Vittorio Seca

Prince Vittorio Seca (2010)
Richard Brancatisano
Episodes: 51655215

Marital Status: Bianca Scott (2010, engaged)
Occupation: Italian Prince

Vittorio was the fiancè that Bianca had come to Summer Bay to get away from, having caught him in bed with his ex-fiancè at their engagement party. Three months later, he followed her to town, turning up at the beach house just as she was about to meet Liam for dinner. He received a frosty reception from both Bianca and April and didn’t stay long but quickly made his presence felt in town, meeting the locals in the Diner. He spoke to Bianca and kissed her. She backed out of it but they spent a lot of time together subsequently discussing their relationship.

When the pair were ambushed by paparazzi, Vittorio held a press conference by the beach where he announced that he was in town to win Bianca back. Alf mentioned Liam, who had left town after Vittorio’s return, to him and Vittorio quizzed Bianca about him. They kissed again and went back to his hotel room. Bianca then invited him round for dinner. April challenged him but he insisted he was serious about Bianca and had bought another engagement ring, since Bianca had thrown the first one in the sea. At the end of dinner, Vittorio proposed and Bianca accepted, just as April walked in.

Bianca still seemed uncertain about the engagement and Vittorio insisted it was her choice. When they had dinner together at the Sands, seeing Vittorio charming Emma, the concierge, as he had a waitress at the Diner earlier, brought back bad memories for Bianca. When they attempted to go to his room, Bianca had a flashback to catching him with Grace and pulled out. Vittorio went to see her the next day and she explained what happened. He told her he couldn’t spend the rest of his life making up for what he’d done and was going back to Italy. However, he then returned to the house and they slept together.

The wedding date was set for four weeks’ time and Vittorio threw himself into organising the wedding venue and a place for them to live. Liam then returned to town with his new girlfriend Nina Bailey and the two couples spent time together, with Vittorio accusing Liam of trying to make Bianca jealous. When he learned Bianca, Liam and Nina were all taking part in a clean up day April had organised, Vittorio went along as well and ended up partnered with Liam, with the two of them competing to see who collected the most litter. Liam briefly warmed to his rival when he saw him willing to get his hands dirty, only for them to end up at odds again when Vittorio snidely reminded him that he was the one sleeping with Bianca now.

Vittorio had a hard time getting Bianca to prioritise arrangements for their marriage over her work at the school but gained an ally in Bianca’s mother Joanna, who preferred him to the now single Liam and told him Bianca needed keeping in hand. He agreed to go to a bucks party John was throwing for him instead of joining Bianca chaperoning the Year 12s’ unofficial formal and ended up at the bar with Joanna, where he confirmed he was aware John was trying to butter him up for business reasons and shared her dismissive attitude towards the locals.

In the run-up to the wedding, Vittorio bought Bianca some earrings, told Liam he couldn’t afford her and was unfazed when April, who had refused to be bridesmaid, turned up for a meal wearing a t-shirt with a picture of Liam on it. At the ceremony, Vittorio happily said his wedding vows but Bianca suddenly pulled out of the service and ran to Liam. Vittorio furiously tried to drag her back to the altar but got a punch from Romeo for his troubles. Finding himself short of support, he quickly left the church.

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