2018 Neighbours spoilers

We explore all of the 2018 Neighbours spoilers and take a look at what’s in store for the weeks to come.

18th – 22nd June

MONDAY (7866)
Gary goes on a date with Fay, having been asked to find some dirt on her.
After news from Tyler, Fay decides to return home.
Finn gets his hands on Susan’s confidential files, but needs to think fast when Bea comes home to find his empty wheelchair.
Piper realises that Xanthe and Terese are trying to match her with Cassius, but does not object.

TUESDAY (7867)
Finn manages to talk his way out of trouble, but Bea is not convinced that he is telling her the truth. Desperate to keep her on side, Finn proposes.
Leo and Mishti are not pleased to hear that Dilhan has been released on bail.
Shane and Karl find different ways to get back into their wives’ good books.

Bea accepts Finn’s proposal but demands that he meet her family.
David and Aaron decide to involve Mishti in their wedding plans, but the idea backfires.
Leo tries to provoke Dilhan into a fight, but his efforts come to grief when he lands a punch on an innocent passer-by, who turns out to be a familiar face.

Everyone is surprised that Ned Willis has returned. Terese speculates that he may be in trouble again.
Dipi prepares for her investor lunch for ‘Flapper! The Musical’. Shane elects to showcase his new invention, a urine-to-water converter, at the same time.
Toadie persuades Leo and Terese to reinstate Sheila as manager of The Waterhole.

FRIDAY (7870)
Ned phones a friend, confirming that nobody knows the reason he is back in Erinsborough.
Having sabotaged Dipi’s dream by promoting his own invention, Shane tries to get Paul and other potential investors back on track.
Gary catches Amy in the act of stealing.
Toadie and Sonya decide to restart their lives and try for another baby.

Toadie and Sonya receive shocking news.
Piper seems ready to move on from Tyler.
Ned tells Terese why he has returned.
Terese thwarts Paul’s business plan.
Dirty tricks are in evidence at Dipi’s dance marathon.
Mishti’s fears lead to a shocking mistake.

25th – 29th June

MONDAY (7871)
Sonya and Toadie check out an IVF clinic, but their plans are thrown as they learn that Andrea has been found.
Gary is furious with Amy after catching her stealing, but agrees not to hand her in to the police on condition that she tells her family. She confesses all to Paul, who helps her to dispose of her stolen loot.
Cassius shocks Piper by rebuffing her advances, but is he hiding something?

TUESDAY (7872)
Willow begs Toadie and Sonya not to get in touch with her mother, but they decide to pursue her for the money she owes them. Another bombshell awaits, however, when Sindi Watts turns up on their doorstep with Andrea’s baby, claiming that Toadie is the father.
Bea lets slip to Elly that she has a boyfriend, without revealing his identity.
Dipi puts her own hobbies ahead of Yashvi’s.

Sindi reveals that Andrea is in a bad way – she gave her the baby to look after before fleeing. Toadie and Sonya decide that they need a DNA test.
Mark is needlessly wary of Ned, who admits to Terese that the reason he has returned is that he loves Lauren.
Paul’s plan to buy out all the other shareholders is thwarted when Terese refuses to sell.

Toadie is forced to ask himself what he really wants.
Dipi’s dance marathon, a fundraiser for her musical, sees Mark opening his heart to Elly and a spark of electricity between Piper and Cassius.
Ned has found the letter from Tyler that Terese has been keeping from her.
Terese brings Ned and Lauren together – albeit briefly – and offers Ned a job and a place to stay.

FRIDAY (7875)
At home, Mishti is spooked when she hears suspicious noises and sees a shadow moving around outside. Fearing that it may be Dilhan, she panics and fires a shot through the laundry door. But who has she shot?
Piper finally realises that it is time to move on from Tyler.
Aaron and David are desperate to win the dance marathon, and Aaron comes up with a nefarious plan to succeed.

Finn’s scheming claims its first victim.
Toadie and Sonya have some thinking to do.
Bea may bite off more than she can chew.
Mark tries to rekindle a relationship with Elly.
Leo tries to play matchmaker.

2nd – 6th July

MONDAY (7876)
Karl is delighted to find that the initial results for the MS trial are unexpectedly positive, not realising that Finn has been tampering with the data. Clive receives an anonymous tip-off that the results have been falsified and suspends Karl.
Mishti has not shot anyone, but hands in her weapon and escapes with a warning.
Xanthe misses a clue about Finn and volunteers for the MS trial.

TUESDAY (7877)
Toadie gets the devastating news that he is the father of Andrea’s baby.
Things go from bad to worse for Karl when Rita pulls the plug on the trials.
Bea goes on a shopping expedition with Yashvi, after which she tells Patrick that she is tired of hiding him from her family. She is delighted when Finn suggests that they invite Elly to watch them elope next week.

Sonya is devastated when Toadie tells her that he needs time to adjust to the latest news before they continue with their own plans for parenthood.
Observing how Paul and Terese interact at a business meeting, Leo decides that it might be the right time to bring them together again.
Mark tries to get closer to Elly by trying to bury the hatchet with Ned.

Sonya tries to embrace baby Hugo as a part of the family, but her heart is not in it.
Paul realises what Leo is doing, but is not averse to the idea of trying to rekindle a romance with Terese and decides to play along, gratefully accepting his son’s help.
Aaron and David are excited about Dipi’s dance lessons, but are soon given cause to temper their enthusiasm.

FRIDAY (7880)
After an accident with Hugo, Sonya is wracked with guilt and goes to an AA meeting, giving her a renewed determination.
Piper’s date with Cassius goes badly, but Xanthe makes a discovery that suggests a deeper connection between the two.
Xanthe considers a career change from nursing to medicine, but gets some advice that she does not want to hear.

Finn plays his final card and Bea learns the truth about him – but it may be too late for others as well as herself.
Xanthe is injured, Elly is the subject of false accusations, and three people are missing.
Piper and Cassius bond over their shared love of literature.