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  1. My wish is that Debra would try to get her fellow Please like Me cast to visit Summer bay. I like to see Josh Thomas and Catlin Stacy on the bay plus some have found work I read.
  2. Looks like Jackie made a good career choice and unlike other actors seems content and happy at her situation.
  3. That's one reason I do not like seeing other actors in a role. they have a different take on it. though I know that very popular Down Under having new actors come into a well known character.
  4. Im very pleased to hear that. good on you.
  5. (NEW CROSSOVER story idea) Hello, I am working on a story idea that would combine both the H&A current cast and some Neighbours in a crossover comedy like story. I at 1st was going to do something like BLUE HEELERS yet I though something less dark would be more fun. as the 2 main characters in the adventure will NOT be related to anyone in the 2 shows I like to hear who you think I should use the most and who be fun for the newcomers to come in contact with?
  6. When I asked people why doesn't someone work and Im told." Its not easy to pack up and move" It be nice to see more transfer between the bay and Ramsey street. One comes from the bay and one comes from the street. a trade off each season!
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