2018 Neighbours spoilers

We explore all of the 2018 Neighbours spoilers and take a look at what’s in store for the weeks to come.

16th – 20th April

MONDAY (7821)
Terese is overjoyed as Gary agrees to marry her. Later, Gary attends a meeting on Terese’s behalf, where Paul makes a dent in his confidence.
Inspired by Jane’s memory of a previous campaign, Paul proposes a pageant-style competition to find a new Face of Lassiter’s.
Piper’s search for the mystery underliner at the book exchange leads her into trouble.

TUESDAY (7822)
Piper is determined to continue her quest for the mystery underliner.
After an unfortunate episode with Jane, Xanthe needs consolation. Chloe obliges by offering her a drink, and Paul is furious when he discovers Xanthe plastered.
Concerned that Mishti may be bottling up her emotions after her miscarriage, Leo gets in touch with her old friend Monique.

Leo fires Chloe for encouraging Xanthe to drink, but gives her another chance when she comes up with a useful promotional idea.
Monique arrives from Sydney and wastes no time catching up with Mishti, but Leo soon suspects her true motives.
Competition for the Face of Lassiter’s contest brings David and Aaron together in unexpected fashion.

Susan organises a ‘trash and treasure’ fundraiser for Karl’s MRI screening project. The locals donate enthusiastically, but Piper is devastated when Mark and Aaron give away Tyler’s old chair.
After meeting up with Monique, Leo is even more suspicious of her and asks a private detective to do some digging into her background.

FRIDAY (7825)
Steph persuades Piper that she needs help in dealing with her mental state.
Terese is dumbfounded when Paul offers her a huge sum to pull out of Lassiter’s.
Clive tells Susan and Karl that their screening project is doomed to failure.
After Mark engineers a meeting between David and Aaron, the two seem to be back on track.

Paul drives a wedge between Terese and Gary.
Elly goes on a date, but the identity of her suitor causes a few ripples.
Jane’s true motives are revealed.
Leo’s investigation turns up more information than he would have liked.
The competition for the Face of Lassiter’s intensifies.

23rd – 26th April

MONDAY (7826)
Paul’s belief that Terese would never agree to sell him her stake in Lassiter’s proves justified. Gary reaches breaking point when he finds Terese and Paul on a business conference call in her office in the middle of the night.
Aaron is put out when David fails to show up at his birthday party.
Elly is back on the dating circuit, but Mark seems unimpressed.

TUESDAY (7827)
Everyone is stunned by the news that Gary and Terese are breaking up. Terese spends a day with Piper and the two reconnect.
Jane’s search for information on her former home gains momentum.
Chloe sets up a meeting with a prospective new supplier for Lassiter’s, unaware that she is dealing with Liam Barnett, Amy’s ex-husband.

Amy is unconvinced by Liam’s assurances that he is a changed man. When Elly realises that he was her great date from earlier in the week, she wants to keep it from Amy.
Jane gets the Rebecchi family out of Number 32 by convincing Dipi to enter them into the Face of Lassiter’s competition, but gets a shock when she digs up their back garden.

Shane and Dipi discover what Jane is searching for, but will they agree to help her?
Leo has a difficult decision to make after his private investigator comes up with some information about Mishti’s dead fiancé Zander that could prove deeply upsetting.
Both Amy and Elly are struggling with their feelings about Liam.

FRIDAY (7830)
After Mark conducts a simple test to confirm his suspicions, Mishti is devastated to learn not only that Monique is corrupt but also that her former fiancé Zander was under investigation.
As the Face of Lassiter’s competition intensifies, David and Aaron decide to join forces.
Terese attends hospital for a check-up, and is surprised to find Gary waiting for her.

Amy finds out that Elly and Liam have been dating after Jimmy has a medical crisis.
Jane gets both good and bad news.
Karl finds a benefactor for his project – but what else has he found?
Toadie suffers setbacks but finds a new client.
The Face of Lassiter’s is announced.

29th April – 3rd May

MONDAY (7831)
When Jimmy goes missing from school, Elly calls Liam, who finds his son in a collapsed state.
Monique has left town in a hurry, and Mishti realises that Leo and Mark were right about her. Needing space to think things over, she breaks up with Leo.
The Sharma-Rebecchis are crowned the Face of Lassiter’s, but Dipi’s temper gets her into hot water.

TUESDAY (7832)
Liam rushes Jimmy into hospital. When Amy arrives, she is upset to learn that Liam was Elly’s hot date.
Resigned to the fact that her stamps are lost, Jane goes out with Paul. They open up to each other, but she later gets the news that her grandmother has died.
Dipi is too stubborn to apologise for her behaviour, with unfortunate consequences.

Elly and Amy both feel awkward about Liam, but neither wants it to spoil their friendship.
As Jane prepares to depart, a surprise gift of her grandmother’s painting from Paul contains an unexpected bonus – the missing book of stamps.
When unexpected childcare costs leave Toadie unable to pay his office rent, Chloe evicts him.

Terese learns of Toadie’s eviction and tears a strip off Chloe, who realises she has much to learn.
Piper takes a small step to move on from Tyler.
After Clive rejects her business proposal, Rita opts to fund Karl’s project for a year – but she has a hidden agenda.
Inspired by Jane’s stamp discovery, the Cannings and Brennans begin their own treasure hunts.

FRIDAY (7835)
Toadie is delighted when Clive offers him a job, but his first assignment is to find a way to block Rita’s donation to Karl’s project.
Steph finds an old item of sentimental value.
Terese tells Leo to fire Chloe, but before he can do so, she comes up with an inspired business plan to help both Lassiter’s and Toadie. Leo and Chloe are drawn closer together.

Things go from bad to worse on a school camping trip.
Dipi is forced to swallow her pride.
Chloe and Leo succumb to temptation.
Toadie’s loyalty is put to the test.
Fay returns to Erinsborough with some shocking news.
Both Elly and Liam have important decisions to make.