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  1. Is it a new card with a new photo? Can you share a pic of it? Cheers Is it a new card with a new photo? Can you share a pic of it? Thanks
  2. I Today Recieved a BRAND NEW Signed Will McDonald aka Jett Fan Card.
  3. i have to agree with you there, this has happened to myself also. this is the latest/current & ONLY Address to send to... (Actor's Name) C/O Home and Away Seven Network GPO Box 7777 Sydney NSW 2001 AUSTRALIA
  4. On Monday 30th, June, 2014 after 6 LONG Months i finally got a few Replies in 1 envelope. ALL Signed... alec snow jake speer & jessica grace-smith
  5. So happy to have come to receive a personally signed fan card from Zac in the mail post today. Been ages since my last one.
  6. I shouted with Excitement. As the Saying goes.. i want to scream it from the rooftops LOL. It's just that it been a GOOD Year NOW since i LAST got a Reply nor a Fan Card. and being it from JOHNNY i got even more Excited as i am BIG Fan of His since the X Factor days hehehehe.
  7. TODAY NOT ONLY did i get 1 but i got 2 BRAND NEW SIGNED Fan Cards in 1 Envelope. They were from ... Johnny Ruffo (CHRIS) and Georgie Parker (ROO).
  8. Let's hope Johnny releases NEW Music THIS Year and hopefully a NEW CD Album.
  9. (Actor Name) C/O~ Home and Away Channel Seven PO Box 777 Pyrmont NSW 2009 Sydney Australia
  10. Its looks like peps are getting replies. Thats good to see/hear Lets hope they keep coming through
  11. It was actually X FACTOR AUSTRALIA 2012, that Johnny started out in the Public Eye here in Australia. He got the Role of Chris on Home and Away from 2013.
  12. Do you have a pic of the Card that you can share with us Please? Thanks
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