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  1. Wasn't Cornelia Frances guest during her time on The show? I have her first card The b/w one.. I think both Jessica Chapnick and Celeste Dodwell was counted as guests too.. both had cards. Does anyone know when Home and away actors started attending Perth Telethon? Where can I find these cards?
  2. What is the latest address to send letters to the cast, and which ones are more likly to respond?
  3. I like how we have seen VJ being born and raised in the bay. I would love for more kids growing up there, and I hope Jai stays.
  4. I always giggled at her calling Angelo "Constable Risotto" And all the wierd, nuts things her Lancie & Martin did.
  5. I do have the Helena Bozich fancard but I don't know how to insert it here. Can someone till me how? maciam
  6. I wish we could have had Colleen in the bay still. She really was lightening up the episodes, always happy, sometimes confused and always gossiping and asuming this and that about everyone. Characteters like her, Lance and Martin I really wish would return. You never knew what they ended up doing or saying Can you imagine Colleen Having scenes with the River Boys these days? Nah! But I did love her and "constable Risotto" aka Angelo.. Maybe one day.
  7. Just curious.. Did any of these had fancards in the beginning og the show -Lyn Collingwood -Amanda Newman-Phillips -Gerry Sont -Sandie Lillingston -John Morris -Simon Kay -Peter Bentley -Kelly Dingwall ( think he had another last name when on the show) -Guy Pearce Does anyone have scans of these cards or cards?? I have never seen any cards for them so far. maciam
  8. Hi I have been watching Home and away since 1998 . It is a great show and I love it. Is there any of you out there longtime viwers as me? Back when I started watching the show lots of fans used to collect the fancards the cast members sent out. Do the still send them out? I know they still make them as a friend has found some of them. Is any of you guys collecting them? I'm looking for both old and new cards and hope there might be someone that might be able to help me locate these cards. Also does anyone have the cards or scans of the 1980's/90s early cast cards I wish to see how they did look like back then. Does anyone know if there is a Home and away site like the "perfect blend" neighbours page which has people uploading fancards..? Just a litte curious //maciam
  9. Hi everyone. I'm wondering if anyone can help me find Home and away fancards. I have huge problems as I live halfway around the world , and Home and away is an Australian show. Have they a new address to write to? Haven't had a reply from them for many years. Help,please. Anyone? Also, I would love to find more Home and away fans Who might enjoy these cards or collect them too. Is there anyone Who might have scans to show me how the cards looked like during first few years of the show? I' m curious as I have heard they all got cards but many cast members I have never seen any of. maciam
  10. I'm curious .. does anyone still keeps collecting these Home and away fancards/cast cards? Do they still send them out? I'm still looking for cards of both current and past cast members. Black/white, colored ones doesen't matter as long as I don't have them. Also I'm looking for anyone interessted in trading /selling cards. I have lots to trade with. . PM med If interessted. . Thanks /maciam
  11. Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone might be able to help me. Over the years I have been collecting Home and away fancards, all sorts. But last 5 years it has been so hard for me to find any. Since I live on the other side of the earth from you (Sweden), it been even harder to locate them. I know there are cards out there. I also know about Ebay. I don't use Ebay. I have tried many times over the years writing to The Home and away officer, But without luck. At the moment I'm looking for these cards : * Emily Symons (if she has a new one) * Penny McNamee * James Stewart * Jackson Heywood * Georgie Parker (new one) * Patrick O'Connor * Sarah Roberts * Tim Franklin * Sam Frost * Angus McLaren * Cariba Heine * Grace Thomas * Darius Williams * Lukas Radovich * Ashleigh Brewer if there are more I have missed, please let me know. thanks.
  12. I received 2 fancards of Olivia Deeble and Orpheus Pledger last year. Before that nothing for a long time..
  13. If anyone ever wants to give away or sell any kind of Home and away fancards from over the years, I'm searching for a lot of them. Just pm me. Thanks.
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