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  1. This was great; powerful stuff! I'm off to read the other story now.
  2. If I hadn't chosen to read spoilers I think I might well have gone into shock!
  3. Hey, we love the folks who update for us though! Just think every time more than 1 is added you're winning the battle!
  4. Great to see a new script up & the longest one of all at that!
  5. Is that from the start of the show?
  6. I'm unsure as to what you're trying to say here. Are you suggesting that in the Deaths page, that we add the episode number as well? Yeah, for those that are known, of course.
  7. I care Merc; it's a good step forward and hopefully moving forward will be ok for you. I wish you well.
  8. If any of the episodes for any of the Deaths listed cross over you could add the episode number and save doing extra work perhaps? Just an idea
  9. Great ep! Mattie was so mature today (unlike Ms Vale it must be said)
  10. Felt really sorry for Lucas tonight; talk about your raw deal!
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