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Any chance anyone has a scan of marylin's fan card. Couldn't find it on Ebay.

I've been away on holidays for last 10 days and got home to find a reply from Esther Anderson. So I received sometime between 8-16 April. I sent on 22 Feb 2010. So took between 45- 53 days.

This is my third reply from Esther. I sent a magazine and poster and she sent both back and a fancard which she used to write a letter to me on. She wrote the reply the day before the Logies nomination breakfast as she mentioned she found out about the logies nominations "tomorrow morning." I love getting replies from Esther as she's my favourite.

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I got one from Kate the other day. She wrote a letter back saying how she misses joel now he has gone but is looking foward to furture storylines. I have not got a scanner so i will not beable to up

That's cool, but sad she misses Joel.

Finally got a reply from Rhannion Fish today! I wrote to her seven months ago. Here is it... (Took a photo of it with my iphone) And she wrote Love from "April" on the back of the envelope, hehe. I

Esther is just the loveliest person ever <3

I now have:

Esther Anderson (Charlie)

Holly Brisley (Amanda)

Tim Campbell x2 (Dan)

Chris Hemsworth (Kim)

Ada Nicodemou (Leah)

Jodi Gordon (Martha)

Mark Furze (Ric)

Jessica Tovey (Belle)

Jason Smith (Robbie)

Kip Gamblin (Scott)

Bob Morley (Drew)

Kate Ritchie (Sally)

Sharni Vinson (Cassie)

Sam Atwell (Kane)

Christie Hayes (Kirsty)

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Thanks for the scan Mike.

I may write to Jay, though i havent had much luck with replies.

I received one from Jodi and Esther, but am still waiting from Todd who i wrote to in March 2009 and Rebecca and David Jones Roberts who i wrote to in August 2009!!

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Today I received a signed fancard from Amy Matthews. It took 198 days to get a reply (sent 19 Oct 09) and I'm so happy, as haven't seen many successes from her.

She also wrote a little note on the back saying thank you for my letter.


Also Shane Withington who plays John Palmer now has a fancard too. Someone has it up on Ebay if you want to take a look at it.

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