2018 Neighbours spoilers

We explore all of the 2018 Neighbours spoilers and take a look at what’s in store for the weeks to come.


15th – 19th October

MONDAY 15 OCTOBER (Episode 7951)

Piper and the Brennans endure a tense wait for word from Toadie about Tyler’s release, still unsure whether he’ll walk free after his murder charge is downgraded to assault.

Later, the Brennans finally receive news – Tyler is on his way back to Erinsborough.

Meanwhile, Sheila goes to see Cassius in prison and he apologises for the manipulative way he invaded her family. Sheila grows sympathetic and agrees to pass on a message to Piper about Cassius wanting to see her. Aaron and Mark angrily assume Sheila has been tricked into doing Cassius’ dirty work, so they head to the prison to warn him to back off. When they come face-to-face, Aaron unleashes his pent-up rage on Cassius.

Elsewhere, Amy tells Dr Rob she can’t purchase the house with him because she’s handed over the $100,000 to Gary. Rob goes and verbally attacks Gary, which pushes Amy to break up with him. However, when it comes to Gary’s feelings, Amy needs more to time to figure out what she really wants.

TUESDAY 16 OCTOBER (Episode 7952)

Tyler has been brought to Erinsborough to attend the hearing that could set him free. Piper anxiously waits outside the police station for the chance to see him, while inside Tyler asks Mark to tell him about Piper’s relationship with Cassius. Mark tries to soften the blow, explaining that none of them knew who Cassius really was and that Piper had the Brennans’ blessing to begin a relationship with him. But Tyler is overwhelmed, sending a message out to Piper that he doesn’t want to see her.

Piper is devastated but not surprised, quietly leaving without making a fuss. However, Bea encourages Piper to see him anyway. Resolute, Piper returns to the police station and is there to meet Tyler as he walks out, a free man.

Meanwhile, when word comes through that Tyler is out, Chloe’s excitement gets the better of her and she throws her arms around Pierce. The moment becomes charged, and Pierce and Chloe soon fall into bed together. Arriving home to meet her brother, Chloe finds she has been left a delivery – an exorbitantly expensive bottle of wine and a necklace. Chloe is confronted – she thought she and Pierce slept together for fun, but was it actually a transaction?

Elsewhere, having given up Nell’s place in daycare while they were overseas, Sonya and Toadie are struggling to manage their chaotic household without childcare.

WEDNESDAY 17 OCTOBER (Episode 7953)

Piper and Tyler discuss everything they’ve been through over the last eight months and they wonder what it means for their future – especially considering Piper’s relationship with Cassius and the confused feelings she still has for him.

When Tyler returns home to find the house just as it was when he left, he struggles to feel at ease. While Piper accepts they can’t just pick up where they left off, she still wants to try to move forward, but Tyler pushes her away – he’s not sure if he can get past everything that’s happened.

Meanwhile, Amy realises she can see a future with Gary and lets him know her decision. Gary can hardly believe it, overjoyed as he and Amy decide to try dating. But they’re soon busted in a tender embrace by Paul, who’s deeply unhappy with the idea of his daughter dating his nemesis. Paul deals with his frustration by petulantly rolling Gary’s food cart into the lake.

Elsewhere, Terese and Leo hear about Amy and Gary, and consider telling Paul about their relationship once he’s calmed down. However, the decision may be taken out of their hands when Paul returns home unexpectedly. Is this the night they get discovered?

Also today, Chloe confers with Elly privately over Pierce’s gift and Elly pushes her to get clarity from Pierce – if this is going to become a regular occurrence, they need to set some ground rules.

THURSDAY 18 OCTOBER (Episode 7954)

Leo desperately tries to explain to his father the depth of feelings he has for Terese, but Paul is blinded by his own feelings of betrayal – setting him on an irrational course. Trying to destroy what Leo and Terese share, he hastily offers Leo a job overseas and suggests to Terese there’s no way she’ll be able to keep a younger man happy.

When both Leo and Terese stand their ground about their feelings, Paul takes a drastic step – flinging Leo’s clothes over the balcony and firing him as Head of Business Affairs, telling Leo he’s no son of his.

Meanwhile, Dipi helps Pavan realise the illicit video wasn’t a secret Mishti should’ve had to confess to – she was a victim of the video being leaked online. Understanding, Pavan meets with Mishti and the pair reunite. Pavan promises to stand his ground with his family, committed to marrying Mishti. But after the Sharma-Rebecchis celebrate Pavan being able to successfully turn his parents around, there’s a sting in the tail – he’s been offered a job in Sydney.

Elsewhere, Shane comes across some of Doug Willis’ old homebrew – and the recipe to create it. He’s so taken with it, he’s keen to make some of his own with Toadie’s help.

FRIDAY 19 OCTOBER (Episode 7955)

Despite David’s attempts to make his father see reason, Paul only continues on a path of revenge – orchestrating an evacuation at the backpackers that shuts Leo’s business down. Terese also explains her new relationship to Piper, who reacts with bafflement and unease.

After speaking with Ned, Piper comes to understand the depth of feelings between the pair and invites Leo to move into Number 22 after the disaster at the backpackers – unaware Terese has made it clear to her friends she doesn’t want things between her and Leo to move too fast.

Meanwhile, when Bea discusses the progress of her therapy with Ned, he helps her make the decision to visit Cassius in prison. After his aggressive outbursts towards her, she needs him to understand the effect the experiences have had on her, in order to help her move forward. The experience with Cassius is validating for Bea, and she begins to wonder what it would be like to have the same opportunity to safely converse with Finn.

Elsewhere, Dipi knows that Mishti needs to follow Pavan and move to Sydney. Though devastated by the loss to her household, Dipi and Mishti agree to hold a farewell and early Diwali party at the house. Mishti bids adieu to her friends and family, before settling in for a reflective conversation with Dipi and Shane. An emotional Dipi decides to risk the family’s long-standing Diwali curse and light some candles to help send Mishti on her way.

22nd – 26th October

MONDAY 22 OCTOBER (Episode 7956)

Tyler decides that he needs to face Cassius in order to move on. When he meets his half-brother for the first time, Tyler’s fury builds and he can’t bring himself to accept Cassius’s apologies. Piper struggles to understand why Tyler wouldn’t want a clean break from the past and keep Cassius out of their lives, just as she’s decided to do.

Later, Piper is shocked when she learns that Cassius has ended up in hospital after being attacked by a fellow prisoner. She can’t help asking if Tyler is the one responsible for it.

Meanwhile, Paul sneakily coordinates a catch-up with Amy to take place near Dr Rob, who is teaming up with Dipi and Shane for a Tinkle publicity event. Paul is pleased when Amy and Dr Rob seem to be getting on. However, when Gary turns up and puts an arm around Amy, Dr Rob flips his lid and sprays the crowd with some of Tinkle’s unfiltered water – urine, that is.

Elsewhere, Terese is forced to admit that she fears Leo is moving in too soon. Terese is pleasantly surprised when Leo explains he’s well aware he’s invading her family space at a time when Terese needs to get used to their new relationship. He promises to slow things down.

TUESDAY 23 OCTOBER (Episode 7957)

Tyler is wounded by Piper’s accusation that he ordered an attack on Cassius, but Piper despairs that she has no idea who Tyler has become now he’s been released from prison.

After being questioned by police, Tyler begins to feel as though the world is against him, so the Brennans devise a way to help him feel more connected. But their playful attempt to recreate Aaron and David’s wedding ceremony only makes Tyler feel even more distraught.

Meanwhile, Aaron’s resentment towards Cassius builds when he discovers David is assisting in the surgery to save Cassius’ life. Aaron finds himself drawn to Cassius’ hospital room on his own. As he hovers over the comatose Cassius, looking between him and the ventilator that keeps him alive, Aaron briefly ponders making a fatal decision before being sprung by a shocked David. How far was Aaron about to go?

Elsewhere, Bea puts out all the non-verbal signals she can to tell Ned she’s ready for something to happen between them, but Ned remains respectfully distant. Piper encourages Bea to speak up and Bea prepares to confess her true feelings. However, Ned’s heart sinks as she professes what a genuine and honest guy he is. Feeling the pressure, Ned makes a confession – he’s the one responsible for the attack on Cassius.

WEDNESDAY 24 OCTOBER (Episode 7958)

Piper apologises profusely for accusing Tyler of organising the attack on Cassius. However, Tyler can’t bring himself to forgive and forget, haunted by the idea that no-one will see him the same way again. Tyler comes to accept the truth – he isn’t the same person he was before he went to prison and he decides to start somewhere anew.

As his siblings gather to bid him goodbye, Piper and Tyler have an emotional final farewell. Tyler leaves Ramsay Street to begin a new life in Adelaide, one which will hopefully allow him to leave his demons behind.

Meanwhile, Terese becomes convinced that Paul is planning to team up with Pierce and asks Chloe to get photo evidence of what their contract contains. But as Chloe sneaks into the hotel room and snoops through his things, Pierce discovers her.

Elsewhere, Bea begins to pull away from Ned after learning of his indirect involvement in Cassius’ attack. Not wanting to lose her, Ned apologises, explaining it was the result of an old gang mate who took the initiative without Ned’s approval. Bea is still confronted by Ned’s ever-present ties to his dark past. It’s not good for her mental health to be around such darkness, so she can’t be with him.

THURSDAY 25 OCTOBER (Episode 7959)

Chloe spins a cover story for Pierce, but it’s unnecessary as he freely admits the plan – Paul is using Pierce to buy Terese out of the hotel. Pierce then gifts Chloe with a beautiful and expensive diamond bracelet. She is very tempted to keep it, but knows that in doing so she’d have to stay silent about what she’s discovered.

A loyal Chloe decides to spill the beans to Terese and she encourages Pierce to meet with her and learn Paul’s true motivations. Pierce decides to take the meeting and ultimately gives Terese his support, leaving her feeling mighty confident the next time she runs into Paul – he won’t get rid of her that easily.

Meanwhile, Mark and Elly communicate more than they have in weeks since all of the Cassius and Tyler drama, helping the couple to reconnect. Later, Elly tells Chloe the lies have to stop – Elly won’t keep any more secrets from Mark.

Elsewhere, juggling both children at Harold’s, Sonya finds herself assisted out of the blue by Alice, a woman who is not only incredibly helpful but also happens to be a retired nanny. After engaging in warm conversation, Alice offers to look after Nell and Hugo so Sonya can get her work done.

Although hesitant to allow a stranger into her home, Sonya accepts out of desperation and works nearby so she can supervise. Sonya is thrilled when Alice looks after the children with absolute aplomb. But when Sonya steps out of earshot, Alice coos to Hugo, telling him this has all been much easier than she expected. Who is this woman?

FRIDAY 26 OCTOBER (Episode 7960)

With the Rebecchi house spick-and-span thanks to Alice, Sonya falls head over heels for their new friend. Alice graciously offers to help the Rebecchis out whenever they require it, but after they learn her story – that Alice is in town to deal with her deceased daughter’s estate and hates being left in the house on her own – Sonya and Toadie consider hiring her as a live-in nanny.

Once Alice’s references have been checked, they offer her the job. Alice is delighted to accept, but the Rebecchis are unaware the sob story is all lies – her daughter is actually someone from the Rebecchis’ past.

Meanwhile, Elly and Xanthe convince Amy and Gary that they need to inject some romance into the relationship. Later, Amy is swept away by a evening Gary’s prepared for her and they fall into bed. But when they emerge, something’s not right between them. The experience obviously wasn’t the fireworks either was hoping it would be.

Elsewhere, when Sheila lets slip that Amy lent Gary $100,000 because Gary got himself into a pickle, Paul latches onto her word choice, convinced something dodgy is at play. He warns Gary he’s watching him, but his dark spiral is clocked by a worried Susan. She warns Paul that unless he finds a way out of this negative thinking, he could risk losing everyone he cares about. Paul considers Susan’s advice, and starts working on a new tactic, to do with Amy and Robinson Heights. But what is he planning?