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The Autograph Thread


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I think ill write to a few People(Isabel, Rhys, Kate and Ada) and see if i get a reply. If i do i might ask a few more i would be really pleased if i got one!!!! I think the average is 6 Weeks, i bet its defo worth the wait!

I hope i get a fan-card and a letter it must be an honour! I don't know what you write, do you first ask them for a Fan card and then ask a few Q's if you have some, tell them about yourself and sign it?(Obviously you put you're address on!) Do you think i should type or write it?

Oh yeah, can you only write to present permanent Actors or can you do past/semi permanent? If not, how do you get those?

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also, im in the UK - whats the maximum wait for a reply? I heard it 3 months or something

All you can really do to get an idea of that is look through this topic or other forums to see what people have said. I think it can take six months or even more, basically some of the cast just seem more likely to reply quicker than others. It probably doesn't make so much difference that we're in England. I glanced at a UK autograph discussion centring on Eastenders etc. (the UK soaps have never appealed to me), and it makes Nic's zippy replies to some of us look even more impressive, with most responses from even UK actors taking around a month at least (with not all of them by any means being personalised ie. "to Zoe M" either)!

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