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  1. Got a signed fan card from Charlie Clausen on Thursday. Very pleased. Took 8 months. Better than receiving nothing at all!
  2. Got a reply from Jackson Gallagher today. He sent a signed fancard with a short note on the back. Took 4 months to get e reply from him.
  3. Sent a letter to Tai Hara and 10 days later received a hand signed fancard, but was with a letter from production office. So for some reason they opened my letter and send fan card. It'll be interetesting to see if they then passed it onto Tai and I'll get another fan card in a couple of weeks.
  4. On an autograph site I found someone who posted a success from Steve Peacocke recently. They sent in Dec and got back 3 April. That's the most recent success I've seen. Perhaps some others may hear from Steve this month too. Just thought I'd share to give everyone hope of some replies
  5. Romeo&IndiForever: What a great reply. I always get so excited when I see someone reply as it means there's hope I could get one too! Great one.
  6. Got Tai Hara through his agency for our charity auctions on ebay. Sent own photos, no fan card (not sure if he has his printed yet?)
  7. Great one. Maybe Dan is going through his fan mail at the moment. I imagine he has boxes of it! Hope more people hear back soon. I got a reply from Tai Hara this week- not through the home and away address though. So maybe he will start signing/ replying through the home and away address in coming weeks.
  8. Got a nice reply from Catherine Mack today for out charity auction. Success was through her agency (Mollison Knightley) not home and away. Only took 18 days too. No replies from current cast though- still waiting!
  9. So happy to see someone on here getting a reply from her. Shame you didn't get a fan card though. She must have replied to heaps of people in order to run out of fan cards! I'm still hoping I get a reply next week.
  10. Yeah I know, but maybe this time one of us will hear back. I'd say most people who are getting replies aren't posting on this forum. Fingers crossed.
  11. Rhiannon Fish posted on twitter 3 hrs ago that she's just answered a whole bunch of fan mail. So much that she rang out of fan cards. Hopefully people on here get some replies in the next week or two. Fingers crossed.
  12. Rhiannon Fish tweeted that she's sending off a whole bunch of replies to fanmail. Hope people get replies soon.
  13. Tessalove: nice one on the reply from Charles Cottier. Hope I hear back from him soon. I got a reply from Kassandra Clementi last week, and hoping to get a reply from Andrew Morley this week, after seeing his twitter post. Will post on here if I get anymore replies.
  14. Yeah I've received a reply from Shane too last year. Took a bit to get back, but like with all autograph requests you have to be patient.
  15. I'm just assuming no one was sorting fan mail for that time as a couple of years ago that's exactly what happened as I talked to the guy who took over the role. At the production office it's someone sole role to sort through fan mail to distribute to the actors and also answer letters sent to the cast on a whole or straight to the production office. I'm currently collecting autographs for our charity auctions and last week a few things occurred and things accidently revealed to me that I'm sure that they've had no one in the role since December and only just found someone again. Could be wrong but sure that's what happened. So actors should now have a whole heap of mail to catch up on!
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