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    Home And Away- the Early Years!!!!!

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    A Small Town In Europe!!
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    As you probably guessed I’m a HUGE buffy fan. I also enjoy watching Heroes, Bones, One Tree Hill, The OC, Lost, Las Vegas, Charmed, Will And Grace, Friends, Two Pints, Linda Green, Liverpool One, Instant Star, Angel, Roswell, Chuck.<br /><br />Love all film’s. I would list them, but it would be never-ending! But here is a few, Harry Potter's, Lord Of The Rings, the Matrix, the Mummy's, all Blade, How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, Bring It On, Girl Next Door, She's The Man, Step Up, Save The Last Dance, American pie's and many, many more., <br /><br />Love all types of music which include Westlife, Blue, Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, Green Day, Madness, Will Smith, Omarion, Ja Rule, Nelly, Alexz Johnson, Akon, Ashinti, Blink 182, Christina Milian, Def Leppard, Feeder, The Feeling, Gwen Stefani, Jamiroquai, The Killers, Lyte Funkie Ones (LFO), Marques Houston P.Diddy, Pussycat Dolls, Simple Plan, Usher, the Kooks<br /><br />I also support Middlesbrough F.C.

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  1. Hey Freaky. How are you? Remember me? I used to be moderator on your Harry Potter forum as I was HarryPotterFan or something like that there, lol. :) Hope you are well. Do you want to read my third Home and Away fanfiction (The Beginning) I had posted Chapter 6 yesterday. Have a good weekend xx

  2. The Twilight Saga: New Moon Saw it 3 times yesterday and it's amazing! caan't wait till it comes out on DVD and roll on 9th July for Eclipse.
  3. Cheers i'll have to check it out. I'm dying to see the episode where they get together again. I love the bit when Tommy say's "She's my girl" Can't wait till it comes out on DVD.

  4. Hey

    I saw you like Instant Star and that you were looking for season 3 online to watch so I thought I would let you know that some of the episodes are on youtube as that is where I watch them and so is season 4


  5. I just think he should of made sure she wasn't in the house before leaving after Angelo. Or at least shouted her to see if she'd answer. I forgot about that one. The kiss on the top of his head I thought he said something like the courts postponded it untill after his exans. Thats why I didn't understand why they didn't start in a few weeks time. Maybe I missunderstood what he said, I'll have to watch the episode again. Yes, I'm loving the way they have changed roles. It's going to be great to see the caring Aden back. Not to mention his anger towards Angelo. . After watching the spoilers I'm 99% sure that Angelo has something to with the toxic dump site, not sure what tho. Did we even find out what the SBJ ment about Angelo, as I'm thinking that could be why he became so invloved with Belle so fast. I'm looking forward to seeing who it was who beat her up, also is this how she fines out the bad news, that I read about in the spoilers.
  6. I don't understand Aden in tonight’s Aus episode. Knowing how angry Angelo was, shouldn't he be more concerned about Belle rather than going after him. I get why he chased after him, but I think he should have at least made sure she was ok first. Mind she would of talked him out of going. I loved the first scene tonight when Aden was trying to study and Belle walked up behind him and put her hands around him, telling him to come too bed. Can someone help me fill in the blanks? Aden postponed him community till after his exams. So why did he have to start it today! Shouldn’t he have another 1 ½ before he starts! I can’t believe a clip of tomorrow’s episode isn’t up on the seven website. I was hoping we’d see Aden talking Belle to hospital.
  7. A pair of Backstage passes for a concert, Boston Celtic's jersey and some Red Human Hair Extensions.
  8. After just watching last nights AUS episode, I love Adelle even more. Have I missed something tho,
  9. Isn't Instant star great! I didn't think anyone on here liked it either. I've got seasons 1-2 on DVD. I've been trying to find season3 online somewhere. It's bugging the hell out of me! As I really want to see the episode where they are his old school and the church. Have you seen season 4 yet? Gutted on how it ended!

  10. Hey! I jut thought that I would leave you the first comment.

    I was reading through your interests, and I can't believe that I practically love all that too! All the programmes, movies and artists. The main one that caught my eye was Instant Star! I haven't met anyone here who watched that too!



  11. New Kids On The Block Feat Ne-yo Single.
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