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  1. Hey, I haven't spoken 2 u in like forever

  2. I just finsihed reading breaking dawn from the twilight saga
  3. I think pippa was adorable,but Ollie's the one for me
  4. This thread is becoming so underrated! Come on guys! Ollie has to be the cutest thing on tv ever and sometimes his acting is better then half of the people on the show! The hospital scene to today was adorable, I'd love Kane, Kirsty and Ollie to be a little family
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  6. Tamxxx

    Support Group

    I think you are very lucky to be underweight I want to be skinny so just be happy that you are my friend when she was 15 she weighed something like 34kg( 5.5 stones) and she was was 5'5 or something she was like soooooooo skinny, and she said no matter what she ate she couldnt gain she wanted to gain weight and got a bit upset when people accused her of being anorexic etc But i was like Omg if your skinny your lucky! be happy girl i am 16 years old and weigh a friggen 80kg( 12 and a half stone) at 5'8 and i would do anything to be your weight especially if i was naturally skinny i would be so happy
  7. Tamxxx

    Support Group

    Thanks for the help guys
  8. Tamxxx

    Support Group

    i need some advice basically ive started sixth form kind of like a new school a couple of months ago its been 6 months now i havent developed any close friends yet, friends but thats just it not people who i regularly talk to like i used to in my old school. So one of the girls birthday is tomorow and there going to a Pizza hut or something lol to celebrate her b-day she invited me,there is only about 4 people coming not much and one of the girls insisted me on coming, and tha it would be fun etc Im so nervous I dont know these people well and i feel left out?? even though there really nice i dont know what to talk about should i go? I made up an excuse to the girl that sorry i cant come because Im going out on a family outing and it isnt even true i lied i mean i can come its so near my house its like 10 min walk
  9. Tamxxx

    Support Group

    Im exactly like you when ever im ill and need paracetomol or any tablets which is in a solid form i kind of freak out and cant get it down my throat, however it isnt as bad as you like throwing up or choking. I think many people might have this fear as well, my friend choked on a sweet because she was laughing and accidently choked i was there with her it was pretty scary, but anyway I think you should just take lots of and lots of water have a napkin ready lol because some water might spill, i know this isnt the most practical solution but thats how i actually over come my fear of swallowing a pill, sometimes i try to swallow doesnt gte down and ends up dissolving in my mouth. But anyway thats my advice drink lots of water with the pill sorry i couldnt help more
  10. Tamxxx

    Support Group

    Hiya I need help on stress Im doing AS levels on geography, chemistry , biology and pschyology the thing is im finding chemistry and biology the most hardest I revised quite alot for biology and chemistry and on a mock exam paper got D's for both I am frustrated this girl who sits next to me is so clever i think she is abnormal she got 8 A*, 2A's and 1 B, and She is getting A for every subject she is doing in AS level and the lowest grade she got was a B and the lowest I got was a U or an E. She is nice a girl, and good in everything but i cant help to feel jealous when she always get A grades she says she found the chemistry exam hard and then everytime she says this and after she sees her results and she gets a staight A whereas this time I had a mock and I thought would get a B and i got D im like WTF I thought the test was easy and I ended up gettin a D arghh it makes me so frustrated and jealous of other clever people hwo can they do it i think they are abnormally clever
  11. Tamxxx

    Support Group

    Okay i think i need help im extremely shy too shy and my uncle has just come over from over sees I havent seen him for like 5 years and my parents have gone out bascially its just me , him and my sister is in the other room im freaking out because its silent and i dont know what to say i feel so silly , I always do this im terribly shy??? how do I overcome this, I feel like im alienated from everyone and feel retarded sometimes because im so shy
  12. Tamxxx

    Support Group

    Sometimes anorexia is choosed as part of a life style like a pro- ana forums I have been to
  13. Tamxxx

    Support Group

    I dont understand what your trying to say ^^^ I just want a few tips in how to lose weight in under 2 weeks,Ive heard that people lose 4 pounds in a week, Im just too impatient to see me visually get thinner in 3 months I cant wait that long, I do want to lose the weight in a healthy way
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