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  1. Thanks for adding me Isabella :D

    and yep, my sites are back :D glad u missed them!

    and I see your Isabel site is still running smoothly, which is great to see!

    Keep up the good work xx

  2. I worte to Jessica Tovey in April, and still no reply... how long does it take her to reply for the UK?
  3. Hey, does anyone know the episode number where Belle told Amanda she might as well be dead, after the whole Drew thing? Belle said 'You might as well be dead to me, cos as far as I'm concerned, I don't have a mother.'
  4. I just wrote to Jessica Tovey, I mentioned this stuff: Wishing her good luck to win at the Logies, and told her she deserves it Telling her I love having her on the show She's an awesome actress Told her about my website about her Asked her for a fancard I also wrote a few questions down that I would love if she could answer Don't try too hard to think of what to say to them, just go with the flow. It wasnt very hard for me to write to Jessica
  5. Yeah, Jessica has a fansite by me, but nothing official. Sharni doesnt either Holly Brisley Tim Campbell Paul O'Brien those are the current cast that have official sites as far as I know PS Izzy - sometimes Isabel Lucas is called 'Isabella Lucas' and her nickname is Izzy too
  6. emails? I thought the cast didnt have email addresses? at least none fans could get anyway...?
  7. ur so lucky you met them! What's Nic like?
  8. I have a signed fancard fron Nic Bishop, I wrote about 2 pages in the letter and asked him some questions, but he just signed the card to me and didnt write back, which is okay, he must be overloaded with mail, and he has a baby too. I might try writing to him again... I LOVE th fancard though, I was so happy when i got it! I love the photo of himself that he use
  9. That was hilarious! great job lilone! and the ending SHOCKED ME!
  10. If there was, I would have filled up Nicholas' inbox by now I think there is an email address, but I'm not sure. it was posted somewhere on another HAA forum, i'll see if I can find it for you!
  11. I am still waiting for Nic Bishop's reply. oh well cant complain at him for taking longer, he must be busy with his baby girl and the fact that
  12. When I wrote to him, I just asked how he was doing and stuff, and congratulated him on his baby, and how I'm glad that he's... and I asked him what his favourite peter storyline was and such. I hope that isnt too fangirl-stalkerish (BTW, this spoiler tag thing is fun )
  13. Well ive already written to Nic so... please state the rules!
  14. I am still waiting for my reply fdrom Nicholas, im guessing he'll take a bit longer to reply, because now hes... MAJOR UK SPOILER, SCROLL DOWN IF YOU STILL WANT TO READ ...back in HAA, and he must be getting swarmed with letters and stuff.
  15. thank you also, im in the UK - whats the maximum wait for a reply? I heard it 3 months or something
  16. My site is http://nicholas.flirtatious.org Also, i sent off my letter to Nicholas today! I'm in the UK so i might have to wait a but, but hopefully it will be worth it
  17. Thank you! people who have met him have said hes really nice and funny!
  18. Awesome, thanks! I'm gonna tell him about my site too, I really hope he'll like it!
  19. I sent a letter to Isabel a few days ago, but i know how Enag;and and Aussie mail is, so I will have to wait. I'll be writing to Nic soon! I heard he replies, so hopefully he will
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