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  1. I'm curious .. does anyone still keeps collecting these Home and away fancards/cast cards? Do they still send them out? I'm still looking for cards of both current and past cast members. Black/white, colored ones doesen't matter as long as I don't have them. Also I'm looking for anyone interessted in trading /selling cards. I have lots to trade with. . PM med If interessted. . Thanks /maciam
  2. Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone might be able to help me. Over the years I have been collecting Home and away fancards, all sorts. But last 5 years it has been so hard for me to find any. Since I live on the other side of the earth from you (Sweden), it been even harder to locate them. I know there are cards out there. I also know about Ebay. I don't use Ebay. I have tried many times over the years writing to The Home and away officer, But without luck. At the moment I'm looking for these cards : * Emily Symons (if she has a new one) * Penny McNamee * James Stewart * Jackson Heywood * Georgie Parker (new one) * Patrick O'Connor * Sarah Roberts * Tim Franklin * Sam Frost * Angus McLaren * Cariba Heine * Grace Thomas * Darius Williams * Lukas Radovich * Ashleigh Brewer if there are more I have missed, please let me know. thanks.
  3. I received 2 fancards of Olivia Deeble and Orpheus Pledger last year. Before that nothing for a long time..
  4. If anyone ever wants to give away or sell any kind of Home and away fancards from over the years, I'm searching for a lot of them. Just pm me. Thanks.
  5. I haven't had any replies from the actors, but the Home and away office sent me 2 cards last year of Raechelle & Scott. Other than that, nothing.
  6. I got a fancard of Scott Lee from the Home and away office last week.
  7. Do you still have cards to sell? Maybe you can pm me if you have? maciam
  8. I haven't seen any new fancards since Kyle Pryor. Can someone please update me on any new cards? I'm looking for any new cards if there is anyone who might have a double or something, I'm always interessted. Which of the actors are the newest regulars on the show? I haven't been able to Watch it for about 6 months.
  9. Thanks Dan. Wish the show had many more fun scenes liike these..
  10. In which episode is Aden teaching Geoff to operate a boat with vegetables??
  11. Hey, what do I write/type in where it says URL? I'm not good with computers. I do have a photo.
  12. What a surprise:-) This week I recieved a personally signed fancard from Philippa Northeast Good thing as I have never even written her a letter!! I sent to the office about 2 months ago.
  13. Hey. Does anyone know if Home and away still sends out fancards?? Haven't heard back from them for about 2 years.. and I have sent letters several times.. Which address do I use these days? Thanks.
  14. Hi, Not sure if this is the place to ask but.. I lost my collection of B/W Home and away cards shortly before moving about 3 weeks ago.. I was wondering if there is anyone out there who has any kind of B/W cards that would be possible to buy or trade. I still have my colored cards. If so.. PM me. Thanks.
  15. New fancards out.. I haven't recieved any cards for awhile.. But I know for sure there are new fancards out on - Lincon Younes - Isabella Giovinazzzo - Jessica Grace Smith - Matt Snow - Tai Hara - Philippa Northeast - Will McDonald I don't know how to put pics to my messages..But I have scans of these. - Cassie Howarth - Bonnie Sveen - Kyle Pryor Haven't got scans of these yet.. Just in case anyone's interessted
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