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  1. Troy - after years of wanting to see it but never getting round to it! I've just ordered the directors cut too, wasn't quite the epic I was hoping for but maybe that'll change after I've seen the directors cut.
  2. That bought a tear to my eye, I loved the flash backs to K/K, you write so beautifully . I was crying out for Kirsty to end up with Kane though, they just seem the perfect match
  3. But he had to arrest them, all the evidence suggested that Irene was the guilty party, it would have unprofessional and weak of him to let her go just so people would warm towards him. And regarding Belle, he had every right to arrest her, I mean she hit a police officer in a police station in full view of everyone because she didn't like the way he was doing his job. Imagine for a second that Aden had hit Charlie because he didn't like the way she was doing hers, I'm pretty sure most people would want him locked up.
  4. Same, it's actually sad how few of the characters I actually like/care about. Angelo, Charlie and Melody are pretty much about it. The rest just bore me or frustrate me to the point of wanting to reach into the TV and shake them, which I'm pretty sure is not very healthy .
  5. Aww I watched that movie a couple of years back and I loved it, such a sad film . Last movie I watched was Confessions of a Shopaholic, and it was brilliant
  6. I think there was something in the spoiler thread under magazine scans
  7. I actually think Celeste is beautiful, not conventionally pretty in the blonde hair, tanned kind of way but beautiful none the less. I've loved her portrayal of a broken, emotionally unstable teenager trying to figure out who she is. One thing I have hated though is the way she was blamed for the formal disaster, I mean she locked a door! That is all. The way people like Nicole have been going on about it you'd think she'd commited mass murder. I blame the idiot who booked a hall with no emergency exits and left a padlock on the only exit. I also hate the way she has so often been dismisse
  8. I'm not saying him leaving Jack at the site was the right thing to do, but he was in shock. I've heard people say he should have called an ambulance but how could he have done that without linking himself to the site and thus to Jack being killed?
  9. Aww, has it been confirmed he's leaving then? Yeah he reminded me of Vinnie too, especially at the start. He's really been coming into his own these past few weeks though and has fast become one of my few faves, so I'll definitely miss him if and when he leaves.
  10. I for one love Charlie. I love the fact that she doesn't care what people think of her, she speaks her mind even when people don't want to hear it. Ok she does have a lot of moments when she speaks before she thinks but I just find it endearing. She's insecure, paranoid and pretty vulnerable and she knows it and doesn't try to hide it or pretend that she's not. Like the way she would be all paranoid with Roman but then admit that she was in the wrong and apologise, until it all happened all over again. Maybe I'm supposed to find that annoying but I don't, I just think it's sweet and enterta
  11. I love Angelo, partly because he reminds me so much of Vinnie (not that he's any sort of replacement for the V-Man ) but that really me laugh!
  12. I get why a lot of people like these two as a couple but I don't. When I see them I don't see two people in love with each other I see two people who are meant to be in love with each other. Like when Aden said something like 'you are the best thing to happen to me Belle', or something along those lines, it was like he was meant to say that because that was the romantic thing to do and they are this super romantic couple who are supposed to be completely loved up and say those kinds of things to each other. I think it's brilliant acting from both Jess and Todd, but I just don't buy them as
  13. ^^^No no no please don't, I for one love it and I'm not exagerating when I say this is the best fan fic I've read. ever. Not just on this board but any. You're the only writer I've read who can make every single character come alive you have an amazing talent in making me feel for the characters, and you have a brilliant imagination, you've even made Irene a deeper character with her backstory. I love the way you entwine the characters present with their pasts, with what made them this way. And you can't stop yet because Gypsy and Will aren't together yet . I liked this chapter, I loved he
  14. I don't think it is like a normal affair, I mean Whitney's 15, it's been mentioned that they were together before Tony went to prison for 12 months so she must have been 14 or less when they got togther and the guy that plays Tony said that Tony only ever got together with Bianca as a way of getting to Whitney. It's clear the hold he has over her, he completely manipulates her, he made her remove her stud, stop wearing makeup, made her feel guilty about starring in the school play. The saddest part is she doesn't even realise what he's doing, I think if this storyline is played out well it cou
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