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  1. Kate Voegele's album - A Fine Mess. Currently listening to the track Angel
  2. ^^Really loving that song at the moment too.
  3. Cheese sandwich, a packet of crisps and a bottle of orange juice.
  4. It's been snowing since last night. I've never seen this much snow here before.
  5. Jeans, t-shirt, hoodie, and polka dotted pair of socks.
  6. Socks - 3 pairs: A red pair, a rainbow coloured pair and a pair with ladybird prints on them.
  7. A chocolate chip muffin, a drink and a packet of tissues.
  8. Thanks for adding me to your friends list & I couldn't agree more about us MC fans having to stick together. I take it Peter Baker is still your favourite H&A character??? =)

  9. It's really cold and there's no heating.
  10. A Ham & tomato sandwich, bottle of water and a pack of pens.
  11. When I woke up it was freezing cold. It then snowed for a few hours. The snow then stopped and we had rain for a few hours. It then stopped raining and we had sunshine. It then started to rain again. Right now the rain has stopped and we have sunshine again.
  12. Spanglish The film is generally considered to be a flop but I actually liked it. However it was wierd to see Adam Sandler in a some what more serious role.
  13. Baby Mama starring Tina Fey and Amy Poehler of SNL. It was a really funny movie.
  14. Salad for lunch, a bar of chocolate and a birthday present for my cousin.
  15. Breaking and Entering I didn't like it even though it had Jude Law in it.
  16. It's been a horrible day. At one point it was so windy and the rain pouring down was really heavy that I thought something was going to happen to the roof/windows.
  17. Little Women I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.
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