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The Autograph Thread


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I have been watching Home and away since 1998 . It is a great show  and I love it. Is there any of you out there longtime viwers as me?

Back when I started watching the show lots of fans used to collect the fancards the cast members sent out.

Do the still send them out? I know they still make them as a friend has found some of them.

Is any of you guys collecting them?       

  I'm looking for both old and new cards and hope there might be someone that might be able to help me locate these cards.  

Also does anyone have the cards or scans of the 1980's/90s early cast cards I wish to see how they did look like back then.

Does anyone know if there is a Home and away site like the "perfect blend" neighbours page which has people uploading fancards..?

Just a litte curious 🙂



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