad Jack knows! Poor guy though, two failed marriages!
  14. I'll give a clue, one of them is my favourite character!
  15. Haha yes, I just wrote that in the other thread! What a nerve he has! I could never understand her getting back with him after that either, that's like the ultimate betrayal.
  16. Ooh okay, I watched it back on youtube and she looked like her but not enough and her voice was totally different.
  17. That was Brodie?? Oh my gosh! I thought she looked vaguely familiar but I never thought it was her!!
  18. No but you're more at the right time
  19. It was very Home and Away fairytale kind of thing but I quite liked how they did it, except for her finding out about Cassie. People have near death experiences and even die for a couple of minutes but from what I've heard they don't find out secrets! I was expecting Flynn to appear the whole time!
  20. So it is the same guy? I didn't watch it when he was in it so I wondered.
  21. Yeah it was good, the whole epsiode was very touching. Sorry to bring negativity to it though but I found her remembering about the birthday party very unrealistic, remembering a boy being present maybe but suddenly remembering sharing a birthday party with someone which you haven't remebered for the last 25 years? I find it unlikely.
  22. Blimey! I know she doesn't want her to know about the HIV but you'd think Sally would find out she'd been hit by a car!
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