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  1. Aw... you soppy thing Red A nice happy ending. Loved this line: “You might be right.Don’t want to raise her expectations too high.Play it cool.I just want you to know, that however this night goes and whatever may or may not happen between Dallas and I, you will always hold a special position as the mother of my firstborn.” But... labour for 5 hours??? Try 12 hours more like
  2. Brilliant poster Josie Tash! I had to look for the Falcon too. And brilliant chapter Red- Romeo's lack of senses, the paternity claim, John Skywalker hanging out in bars with Obi Miles. hahaha! You're all great! We should get the H&A people to write this into the show...
  3. hahaha! So funny! Chief Lottie sounding just like Mistress Indi! Soooo true!
  4. Hang on. Sasha dumped Xavier for Casey? Great writing Red, as usual
  5. I hope this means the end of Romeo/Indi, even if she doesn't stay with Logan, who is obviously a rebound. He is far too pushy and should have backed off when he knew she was married.
  6. Yes, I agree. Usually she is a better cop than Charlie was and a different character to all the beach babe types. Hope they show more about her life.
  7. Ooh cruel! 'Every time I make a new friend you have to spoil it by sleeping with them.' Really interesting story. Does make a lot of sense now I know you were trying to think of a cool way to explain Ada's pregnancy.
  8. great chapter! “Yes, thanks for making it sound as bad as possible.” I think Dex might guess he's the father, even he knows when someone is obviously pregnant. I love the way out- ness of your story, Red, a really unlikely situation.... or is it? dun dun DUR! Maybe the H&A writers are reading this...
  9. I love their potential relationship. I think they have definite chemistry as they're always arguing. But as we said, Ada's pregnancy will throw a spanner in the works....
  10. I'm pleased, in a drama/ storytelling way, that Ruby still seems to like Romeo and be jealous of he and Indi. I can't see the chemistry between Romeo and Indi, he has more with Ruby, for obvious reasons! I can see why Rebecca and Luke don't want to be a couple on the show as well as off it, but the love triangle seems to only have one ending in my eyes: Romeo and Ruby. Maybe if Rebecca and Luke decided to leave the show at the same time, Romeo and Ruby will go off together, I hope so.
  11. Oh Pembie! So funny! Emperor Alfatine adn his flaming galahs! Xavier fancying Indi! Casey fancying Henri and staying after class! Thanks for stepping in gallantly while I wimped out And Red! Ewok VJ and Xavier saying 'women drivers- before he flew into a tree as well.' ! You've all done very well (as Mr Grace said in Are You Being Served)
  12. Dear oh dear oh dear, what are Dex and Leah doing? At least she's a bit younger than Marilyn I'd love to know how you thought this up Red.
  13. Ummm! Casey! What are you doing? (you ain't seen me. Right? ;) )
  14. This looks interesting Red. I admire your commitment to H&A fanfic, well done that man
  15. Jen! Get thee to thy desk and write something original and get it published! Grow your talent. But don't stop writing fanfic, please...
  16. Gosh, missed the ending, sorry. Unexpected! I thought our boys would end up together, but... However, I LOVE unresolved endings, I LOVE them! Well done for NOT tying it up neatly like a parcel. Cos life definitely ain't like that.
  17. Argh Jen! You do like to torture us! Heath is a right idiot. I hope in the real series he's more open minded now
  18. Haha, oh, very good with the porridge etc! My turn next, argh!
  19. LOVED your description of Ruby and her bouncing curls and waltzing up to the table! Oh, poor Dex and Casey, obviously still lusting after each other but being too caught up in 'shouldn'ts' to do anything about it...
  20. hahahaha! Romeo snuggling up to Liambacca. His song to Bianca, sounds familiar, wonder where I've heard it before? Funny I was just saying to Red that we watched Return of the Jedi the other day and C3PO is convinced Luke is going to rescue HIM not the others
  21. Doh! Forgot to read this earlier. Well done, Mr Ranger sir. Will be back to comment further later x Fab. the developing relationship between Liambaccan and Dex3PO Romeo thinking he's kissed Xavier I have to say, the scenes at Jabba the Hutt's palace in the film are my favourite of the whole series. Luke saying 'this is your last chance, you're all going to die.' And everyone going 'hahaha' then dying! :lol:
  22. Haha, I wrote two Heath/Indi fics, look at my page if you want to read them. I thought they'd make a good couple
  23. I can see both their points of view here. Ruby just wants comforting. Dex doesn't want to take advantage of her. Fair enough, but a sad and complicated time for them. But that's life! Well written
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