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  1. Trains to Brazil - Guillemots. Tis awesome.
  2. Martha infuriated me today. "Can't you force her to talk?" Umm, yea, I'll just stick my hand down her throat and extract the words manually. The more I watch Martha these days the more I dislike her, and given that I've always disliked her it's fast turning into hate.
  3. Exactly! It's like asking someone if they're ok - generally that one question just opens the floodgates! Also, maybe she thought he was embarassed at showing so much emotion, and that hugging him would embarass him even more. I wish Cassie and Macca would leave town. I dislike them both and the undeniable chemistry between them makes me dislike them even more.
  4. Yea, I agree it was kinda odd that it didn't happen. I dunno, maybe to Mattie Ric isn't the kind of guy who would be comforted by a hug. I think her words meant more to him, and she could see that.
  5. Ummm...you should maybe check the rule on spelling and grammar. I don't mean to be a pain but you might get your head bitten off. Plus I have no idea what you just said Regarding the non-hug, I was waiting for one as well, but I kinda liked it when it didn't come. It reminded me of the scene between Sally and Rachel a few weeks ago just before Emily died when Sally was really upset and Rachel didn't hug her. It was like Rachel knew she wasn't really qualified to hug Sally because she hadn't known her that long and also because she wasn't around when the whole Flynn thing was happening.
  6. How adorable was the Mattie/Ric scene? I welled up and everything. Then I very nearly threw up at the sight of Amanda and Drew getting it on in the middle of the gym where anyone could walk in and see them. I'm sorry, but I detest this storyline, purely for the fact that it's absolutely unnecessary and it's also, quite frankly, disgusting to see Amanda get it on with her daughter's extremely recent ex after everything she went throught to establish a relationship with her in the first place. Can no one in Summer Bay control themselves?!!!
  7. I was so shocked when Ric walked in at the end, as I was expecting it to be Sally. That was a nice little twist. Surely if Cassie was really worried about being caught with Macca she would have taken him to her room instead of getting it on in the sitting room sofa?
  8. Thanks but it seems to have righted itself now. Typical that the moment I do something about it it sorts itself out I don't know about the logging in problem, mine seems to be fine at the moment.
  9. I hope someone can help me here. Whenever I want to quote something from a post I hit the quote button as usual but the quote doesn't appear. I know it's not a big deal to copy and paste but it's just kinda annoying. Is anyone else getting this or is it just me? Also, when I hit the quote button it jumps as if the page is being refreshed and takes me to the top of the page.
  10. I think Brad was brought in especially to be a future partner for Sally, which taints the relationship for me somewhat. I don't like the obviousness of it, and although I liked the Emily storyline, it felt more like a Sally/Brad storyline rather than an Emily/Brad storyline. In sayin this I do like the idea of Sally and Brad, but I think I'd like it even more if they hadn't had Emily die of cancer just like Flynn. God bless Flynn! He was one of my favourites, even before the whole cancer thing
  11. I agree Reo, he just went about it the wrong way I think, although he did act like a plank at the start of their relationship.
  12. Do you think we could get this thread pinned?
  13. katya

    The Book Thread

    I'm reading an awesome book right now called I, Lucifer. It's told from the perspective of the devil himself who's been given a chance from God to earn back his place in Heaven. All he has to do is live a fairly sin-free life on earth for one month, inhabiting the body of an ailing writer. Although the plot itself is genius, it's the writing that's kept me hooked. It's really vivid and colourful, and incredibly intelligent. There have also been several instances where I've actually laughed out loud, which I hardly ever do. Thoroughly recommended people.
  14. katya

    Support Group

    I used to be really shy as well but I figured out that it was only because I cared too much about what other people thought about me. Now I don't give a **** and say whatever I like. I highly recommend it.
  15. I went to see a movie called Pan's Labryinth today, and it was phenomenal. It's set just after the Spanish Civil War, and is sort of a fairy story for adults, but it's extremely brutal. I really enjoyed it though, people should go see.
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