Casey Braxton

Lincoln Younes

Casey Braxton (2011-2014)
Lincoln Younes
Episodes: 52346052

Date of Birth: 23rd January 1994
Date of Death:
16th September 2014

Parents: Johnny Barrett (deceased) & Cheryl Braxton
Step Parents: Danny Braxton (deceased)
Siblings: Darryl & Heath Braxton and Josh Barrett (all half)
Step Siblings: Kyle Braxton

Occupation: Student, Pizza Deliverer, Gym Worker/Manager

The youngest of the three Braxton brothers, Casey was seen alongside Brax and Heath when they intimidated Romeo in an attempt to get Miles to drop an assault charge against Heath (although Casey himself remained silent and detached during the conversation). He was starting at Summer Bay High the same day, having been expelled from Yabbie Creek, and clashed with both Romeo, who warned him they weren’t intimidated by the Braxtons, and Miles, whose attempts to help him he rejected.

Casey began getting on better with Romeo after he covered for him when they argued in class. He objected to Dexter filming him, although he wasn’t happy about two of the River Boys, Pee Wee and Rick, grabbing Dexter and dumping him in the bush either. He kept quiet about it when he ran into Romeo and Indigo soon after but when Charlie and Sid came to the school making enquiries Romeo accused him of knowing something and he apparently told them what he knew. He apologised to Dexter afterwards although Dexter wasn’t in a forgiving mood.

He initially seemed unimpressed with Ruby when she had a go at him for getting Romeo into trouble and she was annoyed when he made an innocent comment about her lack of surfing ability. He joined Romeo in trying to convince Heath and the other River Boys not to cause so much hassle on the beach but their hard work was undone when John Palmer read the boys the riot act and Casey refused to help Romeo and Ruby speak to them again. Romeo offered to help him with an assignment but Heath was deliberately obstructive whilst they were trying to study and his mother Cheryl also gave him no encouragement. He gave Ruby a surfing lesson, then kissed her and, when he learned Romeo had advised her to stay away from him, got into a fight with him at school. He then went to see Ruby and told her he wanted to go out with her. She told him there was someone else and he suspected it was Romeo.

Casey was having mixed feelings about being at school so Gina partnered him with Xavier and Dexter for a science assignment. Casey did a good job of presenting it and Miles realised he was dyslexic, although Gina’s attempt to explain the facts to Cheryl didn’t go too well. He was reluctant to present the assignment at a science competition, not helped by his family objecting to Miles helping him, but Miles and Xavier talked him into it and they won the competition.

He persuaded Xavier to take his Ford Falcon out to where the River Boys were meeting, dragging Ruby along. When the car ran out of petrol and Xavier left to find a garage, Ruby admitted the boy she’d liked had slept with her and then dumped her. Casey kissed her and lost his virginity with her in the back seat of the car, where they were found by Charlie. He told her he wanted to keep seeing her but she felt it was too difficult. He defended Ruby when it came out that Romeo was the boy she’d slept with, punching Romeo and convincing Xavier to stay friends with her, and the pair became an item.

Casey dealt with Charlie’s disapproval, when she pulled him up for trying out a scooter when he applied for a job as a pizza delivery boy at the restaurant Angelo and Brax ran and then took his joke about Ruby doing his homework seriously, reporting him to Gina. When Ruby wondered about the extra tutoring he was getting from Miles, he told her about his dyslexia and she confided in him about her diabetes. He received a $50 tip from Dan Marston when he delivered to his holiday mansion and, hearing he was going to be away, he took Ruby there and suggested they hang out there. Ruby suggested throwing a party instead. When Heath found out about it, Casey sent him to the wrong address but he and his mates turned up anyway and the place was raided by the police. Casey was caught after going back for Ruby’s bag but denied knowing who organised the party and covered for Ruby and the case was dropped through lack of evidence.

He went along with Ruby’s plan to set Brax and Charlie up on a picnic together, believing that if they were getting along they’d be less hard on them. He was uncertain about Ruby’s plan to upload Charlie’s details to a dating site without her permission. He was quick to cheer for the Mangrove River team at the surf carnival and convinced Ruby to join their team, defending her when she was knocked off her board by Summer Bay competitor Miranda Jacobs while trying to cut her off. When Charlie was injured during a mini-riot afterwards, Casey was interviewed by Constable Watson alongside Ruby and proved uncooperative.

He found himself being ignored by Ruby when it was believed his brothers were behind Angelo’s disappearance and, after a chat with Miles, tried to win her back by turning up at the Diner with some flowers. Casey himself was concerned enough to ask Brax what was going on but helped Heath hide some money from the police. When he heard Xavier was planning to go to a music festival, he asked Ruby to go with him but it ended up being rained off. He was slightly bemused when Ruby quizzed him about where their relationship was going but eventually told her it was going forward. When he heard Romeo had contracted Chlamydia and Ruby might have it, he punched him, annoying Ruby. However, after Romeo had talked to him he persuaded Ruby they should both be tested and they came back negative. He was then used by Heath as an intermediary to hire Romeo’s boat, annoying Brax who didn’t want Casey involved in River Boy business.

He skipped school after the trial exams to go surfing with some of the River Boys but when one of them, Rob, started harassing Indi he stepped in to defend her and ended up in a fight with him, feeling humiliated when Romeo had to step in to help him out. He told Ruby he was no good at school so the River Boys were his only option and rejoined the group at the surf club, where he had a minor clash with John Palmer.

He joined the teens on an ill-fated trip to Nelson’s Noose, where he had to drag Xavier out of the water when he hit his head surfing. When his trial exam results came back as a series of fails and near passes, he was depressed and reacted aggressively to Ruby’s attempts to console him. Xavier stepped in and punched Casey but Casey’s retaliation left Xavier in sickbay and Casey suspended for two weeks. When Ruby came to see him, he told her he was quitting school and taking a job at the fish market. Both Ruby and Brax tried to persuade him to reconsider and he announced he was going back to school. However, Cheryl responded by throwing him out, saying she was fed up keeping him, and he took refuge at Ruby’s house. Brax dragged him out of the house the following morning, telling him Cheryl would have cooled down, but she reiterated Casey wasn’t welcome. Casey sent the night at Ruby’s again, on the couch this time, before Brax got them a motel room together. He was pleased with the news Tegan Callahan, Brax’s old girlfriend, was back in town.

He agreed to cover for Xavier after he took Summer Horgan-Jones out on his scooter to get over being cheated on by April and was furious when Brax fired Xavier. He began rebelling, going surfing with Heath when he should be at school, telling VJ education was a waste of time and spending the night drinking on the beach until Brax stepped in and announced he was quitting the gang. He was approached by both Xavier and Dexter about putting in a word with Brax over Xavier’s old job, with Dexter wanting it and Xavier wanting it for his new girlfriend Kelly, and played referee between them. He later moved into Laura’s old room, sharing with Romeo and Indigo. When Heath was arrested and subsequently hospitalised, Casey visited him and Tegan tipped him off that it was Brax that had called the police on the gang. His suspicions were confirmed when Ruby told him Brax was seeing Charlie but he agreed to keep quiet and was shocked when Cheryl wanted him to break up with Ruby.

He was horrified when Heath and Tegan hid drugs at the house and even more so when Brax reluctantly agreed to go along with it. He failed to stop Heath trying to run off with some of the drugs and being arrested. He later looked after the restaurant while Brax went to return the drugs to Jake but he and Ruby ended up being taken hostage. They were rescued by Brax and Casey worried when he suffered a minor stab wound during the confrontation. When he heard the news Tegan had claimed Brax was the father of her daughter Darcy, he joined Brax and Cheryl in spending the day with the pair. Afterwards, he overheard a conversation between Cheryl and Tegan where Tegan admitted it wasn’t true. After talking with Ruby, he told Brax what he’d heard.

When Heath returned, Casey helped him and Brax out in a fight with Jake’s brother Hammer and their gang, then found Heath beaten up. He saw Heath’s car after it had been stolen by Hammer’s gang and helped Heath look for it only to find it torched. Brax refused to let him take part in the fight he arranged with Hammer’s gang and he began carrying a knife around for self-defence. When Miles found him with it and told Gina, he was expelled and refused her later offer to come back, feeling dispirited. When the town was hit by a storm, he took some lamps to the school where he admitted to Ruby that he’d dropped out and was angry when she insulted his family. He also admitted what had happened to Brax.

When he overheard Brax and Heath planning to meet Hammer after Tegan’s funeral, after she’d been killed in the storm, he ducked out of the service and instead went and burnt down Hammer’s base. Brax was horrified when he found out but helped manufacture an alibi, claiming Casey was home sick, and destroyed the evidence, telling Casey to stay out of it from now on. He considered returning to school but then the police began searching the house. He went to the station and made a statement reiterating his alibi. Georgie later called by the house and told him if he co-operated he might avoid a conviction, prompting Brax and Heath to berate him for talking to the police. He admitted what was going on to Ruby and, when she told him Charlie was planning to make an arrest, Heath took him on the run. However, after Brax tracked them down to a shack and he realised Heath didn’t have a plan, he went back and confessed then broke up with Ruby. Brax hired a lawyer that ruled Casey’s confession as inadmissible then they learned Cheryl had large gambling debts and, since she was facing charges for assault, he told Brax to give her the money.

He was jealous when he saw Ruby hanging out with the other River Boys and proceeded to go surfing in dangerous waters and nearly drown, having to be rescued by Brax and Heath. At a Year 12 party, he saw Ruby hanging out with Xavier and, misinterpreting things, he kissed Summer. Xavier told him Ruby was only interested in him so he followed her home and asked her to wait for him. They arrived home to find Heath organising a send off party for him. In court, he was found guilty and sentenced to thirty days in juvenile detention.

He was released in time for the school formal, where he spent the evening with Ruby and agreed to move to the city with her, Brax and Charlie. He spent the night with Ruby before they went round Brax’s to get on with their packing. When they returned to the Bucktons house, however, they found a dying Charlie, who had been shot by Jake. After Ruby had agreed to turn off Charlie’s life support and Brax had barricaded himself in the room with a gun to stop her, Casey managed to enter the room and talked him out of the standoff. He supported Ruby at the funeral but afterwards backed out of her plan for them to still move to the city and stayed in town with Brax.

He went to the city to see Ruby and get her to make their relationship work long distance but instead she broke up with him. He was upset when, even when Ruby returned to town, she stuck with the decision and did himself no favours by getting into an argument with Alf at the surf club in front of her. He restarted school and seemed pleased to be reunited with Henri Brown, his new teacher and one of Heath’s old girlfriends. He tried to offer Ruby a place to stay when she moved out of Leah’s but she refused to have anything to do with his family.

He was horrified when Brax took up cage fighting and came home in a bad way. He was uncomfortable when Tyler Churchill, an old friend from juvenile detention, turned up and began staying with the Braxtons. His fears were confirmed when Tyler stole and sold John’s car and he was unable to get it back. He was furious when Tyler meddled in his relationship with Ruby and threatened him with a pool cue but when Heath told him to hit him, he hit Heath in the stomach with the cue instead. He showed signs of being attracted to Henri when he had detention with her and alluded to something that had happened in juvenile detention. When Heath found Tyler’s money, Casey wanted to report Tyler to the police but Tyler threatened to report Casey. Casey admitted to Henri that he had thrown boiling fat over a boy that was going to stab Tyler, leaving him scarred for life, and when Brax learned the truth from Tyler he reassured him that he had nothing to be ashamed of. He went looking for Tyler when he found he’d been sleeping rough and found his campsite in the bush. He gave him some food and money and agreed to stay the night but, when he made it clear they weren’t friends, Tyler chased him with a knife until Brax arrived to rescue him and Tyler was arrested.

He went after April when she played truant from school and was horrified when she told him Heath had slept with Henri, attacking him and storming round Henri’s house. After getting into a fight with Heath, he went round to see Henri and kissed her. When Henri told him nothing could happen while they were student and teacher, he threatened to quit school and then got together with her. Henri was thrown into a panic when Gina came to the house while they were in bed together but they continued to pursue the relationship even after Casey recognised they couldn’t be seen in public together. When they slept together at his place, April saw her cardigan and assumed Henri was with Heath, only to see her and Casey kissing. He convinced her to keep quiet, especially when Henri said they could be together once her placement at Summer Bay High finished. However, Henri was then offered a permanent job and told Casey they couldn’t keep seeing each other.

When Heath taunted him about not standing a chance with Henri, Casey retorted that they’d already slept together. The conversation got back to Gina but Casey protected Henri by telling her he had a crush on Henri and had lied to Heath. He started skipping school to avoid the issue, prompting Henri to give him a heart to heart and a goodbye kiss. When he learned VJ had seen them, he convinced Henri they needed to go to Gina and tell her he kissed her and she pushed him off. However, Gina realised the truth and suspended Henri and Brax stopped Casey going after her. He tricked a real estate agent into giving him her new address on learning Brax had forced her to leave town and Ruby gave him a lift there but when he turned up Henri refused to see him and Ruby convinced him to let it go.

Casey found himself victimised by Dave Townsend, a teacher who had asked Henri out, and who put him on detention after blaming him for some other students bringing the matter up and a row between Xavier and Sasha. He told Townsend it wasn’t his fault Henri didn’t like him, prompting Townsend to threaten to make his life hell. He walked out of detention when Townsend tried to make him stay longer only for Townsend to witness him giving Sasha a ride illegally on his scooter and get him and Brax in trouble with the police. Townsend failed one of his assignments for being late and, when Gina instructed him to mark it, insulted Henri to Casey’s face, prompting Casey to punch him. He was suspended from school and questioned by the police. He tried to apologise to Townsend but his efforts were ruined when a group of River Boys tried to intimidate him. Partly thanks to Sasha’s intervention, Gina convinced Townsend to drop the complaint and leave the school, then instructed Casey to attend counselling in order to keep attending school.

At his first counselling session, Natalie Davison asked him about his father. He could remember little except him going to jail when he was seven but later admitted to Sasha he felt happy at the time. He later questioned Brax about it but Brax dismissed the subject. He asked Gina for a new tutor but she refused so Sasha suggested he get Dex to do it. However, he was scared off when Dexter and Sasha spent the whole of his session bickering. He found out Heath was looking into getting their father Danny out of jail but Brax insisted it wasn’t happening. Casey spent the night on the beach to avoid Brax before Brax told him he used to take him out of the house when Danny kicked off and that Danny put Heath in hospital and broke Cheryl’s arm. He nevertheless asked Brax to take him to see Danny and they got on well. When Brax got annoyed with him talking to Natalie about it, he spent the night at Sasha’s place. He supported Heath in getting Danny out of jail and helped his father move out to the caravan park when Brax refused to let him stay with them long term. He comforted Ruby over her relationship difficulties but was stunned when she kissed him. He agreed not to tell Romeo and was annoyed when Sasha warned Ruby off her, suspecting she was jealous. After having an argument with Brax, he got drunk with Danny and woke up hungover on the beach. He was found by Sasha and Natalie who sobered him up but annoyed when Natalie dismisses his confusion about the future as just growing up.

He began getting close to Danny, skipping school in order to spend time sparring with him at the caravan park, and told Brax he was going to drop out of school and go travelling with their father. When Danny postponed the trip, Brax convinced him to go back to school for the trials to see how he did. When Brax was attacked, Casey realised he thought Danny was responsible and Brax told him he’d kept the money from Danny’s last job, although Danny denied it when Casey asked him. He then walked in on Brax and Heath arguing about the fact Brax had sent back the letters Danny wrote to them while he was in prison. However, he was concerned when Danny then talked about what he did to people who owed him money and Brax revealed he was planning something illegal to pay him back. He failed to dissuade Brax from getting involved in drugs again and was further concerned when Danny invited Ruby to a family barbeque and he realised Danny was after the life insurance from Charlie’s death. He began keeping an eye on Ruby and brought her along to a post-trials drink that April and Dexter had invited him to, where she kissed him after seeing Romeo chatting with Indi. They quickly established neither was interested in the other romantically and Casey turned down an invitation from Danny to a barbeque, only to change his mind when he learned Ruby was going. He went along with Danny’s scheme by feeding Ruby a line about the family needing money but secretly encouraged her to move back in with Alf. When Brax found out he was apparently helping Danny, he turned up at school and threatened him but Natalie realised the truth and Casey told Brax he was trying to find out what Danny’s next move was.

Brax staged an argument with Casey to convince Danny he was being straight with him. He then instructed Casey to cut all ties with Ruby to stop Danny getting to her. When Danny found out Casey had lied to him, he punched him. Ruby was also upset to find out he’d lied, although they managed to sort things out. Danny told him he had another idea to get money and, even though Brax tried to send him to stay with Cheryl, he went to Danny instead. Danny took him to a motel and then to carry out an armed robbery at a pub. He shot and fatally wounded Danny when he tried to force him to kill the bar manager and refused to let Brax take the blame, making a confession to the police and refusing to offer any excuse. Brax bailed him out, whereupon Heath punched him. Feeling he deserved to go to jail, he attacked Heath in front of Georgie so he’d be arrested for breaking his bail conditions, then waived his right to a further bail hearing and refused visitors. Natalie convinced him to go to Danny’s funeral where Brax managed to have a quiet word with him and convince him that Danny had set him up to take the blame for the robbery. He was granted bail and confided his feelings in Sasha but Heath wasn’t able to stay in the same house with him and moved out. Brax wanted to confront Heath about it but Casey told him it was his fault. He was angry when Brax tried to set him up in a counselling session with Natalie, who Casey knew had slept with Brax, and told Brax he felt she was too close to the situation.

Despite his new resolve, he began putting his affairs in order, quitting school and telling Brax and Natalie they should look after their own happiness and admitted to Sasha he felt he was going to jail. Brax dragged him to the hospital and showed him Dexter, who was suffering from a brain injury, as evidence that other people were worse off than him. He went to see Heath, who was initially reluctant to see him but afterwards admitted he was jealous that Danny thought Casey was worth bothering with and he wasn’t. However, Casey refused to hold Rocco when Heath suggested it. He stripped his room to the floor, spending all his nights doing exercises instead of sleeping. As a result, he fell asleep while surfing and, when the water woke him up, took several seconds before saving himself. When Brax broke into his room and demanded to know what he was up to, Casey punched him and ran off. He told Natalie he was as bad as Danny and had a copy of Danny’s tattoo done on his back. He headed out into the bush where he and Brax used to go camping with Sasha and slept with her but afterwards dismissed it as a bit of fun. Indi had a go at him about it in front of Brax, which resulted in him telling Brax and Natalie the full story of what had happened when Danny died. He tried to go and see Sasha to apologise but Sid and April refused to let him talk to her and Sid later gave him an angry serve down by the beach.

Brax suggested they go away for a few days and the experience left Casey feeling more positive but he was then kidnapped by Kyle Bennett, who chained him to a car in the desert and revealed he was also Danny’s son. Casey managed to phone Brax when Kyle left him alone but was knocked unconscious before he could say anything. Kyle forced him to make another call to set Brax’s mind at rest but he managed to tip him off as to where he was. Kyle left him tied up to die but he was helped by Tamara Kingsley, who found him and gave him water. Kyle returned and took them both out into the desert but Casey caused a distraction allowing Tamara to set up an explosion that injured Kyle. Casey stopped Tamara killing him and both Kyle and Tamara fled the scene, leaving Casey to be found by Brax and Natalie. He was aware he’d be arrested for skipping bail if he returned so Brax suggested they go on the run together. However, after talking it over with Tamara, he decided to return to town, although Natalie dismissed his story of Tamara, telling him he’d imagined her. They headed to the hospital where Casey was placed under arrest for skipping bail despite Brax and Natalie backing up his story of being kidnapped. He was released on bail but given the responsibility of proving Kyle existed. Sasha visited him and he apologised for how he’d treated her.

He also had to deal with the fact Rocco had died in their absence, attending his funeral and joined Heath and Brax in laying a wreath out at sea. While he searched for Kyle and Tamara, he learned that Brax owed $30,000 in lawyers’ fees and bail money and unsuccessfully tried to stop some repo men taking equipment from the restaurant although Adam Sharpe, an old friend of the family, bailed them out. He was roped into helping Sasha deliver leaflets for the surf carnival. Afterwards though, Sasha began avoiding him and had a go at him when she saw him taking a girl into his room, when in fact she was Cordelia Tuck, a volunteer for a SIDS charity, and he was donating his antique surfboard to a charity auction. When she found out the truth, she came round and apologised but he told her she’d been right the first time and they should stay away from each other. Natalie told him that it was her that had told Sasha to stay away from him and convinced him to make it up. They spent the day together to repair their friendship but Sasha was upset when he told her about Tamara, who he now believed wasn’t real, and Natalie suggested she still had feelings for him. When Brax and Heath brought Kyle back to town, Casey punched him. Sasha then told him she might be pregnant and, when his only reaction was a shocked silence, she walked off. He followed her to the farm where she refused to speak to him. He told Romeo what was going on and admitted part of him wanted Sasha to be pregnant, since if he went to jail for murder it could be his only chance to be a father. However, the test was negative. Despite this, he renewed his relationship with Sasha and accompanied her to the hospital when Sid was attacked.

After Kyle made a statement to the police, he confirmed Tamara was real. Casey spent the night with Sasha on the beach and woke up to find Tamara standing over them and punching him. He sent Sasha away while he talked to her and learned she’d been dragged to town by his lawyers. He and Brax asked her to testify but when she found out Kyle was living with them she stormed off in anger. As his court case began, he suffered a panic attack when the prosecutor tore apart the only witness’ defence of him but disagreed with Brax’s suggestion he stay out of the court room. The charge for skipping bail was dismissed when Kyle and Tamara, who returned during the trial, backed up his story and the jury retired to consider the other charges. Heath gave him a boys’ night in before they heard the jury was in. He was cleared of murder but found guilty of armed robbery and sentenced to a year’s periodic detention and a five year good behaviour bond. When Tamara left the celebrations, Casey went after her and brought her back when she admitted she had nowhere else to go. She told him that her parents hated her because her brother was killed in a car crash while trying to get her away from an abusive boyfriend. When she announced she was leaving town, he begged her to stay and Sasha overheard. He arranged Tamara a job at Roo and Harvey’s wedding reception, where he was left comforting Sasha when she found out Dexter had had a seizure. However, when he saw Tamara leaving, he abandoned Sasha and went after her. Tamara accused him of toying with both their feelings and kissed him. He went to see Sasha the next day only to find she already knew about the kiss and told him to make a choice. Instead, he decided he couldn’t put either girl through having a boyfriend and, just before going to periodic detention, broke up with both of them but told Sasha he still wanted to be friends and asked Tamara not to leave town. He soon began getting a hard time in prison.

Casey was soon bothered by prison bully Courtney Freeman. The prison education officer, Zac MacGuire, stepped in and got Casey to punch him in public so he’d earn some respect, then convinced Casey to try and work for qualifications while in prison. He was upset when he was released from his first period of detention to find Brax had moved Kyle into the house and sent him to live with Natalie, as well as giving his shifts at Angelo’s to Tamara. He continued to be torn between Sasha and Tamara, as Sasha was the only person to remember his birthday and presented him with a cake while Tamara challenged him to say he wasn’t interested in her. Instead, he told her to make things up with her parents. Courtney tried to get him to retrieve some drugs that were being delivered via the kitchens but Zac advised him not to so Casey flushed the pills. As a result, he suffered a beating and was allowed out early. He defended Zac to Brax but was disappointed when he learned Zac was now seeing Natalie and wondered if he’d only helped him to get close to her.

Sasha invited him along to a toga party at the farm, which he resolutely refused to dress up for but still enjoyed. Tamara returned and Casey tried to get Brax to help deal with her ex but Tamara was annoyed at the pair trying to take over her life. Despite this, he gave her a place to stay and then slept with her. They embarked on a relationship but were quickly spotted kissing on the beach by April, who told him he owed Sasha an explanation. Sasha was devastated at the news and Dexter threw him out of the house. Sasha later came to see him and Tamara and told him their friendship was over. Tamara admitted Nelson Gregory, her ex-boyfriend, had tried to get in touch with her. Kyle told them Nelson was in town looking for her but Casey refused his help. Kyle later phoned to tell him Rosie Prichard had told Nelson where to find Tamara and Casey raced home where he tried to stop a scared Tamara leaving with Nelson. Kyle arrived and knocked Nelson out. They took him to the police station where Casey supported Tamara as she made a statement and thanked Kyle for his help. Afterwards, he told Tamara he loved her and she reciprocated.

Natalie told him Tamara couldn’t stay at the house indefinitely so he began looking for somewhere else to stay. He asked Gina about work and, while she couldn’t take him on at the school, she helped him get a handyman’s job at the surf club. However, John was forced to let him go when a member complained about him working there. He decided not to testify against Kyle and was offered a job at the gym by Romeo before rescuing Sasha and Rosie from drowning. Casey found Jamie Sharpe had been moved to the same jail as him and tried to stop him getting involved with Courtney. Courtney responded by cornering the pair and telling Jamie to beat up Casey or get beaten up himself. The incident left Casey covered in bruises and Courtney in the infirmary but he refused to tell Zac what had happened. He told Zac not to help him because he was worried about the tension between him and Brax but Brax told him to accept help. He started a fight with Courtney and was annoyed when Zac intervened. He was later stabbed trying to protect Jamie but refused to make a deal with the authorities unless Jamie was protected too, even when Tamara threatened to leave him if he didn’t. In the end, Zac arranged a deal whereby Casey’s sentence was reduced to time served and Jamie was moved to another prison in return for them testifying. Casey worried when the deal failed to come through when it was almost time for him to return to detention but refused to go on the run when Brax and Tamara encouraged him to and was given a last minute reprieve.

He was annoyed to find Heath working at the gym, accusing him of taking his job, forcing Brax to step in and tell Casey to move back home. Casey and Tamara set up home in the flat adjacent to the Braxton home. When he found Heath running the gym, he tried to convince him to let him start work but Heath refused without the okay from the doctor and Casey aggravated his injury helping move some boxes. Sid reminded him not to overexert himself. He attended Heath and Bianca’s engagement party and introduced Tamara to Cheryl. He tried to intervene in an argument between Cheryl and Kyle but when Cheryl announced that Kyle liked Tamara, Casey punched him. He was annoyed that Tamara hadn’t told him what was going on but mollified when Kyle confirmed Tamara had done nothing.

He was shocked when Indi refused to honour Romeo’s job offer until Sid told him that Romeo had disappeared after hiding the fact he had cancer from Indi. Casey convinced Indi he hadn’t known and she gave him the job but continued to give him a hard time, before recruiting him to get rid of Romeo’s things. Then Tamara told him that Kyle had kissed her. Although Casey tried to be fine, he was angry when he found Kyle was still working at Angelo’s and when Kyle claimed Tamara had given him signals, and tried to order Tamara to quit her job. He then forced Kyle to get into the gym vehicle with him and drove him out into the bush. They made peace when Kyle accepted Casey had done him a favour by killing Danny, at which point Casey found he’d locked his phone and the keys inside the car and they had to spend all night walking back to town. Indi tried to fire him for disappearing with the company vehicle but, when he told her she needed help, she broke down in his arms and he convinced her to be with her family. He took on more and more work at the gym, even though it meant he missed doing assignments for his PCP, and was angry when Tamara tackled Indi about it but accepted he needed to take a step back.

He tried to look out for Jett after Gina’s death after making a promise to Xavier, walking him into school on his first day back. He warned Chris Harrington off Indi, telling him about Romeo. Indi was furious and fired him but later reinstated him, admitting she couldn’t cope without him. When Brax and Heath ended up at odds, with Heath believing Brax had paid Connie to take Darcy away, Casey was unsure what to believe. At Tamara’s urging, he suggested to Brax that Kyle transferred the money to cause trouble but Brax accepted Kyle’s word. He talked Dexter into fronting up to a meeting about his job at the hospital.

When someone dropped a package of money off on his doorstep and he heard sirens, he told Jett, who was in the house with him, to run and was arrested for armed robbery when the money and a gun were found planted in the flat. He made a statement but was unable to explain how they came to be there. He was denied bail and told Brax to keep Tamara away from him. Brax informed him that Ricky and an unwitting Kyle had been forced by someone to set him up. Dexter convinced him not to push Tamara away and he called her to come and see him before he was taken to remand but she failed to turn up. Brax and Kyle went to visit him and told him Tamara was in the city. However, Adam then visited and revealed he had kidnapped Tamara, prompting Casey to attack Brax and angrily accuse him of getting her killed.

When he was released after Ricky made a statement admitting to setting him up, he found that Tamara had amnesia and was unable to remember him. He tried to talk to her but she was uncomfortable around him so he began spending all his time at the hospital, where Brax was in intensive care after being shot by Adam. When Ricky turned up, Casey turned her away but Heath convinced him she was best placed to help Brax. Dexter told him he was considering proposing to April, prompting Casey to wish he had a symbol to show Tamara what they meant to each other. Sid and April tried to talk him out of his depression but instead he started drinking heavily and turned up at Leah’s place, where Tamara was staying, in an inebriated state. He was jealous of Kyle, who Tamara had bonded with, and they came to blows. Tamara then came to see him but when Kyle deliberately interrupted the conversation Tamara announced she was leaving town. Afterwards, Casey told Heath he couldn’t stay in the flat anymore.

When he learned Tamara was still in town, he assumed she’d stayed for him until Kyle revealed they’d slept together. Casey tracked Tamara down and told her she didn’t know Kyle but only succeeded in scaring her when he frantically grabbed hold of her. After calming down, she gave him a day to jog her memory but his tour of romantic moments and playing back an old phone message from her failed to have any effect on her. He was furious to find Brax kissing Ricky and took his temper out by contacting Tamara’s parents to let them know what was going on. With Kyle and Tamara still going strong and Brax having invited Ricky to move in with them, Casey moved out and spent a night on the beach, before Indi paid for him to stay at the caravan park. He holed himself up in his caravan, brooding, and deleted Tamara’s phone message. He was hostile towards her and got into a fight with Kyle, which prompted Tamara to tell him to move on. He was instructed to testify at Ricky’s trial and was angry when Brax tried to get him to lie to protect her. He was shocked when Tamara revealed while giving evidence that some of her memories had returned and told the court that Adam was to blame for Ricky’s actions.

He went to a party at Indi and Dexter’s place where he got drunk and kissed Indi. He tried to forget about it the next morning but she insisted on clearing the air and encouraged him to sort himself out. Instead, Peyton Tedd, who was staying in one of the caravans, was the first in a series of one night stands. When Tamara told him she remembered how she had felt about him, he was angry to find she’d carried on sleeping with Kyle and told her it was over. He began drinking heavily, even at work, and befriended Maddy, who got drunk with him at the gym. Both Roo and Brax told him to stay away from her but instead he took her out to a club. He tried to kiss her while drunk then collapsed with alcohol poisoning. Brax insisted he move back home, after which he reluctantly accompanied Heath, Brax and Kyle to Melbourne for Heath’s bucks weekend, where he and Kyle managed to reach a truce and he did his best to accept Kyle and Tamara as a couple. However, he once more moved out to a caravan.

When Maddy tried to seduce him, he was initially willing until he realised her heart wasn’t really in it. He refused to tell Roo, who saw a dishevelled and upset Maddy running from his van, what had happened, resulting in her and Brax believing he had assaulted her until Maddy explained. He defended Kyle and Tamara when Cheryl objected to their relationship and roped Kyle into helping Jett win Nina back by serenading her. When Heath admitted to cheating during the ceremony and the wedding was postponed for a few days, Casey talked Cheryl into attending the second one. He stopped Maddy having drunken sex with Josh Barrett after the reception but this resulted in them being run off the road by Josh’s brother Andy. He managed to carry an unconscious Maddy away from the wreckage but was caught in the car’s explosion. He suffered spinal damage and was told he might never walk again. When he tried to prove the doctors wrong, he ended up on the ground after trying to get out of bed. He lapsed into depression, refusing to do physio or use his wheelchair. Ricky sent Brax away then tried to convince Casey herself but her bullying approach had even less success. However, Tamara managed to convince him to use the wheelchair. He regained movement in his legs while Heath and Tamara were with him and began making progress in physio. He was stunned when Tamara kissed him, especially since he didn’t even know she and Kyle had broken up, and told her he’d learned to live without her and couldn’t go back. He quickly forgave Josh for his part in the accident when Maddy brought him to apologise and convinced Brax to forgive him too. However, he was shocked to return home to find Brax had let Josh stay with them.

Like Ricky, Casey felt there was more to Brax helping the Barretts than he was letting on. When Brax confessed to accidentally killing the Barretts’ father Johnny and covering it up, and subsequently turned himself in to the police, Casey convinced himself he would escape jail. When he learned Tamara was planning to leave town, he stopped her and kissed her; they spent the night together and reunited. However, Brax was sentenced to ten to fifteen years. He struggled on in the aftermath, rejecting Heath as head of the family and clashing with Kyle. He accompanied Heath back to Summer Bay High to keep the Mangrove River students in line but Bianca sent them away. He and Tamara were spending all their time loved up with picnics on the pier which resulted in Ricky assuming Kyle was uncomfortable around them and Casey and Kyle getting into a fight. He discovered Heath trying to copy one of his old assignments and learned he had enrolled in a fitness course. He used reverse psychology to get Heath to do the work himself then asked Bianca about getting his HSC. He was told he’d have to redo Year 12 but after Tamara interceded Bianca managed to get the assignments and tests he’d completed officially recognised and certified. He and Tamara began to drift apart and, after he spoke to Brax about it during a prison visit, they decided to split up, just before Dexter and April asked them to be best man and matron of honour at their wedding as the most inspirational couple they knew. Sasha gave him some tips on handling Dexter and he and Tamara managed to pretend to be a couple for the next few days so as not to let Dexter and April down, but Heath (who had actually been tipped off by Kyle) consoled him.

With Indi leaving town, Casey was made co-manager of the gym with Heath but struggled with paperwork and with getting Heath to do his share. He was reluctant to go against Heath when he gave Spencer’s shifts to Chris, since he was relieved Heath was making a decision for once. He learned of Ricky’s pregnancy and that Brax was being transferred and didn’t want anyone visiting him. He was amused when he walked in on Phoebe Nicholson’s failed attempt to seduce Kyle and told Tamara what had happened before going to visit Ricky in hospital after she had a miscarriage scare.

When it became clear that not only Kyle but also Evelyn and Oscar were missing, Casey joined forces with Tamara, Zac and Hannah to look for them and found that Ethan, who had been injured in an explosion at the hospital, had Kyle’s phone. However, Ethan died before he could explain where he’d got it. After finding a message about shipping containers on Ethan’s phone, Casey managed to work out where they were being held from a voice message left by Ethan’s henchmen and joined in rescuing the trio. Maddy convinced him to give Andy a job at the gym but it was immediately vandalised. Casey blamed Andy but Josh told him that Sean Green, an old cellmate that Andy was testifying against, was responsible. Casey got a group of River Boys together and saved Andy from being beaten up by Sean and his friends, then gave Andy and Josh shelter at the Braxton house over Kyle’s objections that he was putting Ricky in danger. He was annoyed when Kyle beat Sean up, but relieved when Sean was arrested.

When he came home to find Bianca, who was having memory problems, had started a fire, Casey called Nate against Heath’s wishes and then stopped Ricky going to see Brax by admitting they didn’t know where he was. Casey soon began to miss Brax, especially when Ricky started dating Nate Cooper, and began trying to track him down. He managed to get the address of the prison where he was via Zac but Brax refused to see him and sent a letter telling him to stay away. He decided to get in touch with Adam to get him to support Brax’s story. Adam asked Ricky to see him but Casey ended up going alone, failing to convince Adam with an offer to find out about Jamie for him. Then Ricky turned up after all and took charge of the conversation. Shortly after, Brax was released when Adam admitted he had finished Johnny off.

He let slip to Andy that Brax had accompanied Josh to identify Johnny’s remains and gave Jett advice on making a speech about Gina, convincing John and Marilyn to attend. Josh asked him to give him a lift to where Johnny used to take him fishing to scatter his ashes; Casey convinced Andy to come along and watched the ceremony from a distance. Casey accompanied Brax and Heath on a visit to London when they went looking for Ricky and Bianca. He was the first to run into the two women while sightseeing and told them where to find his brothers. He met up with London girl Linda Somerset and they embarked on an intense holiday romance. Despite it being interrupted when Brax was hit by a car, Linda asked Casey to stay with her. Casey returned to Summer Bay but stayed in touch. He was confused to learn Brax had stolen a baby photo from Johnny Barrett’s belongings and didn’t entirely believe Brax’s claim that it had been handed in at Angelo’s. However, when Brax told him that Johnny Barrett had been his biological father, Casey was sent into a pit of depression, confused about his identity. He rejected Josh when he tried to talk to him at the gym and ended up getting into a fight with Andy when he revealed he had been paid by Brax to keep quiet, insisting Emerson arrest him when he investigated the fight. He wanted to move out of the house and had his tattoo removed since he no longer had any link to Danny; he collapsed at the gym after it ended up getting septic, with Brax taking some time to persuade him to go to hospital. He broke up with Linda, saying he wasn’t who he thought he was, and she sent a hat that he’d left with her back to him. He again rejected Josh but, after taking advice from Brax and Ricky, he extended an awkward olive branch to him. He was persuaded to speak to Cheryl but they only ended up arguing. However, his mood was improved when Cheryl told him he was her only reminder of the man she really loved.

Casey began spending time with Denny Miller after they got chatting at the bait shop, resulting in Chris Harrington, who had been dating her, seeing him as a rival. He and Brax wound Chris up about his jealousy and Casey encouraged Denny to make things up with him, although Brax felt it was Casey that Denny really liked. They then found some money Kyle had hidden in the house and learned Phoebe’s father Mark had tried to bribe him to leave her. Casey then got roped into helping John look for his wedding ring. Andy, who had quit the gym on discovering Casey’s parentage, asked for his job back but Casey told him to prove he could do a good job elsewhere first, which Andy rejected. They argued in front of the police when Mark organised a police search of the gym. When someone fired a shot through the house window, Brax and Ricky were convinced it was Andy but Casey believed he was innocent and gave him his job back. When Tamara decided to leave town, Casey tried to talk her out of it and spent the day with her. He found Kyle after he was attacked by an intruder in the house and Denny comforted him. He talked Phoebe out of reporting Mark to the police when it turned out he was behind the shots fired at the house and the attack on Kyle.

When he realised he had feelings for Denny, he tried to avoid her. Chris tried to warn Casey off Denny and Casey punched him. He discussed his feelings with Ricky and told Denny he should take a step back. He was left confused when Brax suggested Denny might want to be with him if she knew how he felt, while Chris thanked him for giving them space. Casey got Denny to meet him at the gym and told her he had feelings for her. She was upset and told him they could only be friends. At a family barbeque, he admitted he felt left out seeing everyone else get settled and Brax assured him he had plenty of time. Andy insisted to him that Denny liked him and Casey ended up kissing her on the beach, saying he wanted to see what it was like. Chris punched him and Casey was confused to learn he didn’t know about the kiss. Denny told Casey that she’d told Chris that she had feelings for Casey but wanted to take things slowly. Andy asked him to go out with him to take his mind off Hannah but he was left babysitting Harley instead.
When Denny came to one of his boot camps, Casey acted clumsy around her, even walking into a surf vehicle. However, that evening Denny came to the house and kissed him. He ended up being invited to her place for dinner, along with Hannah and Andy, where they resolved to take things slowly. After a lengthy goodbye kiss, he discovered he’d left his car keys in the house and spent the night in the vehicle, saying if he went back to the house he wouldn’t have been able to resist spending the night with Denny.

Casey was initially fine when Denny came to the house, but quickly bustled her out when Brax came home. When he arranged to meet her on the wharf instead of letting her come round, Denny got annoyed at him refusing to let her meet his family and broke things off. He told her he was trying to protect her from his family’s craziness, so she cleared the gym by disguising herself as an SES member then dragged him into the office for alone time.

When Darcy was suspected of being abused and Casey heard Brax and Heath talking about how their father beat them, he confided in Denny who suggested they go camping together. Casey agreed but refused to tell Brax where he was going, resulting in Brax getting angry at him not supporting Heath and them nearly coming to blows. He told Denny he couldn’t come but when she threatened to go on her own he changed his mind. He ignored Brax’s calls and spent the night with Denny in the tent. The next day, he finally told Brax he and Denny were together but said he couldn’t put his life on hold for his family. He supported Heath when it looked like he might lose Harley as well but ushered Denny out of the house when she came round. Denny was angry that he wouldn’t let her be a part of his family and told him if he didn’t they were through, and when he saw that Phoebe had begun to see his family as her own he realised Denny deserved the same chance. He initially didn’t believe that Heath was leaving town and was shocked to return home to a farewell barbeque.

He found out from Denny that Andy had been dealing drugs and Josh had been beaten up as a result but continued supporting him and offered to help him out financially. He arranged for Josh to stay with the Braxtons in order to keep him safe. He initially refused to explain why to Brax, Kyle and Phoebe, resulting in arguments until he told them what the situation was. He asked Brax for money to pay off Andy’s dealers, then, when both Andy and Hannah seemed prepared to confront the dealers empty-handed, stole $1000 from the gym and gave it to Andy. Maddy asked him for a job but Roo asked him not to give it to her, since she wanted her to go back to school. He initially went along with what Roo said, but when Spencer told him he was worried Maddy would run away again if there was nothing to keep her there, he changed his mind and employed her. He told Roo he was going to bore her with all the dirty jobs until she went back to school.

Brax had a go at him when he found out about the money, while Andy turned up beaten up and told him to keep Josh safe. He took him, Denny, Hannah and Evelyn and took refuge at the farm. He learned Chris had kissed Denny, while Denny was jealous of him spending time with Maddy, but they managed to clear the air. When Andy’s associates delivered a dead possum to the farmhouse, Casey took Evelyn and Denny to the Braxtons’, then filled Brax in. He and Denny were attacked at the gym by Cody Dalton and his thugs, who held a weight down on Casey, but this was a diversion to bring Brax there and let them kidnap Josh and Evelyn. Andy arranged their release and repaid Casey.

Despite Brax revealing he and Ricky were trying for a baby, Casey remained determined to help Josh and Andy, and Denny and Evelyn arranged to spend the evening with him and Josh so the brothers could bond. He had to run a bridal boot camp while Spencer was away, prompting Roo to joke that he and Denny would be the next to be married; he told Denny that they would be one day. He found out Andy was dealing again and, when Brax and Ricky walked in on them arguing, Ricky asked him to keep Brax out of it. He also hid what was going on from Denny. When he learned Denny hadn’t had a formal because her grandmother had died, he arranged a private formal for the two of them in Angelo’s. The pair then teamed up to get Josh an outfit for his own formal.

Casey prepared for a romantic getaway with Denny and bought an engagement ring. However, Andy then turned up and revealed Josh had been kidnapped by Jake. Scared what Brax would do if he knew Jake was around, he insisted he and Andy go on their own and managed to chase him off. Before they could leave with Josh however, Brax and Kyle arrived and Brax started berating Casey for going off without him. At that moment, Jake fired through the window and hit Casey, who died in Brax’s arms.