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  1. This was great; powerful stuff! I'm off to read the other story now.
  2. If I hadn't chosen to read spoilers I think I might well have gone into shock!
  3. Great ep! Mattie was so mature today (unlike Ms Vale it must be said)
  4. Felt really sorry for Lucas tonight; talk about your raw deal!
  5. You're quite welcome, but thank SKYKAT to; she got me out of a hole!
  6. Wonderful! As it's a one-shot, do you want me to have a go at moving it for you? Be sure you have a copy if you say yes though!
  7. Thanks The first bit of the sequel is up in fanfiction now and i'm working on the second It's called The Wheel Slowly Turns
  8. The Anne of Green Gables soundtrack
  9. Wow! Powerful stuff, well done & let's have more!
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