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Latest 5STAR episodes (UK)


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Due to all the confusion over what channel we are discussing. Most of us agreed to have 2 separate threads the old one we will use as channel FIVE episodes and this one for FIVE LIFE episode hopefully this well solve all of the problems.

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I didnt like the way that Lucas was treated,He may have been jealous at the start but then he was clearly looking out for Matilda and didnt want her getting hurt..Beth i think treated Lucas bad and then when Matilda found out and Lucas too me wasnt rubbing it in her face,but was basically saying i tried to warn you because i didnt want you getting hurt and Matilda goes off on him,which is understandable as she just found out..But then Beth said something to Lucas which i thought was wrong.

Martha has no patience at all,They havent been married long but have had alot of problems and with things settling down in life,With Jacks work they are far from settled..He is trying to protect Drew and that is taking up alot of his time.I think going to drink with his work mates and not spending that time with Martha was a big mistake for him,but then Martha annoyed me when she was telling him what to do..Then they both annoyed me when they were arguing infront of Robbie and Tasha..

Both have faults and Martha has no patience to work it out,but bails as soon as it gets hard.

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This is definitely better than having 1 thread for UK discussion as it could give away stuff before it's aired on 5.

Beth was really mean to Lucus. Martha and Jack's arguments were funny but serious at the same time. Poor Jack!! I can see where Martha is coming from as well! Mattie was lovely trying to set Dean and Gareth up. It must have taken a lot of guts.

A good episode!! Funny and Interesting at the same time.

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Do you think we could get this thread pinned?

Yeh, I was thinking that too.

Mattie impressed me. I don't think I could've done what she did but she dealt with so well. You could tell she was upset, but she obviously knew they're was nothing she could do. Cassie made mealguh when she told Matilda she was brave for it (Or whatever she said). Like she has any room to judge anyway!

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Felt really sorry for Lucas tonight; talk about your raw deal! :(

I think Lucas is an asshole, the way he just walked in when Dean and Maddie were kissing "Don't mind me" URRRGH!

And the way he thinks it is his duty to tell everybody Dean is gay. And he is treating Dean as if he is evil because he is gay :angry:

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