2018 Neighbours spoilers

We explore all of the 2018 Neighbours spoilers and take a look at what’s in store for the weeks to come.



3rd – 7th December


Amy, Leo and Terese are pleased when Jane continues to be a positive influence on Paul, although Jane still doesn’t know why she was really brought to Erinsborough. Jane congratulates Terese on her new romance, mentioning her own happiness at the relationship that’s burgeoning between her and Paul.

Jane’s obvious feelings for Paul, and ignorance of his recent behaviour, pique Terese’s guilt. She eventually confesses to Jane why they really asked her to come – and spills the beans on Paul’s vindictive behaviour. Upset, Jane chooses to leave Erinsborough rather than continue to be a pawn in their games.

Meanwhile, when Terese and Leo come home to a house full of 20-somethings playing drinking games, Leo wants to join in. However, Terese’s answers in the game pique her unease about the age difference in their relationship.

Elsewhere, Sonya’s irritability increases, unknowingly suffering withdrawal symptoms thanks to Alice’s machinations. Alice grasps another opportunity to make Sonya look bad, showing Toadie one of Nell’s drawings in which Sonya appears menacing and angry. Alice gets in Toadie’s ear about the picture, “fearing” that Nell’s been affected by Sonya’s moods.


Paul declares his feelings and begs Jane to stay, but she needs time to think. She turns to Dipi for an outsider’s perspective on what’s been going on. Terese makes it clear to Paul that he and Jane will never work if he follows his old pattern of expecting a woman to make him a better person. Susan backs up this advice, telling Paul that he needs to become a better person of his own accord.

Seeing the truth in this, Paul makes a more grounded plea for Jane’s affections and this time she accepts, but only on the condition that he builds bridges with his kids. Jane organises a family meeting to do this and Paul is forced to be vulnerable. The family commit to moving forward, thanks to Jane.

Meanwhile, struggling as he awaits the Huntington’s test results, Mark misdirects his frustration at Bea and snaps at her at the garage. He admits to Elly that he’s terrified about his results and she supports him as they work through his fears.

Bea tells Ned about the incident and he confronts Mark, spoiling for a fight. Mark knows he overstepped so apologises to Bea, commenting on how Ned jumped to her defence. Wanting to set clearer boundaries, Bea asks Ned to let her fight her own battles.


Elly tries to reason with Jane in the hope of saving her job, but all attempts fall on deaf ears and she loses the will to fight. Not wanting to burden Mark or Susan with her job loss, Elly finds comfort in Chloe. The women spend a fun, girly afternoon together, with Chloe ensuring that Elly feels buoyed.

Elly is grateful for the support, especially considering everything Chloe has to deal with in comparison. During a moment of deep connection, Chloe’s feelings for Elly grow to the point where impulse takes over… and Chloe kisses her.

Meanwhile, David is concerned that Aaron is using intense exercise as a means to deal with his fear over potentially having the Huntington’s gene. He pushes Aaron to open up and reconsider having the test, but Aaron won’t budge. David turns to Leo to vent his frustrations, prompting Leo to deliver Aaron some tough love… he needs to stop thinking only of himself, as this issue impacts David too.

Confronted by Leo’s words, Aaron opens up to David, justifying his stance with the fact that he doesn’t want to add further grief to the family when they’re already dealing with so much. David accepts this, though he’s still not convinced it’s the right move.

Elsewhere, Dipi feels guilty about the role she played in Elly’s firing. She realises she only told Jane about Elly being off school grounds because she wanted to get in the new principal’s good books.

Dipi lets slip to Susan that Elly is soon to be unemployed, prompting Susan to confront Jane about the choices she’s making at the school. Jane thinks she has every right to do what she sees fit and indicates to Susan that she may be in the principal role long term. This gets Susan’s back up, giving her yet another reason to clear her name and get back to work.


Elly is stunned by the kiss that Chloe has just planted on her. Chloe tries to brush it off and wants Elly to forget about it. The women don’t get a chance to discuss it any further when Mark interrupts to tell them his test results are ready in the morning.

The family gathers at the hospital, anxiously waiting to see what fate Mark has been dealt. Despite the Chloe kiss being unresolved, Elly feels an overwhelming urge to cement her relationship with Mark and surprises him with a marriage proposal. She makes it clear that her love is unconditional, whatever the test results say – she wants to marry him.

Moved, Mark accepts, then discovers he doesn’t have the Huntington’s gene. It provides instant relief for everyone and gives Aaron the courage to change his mind. He tells David that he’ll now have the test and the couple head to the hospital to do it.

Later, Chloe does her best to assure Elly that the kiss was a meaningless non-event. However, the truth is that Chloe is starting to fall hard for her future sister-in-law.

Meanwhile, Alice dumps Toadie’s laptop and makes an anonymous phone call to the police, ensuring it’s found. Toadie is pleased to have it back, unaware Alice has tampered with it for some nefarious reason. Toadie becomes worried about Sonya, whose flu like symptoms are getting worse. Alice takes delight in seeing Sonya’s withdrawal unfolding just as she hoped.

Alice begins playing on Sonya’s disoriented state, orchestrating for her to ‘find’ photos of Andrea on Toadie’s laptop. Sonya fears the worst, believing Toadie must still hold a candle for Andrea. She has a meltdown, angrily confronting her husband. Toadie is confused and alarmed by his wife’s state, especially when he checks his laptop and the photos she claims to have seen are nowhere to be found.


Having made Sonya look suitably mentally unstable, Alice encourages Toadie to go to work while she looks after ‘sick’ Sonya. When a disorientated Sonya wakes up alone in the house, she goes searching for Toadie and finds herself lost and vulnerable in an unfamiliar place.

Alice raises the alarm when she realises Sonya is missing, but lies about her own whereabouts at the time Sonya walked off. Toadie is none the wiser about his manipulative nanny, and as he rallies the troops to look for his wife, night falls.

Alone, disoriented, and quaking with withdrawal symptoms, Sonya crosses paths with a group of Christmas revellers, who are passing round a bottle of sparkling wine. When they offer her the bottle, Sonya feels a wave of temptation. Will she give in?

Meanwhile, when Amy pays Gary’s way after a meal yet again, he’s left feeling out of sorts. He tries to get over it, but feels like his lack of money is thrown in his face when Amy offers to pay for flights and accommodation to New York to see Jimmy for Christmas. She can’t understand his reaction, but when Gary explains he’s determined not to be a sponge, they agree to kick his repayment plan into gear.

Elsewhere, Xanthe feels guilty about the money situation she’s put her dad in with Amy. Xanthe decides to spend the summer weeks earning money however she can, determined to contribute to Gary’s repayment plan. When Paul catches wind of Xanthe’s ambitions, he uses his influence to offer her a job back at the day spa. Despite her wariness of working for Paul Robinson after all he’s done recently, Xanthe agrees.

10th – 14th December


Sonya resists temptation, despite the withdrawal effects that Alice has wickedly caused. She walks into the hospital – somewhere she knows she can be protected from her own temptation – and begs the staff to take care of her. Overwhelmed with relief, Toadie rushes to her side.

Toadie can’t dismiss the fear that Sonya may be in this state because she’s fallen off the wagon. Sonya is completely honest by explaining that she hasn’t started drinking again – or worse – but she’s been tempted. Moved, Toadie promises to support Sonya through this.

Overhearing their declaration of faith and love, Alice is furious that her plans to fracture the couple have failed. She resolves to take even more drastic action.

Gary is surprised to see Kev, his ex-criminal mate, turn up at the coffee hut on an apparently random visit. It’s not long before Kev starts digging into Gary’s financial situation and Gary sees through him, prompting him to spill his agenda.

Kev has a not-quite-legitimate job offer for Gary, but is disappointed when he claims he’s on the straight and narrow. His resolve doesn’t last long after he learns of Xanthe’s efforts to help him pay back Amy’s loan. Guilty, Gary signs up for the role as a ‘removals man’ to a group of Kev’s mates.

Susan is keen to visit Libby, after learning that she’s broken her leg in an accident and faces a long recovery. But the conditions of her bail mean she’s not allowed to leave the country. A special request for her to go to China is denied, leaving Susan feeling guilty.

Bea feels terrible as she knows that her decision to talk to Finn’s ex-wife and lure him back kicked off the terrible chain of events they’re now all facing. She suspects that Karl is harbouring the same thoughts, so decides to face his repressed anger head on and try to clear the air. But will Karl find it within himself to forgive her?


Sonya arrives home after her brush with temptation, much to Toadie’s relief. Alice puts her sinister plans into overdrive, subtly convincing Sonya to accept a lucrative one-off delivery for the nursery. Of course, the delivery is all a set-up by Alice, who is hell-bent on carrying out her plan to get rid of Sonya for good.

Alice offers to accompany Sonya on the road – making sure that Sonya wears the gardening gloves she dipped in pesticide the night before. What will happen when they pull to the side of the road for a break?

Unaware of the peril Sonya is in, Toadie goes about his business. Piper is confused when Toadie asks her to leave the office before a meeting, refusing to offer any details. Afterwards, when she asks Toadie what the meeting was about, Toadie is deliberately vague and Piper’s suspicion grows. As Toadie’s assistant, she is usually involved in the cases he takes on. What is Toadie hiding?

Gary completes his first dodgy delivery job, desperate to pay back Amy quicker. Despite his guilt, he is happy with the hefty payment, telling Amy he’s already making good on his payment plan to her. How long until Amy finds out what he’s really up to?

Riding high off her success in bringing the Robinson family together last week, Jane goes one step further and organises a catch-up lunch – although Gary, Amy and David drop out at the last minute. Paul is left with Terese and a preoccupied Leo. The lunch is spectacularly awkward, and Leo soon makes an excuse to leave early. Paul is downcast, leading Jane to realise she overstepped the mark. She was wrong to think this broken family could be so easily healed.


Toadie is confused when he learns that Sonya has headed out to do a work delivery. His frustration and confusion grow when he receives a text from Sonya, claiming that she’s staying the night with her client in Woodend. He has no idea the texts are actually coming from Alice, who’s swiped Sonya’s phone and left her in grave peril.

Toadie’s confusion turns to horror when David approaches with Sonya’s toxicology results from last week: there were opiates in her system. Toadie is confronted by the devastating thought that Sonya lied to him last week about resisting temptation. His worst fears are coming true – Sonya has seemingly relapsed again and taken off on a bender.

The real truth is that Sonya has been left by the side of a remote road, with her condition rapidly deteriorating.

Meanwhile, Chloe puts on a brave face at Mark and Elly’s engagement party, but she knocks back a few drinks to get her mind off her growing feelings for Elly. After listening to guests gush about how happy Mark and Elly will be, Chloe gives an impromptu and inebriated toast of her own, in which she reveals the family’s recent Huntington’s dramas. It’s a train wreck of a speech.

Later, Elly tends to a sick Chloe in The Waterhole’s beer garden. Chloe goes overboard in her gratitude, declaring her love for Elly. Elly is left rocked.

Keen to make up for their disastrous family brunch, Jane apologises but Paul seems to keep her at arm’s length. Jane is at a loss as to what happened. After talking to Dipi, she believes it’s because Paul needs to be in control in his relationships. When Jane confronts him with that, Paul admits he’s not annoyed at her, but rather with himself, for screwing things up so badly with his family. It will take a long time for his family to rebuild, even with a great woman like Jane at his side.


Distracted by Sonya’s supposed bender, Toadie forgets that Willow is coming to town. Upon her arrival, Willow quickly senses things aren’t right and learns that Sonya has apparently taken off. The situation quickly gets messy when Alice realises that her granddaughter is visiting. She tries to avoid her, but soon comes face to face with Willow, who’s beyond shocked to find her supposedly dead grandmother in Ramsay Street.

Willow demands answers and Alice spins a cover story, claiming that she’s masquerading as a nanny for the Rebecchis so she can keep an eye on Hugo. But Willow doesn’t buy it. She quickly puts together that Alice is behind Sonya’s disappearance, and gets Alice to admit that she deliberately poisoned her and left her to die.

Feeling embarrassed about her drunken confession of love for Elly, and guilty for spilling her family’s Huntington’s situation, Chloe is full of apologies. Her brothers understand her need to unburden herself and Elly accepts Chloe’s explanation when she claims she’s simply an affectionate drunk who tells everyone she loves them.

Elly is left wanting to cement their new friendship and asks Chloe to be one of her bridesmaids, along with Bea as her maid of honour. Chloe covers her true feelings and accepts, making Elly and Mark very happy. But how long can Chloe hide her breaking heart?

Aaron is the last Brennan to get tested for Huntington’s and is anxious as he and David wait on his results. Eager to lift his spirits, Mark asks him to be his best man and Aaron is touched. When the moment of truth finally arrives, David and Aaron eagerly read his results.


Time is of the essence as Willow’s attempts to break out of the potting shed come to naught. Toadie doesn’t see Willow’s message on his phone, remaining unaware that Sonya’s life is slipping away out in the bush.

Finally, Toadie finds Willow’s message and comes looking for her in the nursery.

Meanwhile, with Sonya in dire straits, Piper is in charge of the law office, cancelling all of Toadie’s appointments and organising his files. She’s intrigued to come across a mysterious folder with Leo’s name and is tempted to read it. However, a moralistic Xanthe talks her out of it and Piper attempts to let it go.

Later, Leo comes looking for Toadie, citing an urgent legal matter. Piper’s curiosity is piqued again, realising Toadie’s secretive meeting earlier in the week was with Leo. Leo takes his file back, and when Piper later sees it lying on the kitchen bench at Number 22, she can’t help herself and takes a peek. Inside is a picture of a young woman. What is Leo hiding?