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  1. Hey I've been away on holiday and was just wondering whether home and away was aired on five on friday 24th and monday 27th august??? because it's usually set to record on series link but didnt record those two days, so im a little confused! Thanks!
  2. I just got back from a weeks holiday and my mum tells me I've got a letter from Australia...I open it to find a signed fan card from Nic Bishop!!!!!!!!!!! Yeeey! Im so incredibly happy right now!
  3. heeey, I thought this was really good!! I've no idea who the mystery guests could be though..give us a clue!! Hurry up with the next episode
  4. No fair!! Everyone seems to be getting one back from him except me!!!
  5. How long did it take him to reply??? I wrote like 3 months ago, but still no reply Nicholas Bishop took about a month and a half to reply to me and I gather that he just does a signed fan card - so therefore no long letters. I gather it depends where you are from as to how long it takes to receive a reply, as well as how busy he is with his filming schedule. Don't give up hope as three months isn't that long. Many people have been waiting for about 1 or more years for a reply to whoever they have written to. Ok thankyou! I'll keep my fingers crossed
  6. How long did it take him to reply??? I wrote like 3 months ago, but still no reply
  7. I met Ray Meager today He was really nice and gave me an autograph and I got a photo with him. Im so happy!
  8. I didnt think you'd actually do it..you killed of indi... *goes off and cries But seriously, I loved this whole fic, and I cant believe its over!! Im glad everyone ended up happily ever after though!! Yeeeey Well..apart from Indi.. Anyway, keep up the good work and please please please let there be a sequal!! Oh and the Peter and Claire bit was very cute! I want to kiss him under the stars now
  9. Omg, im loving this so much, i've just spent the last couple of days reading all 60 pages Its really original and well written, well done!!!!!! I love how all the characters who go out with eachother are going out with eachother in real life heheh, i guess it makes sense!! Its reallt sad about Indi though, please dont kill her off!! And DB is pure evil!!! I love Nic in this though, hes very noble and loyal
  10. I just had to come on and say- I spent all evening last night writing a letter to Nic Bishop, then I was so excited I woke up really early and ran to the post box and posted it I really hope he replies now!!!
  11. I'd say write, its a lot more personal. Unless you have really bad hand writing and they wouldnt be able to read it! in that case type!!
  12. I heard if you send one to people who have left the show they usually forward it to them and they shoulsd receive it. As for semi-permanent guests, i guess so! I dont see why not!
  13. Happy belated birthday Nic!!! I think I heard he was like 36 or 37 or sumfin??
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