2018 Neighbours spoilers

We explore all of the 2018 Neighbours spoilers and take a look at what’s in store for the weeks to come.

6th – 10th August

MONDAY (7901)
Learning she has been manipulated, Terese gives Paul a piece of her mind but is surprisingly forgiving to Leo.

Challenged by Amy to focus on his family, Paul sets up a mentorship programme just for David.

Chloe gets the devastating news that she tested positive for the Huntington’s gene, a degenerative brain disease for which there is no cure.

TUESDAY (7902)
Karl warns Chloe that her siblings will need to be tested for the gene, but with Aaron’s wedding imminent, she decides to keep the bad news to herself for the moment.

Elly shares the information that Bea may be dyslexic with Mark, only to receive a warning from her sister to mind her own business.

Amy has an awkward hospital encounter.

Bea goes for a late-night run, but gets the feeling that she is being followed.

Cassius continues to help Xanthe with her rehab, but it is apparent that he is uncomfortable with spending time at Number 26.

Shane learns about Marisa’s blackmail of Kirsha and decides to take matters into his own hands rather than involve Dipi.

Shane’s actions have severe repercussions when Marisa sends Terese and Dipi a video of him admitting what he has done. Terese and Paul cancel the family’s Face of Lassiter’s contract and withdraw their support for Dipi’s musical.

Bea finds a sympathetic ear in Ned.

Sonya suggests that Piper change direction and come to work in Toadie’s law office.

FRIDAY (7905)
Dipi is furious with Shane and seems likely to remain so for some time.

After Terese finds something interesting in Leo’s paperwork, he is forced to make an embarrassing admission.

Aaron asks Paul to be his business mentor, but Paul is unimpressed when he takes a look at the company’s books. He approaches Mishti and offers to buy her out.

Chloe comes to terms with reality.
Aaron has a new business partner, but this maybe the least of his problems.
The mystery surrounding Cassius deepens.
Bea and Xanthe persuade Elly and Mark to take a leap of faith.
Yashvi gets a surprise surfing the internet.
Sheila’s romantic gesture is not successful.

13th – 17th August

MONDAY (7906)
Struggling with her diagnosis, Chloe goes on a drunken spree which culminates in Mishti arresting her.

Following Leo’s confession, Terese decides that the best thing to do is to end his mentorship.

Mishti accepts Paul’s offer to buy her share of the business. In turn, Paul promises Aaron that he will be a silent partner as long as things run smoothly.

TUESDAY (7907)
Mark collects Chloe from the police station and tries to make her see sense. When she sobers up, a contrite Chloe resolves to sort herself out and focus on repaying her debt to Fay.

Cassius is understanding when Piper says that she needs more time. A flashback reveals another occasion when he took care of her.

During a fun day out, Gary tells Amy that she should give Doctor Rob a chance.

Thanks to Ned’s support, Bea is feeling much better about herself, and Elly is delighted. Later, Mark asks Elly to make her mind up about whether they have a future.

Cassius flinches at the sound of a champagne cork popping as he is helping out at Lassiters.

A romantic gesture by Sheila takes Clive by surprise and leads to a comical misunderstanding.

Bea and Xanthe hatch a plan to get Mark and Elly back together, presenting each with a suitcase to leave their ‘baggage’ in.

Trying to get back into Dipi’s good books, Shane organises a performance of the musical in the backyard.

Paul comes up with some ideas about restoring the business to profitability.

Aaron strains his back while in the gym.

FRIDAY (7910)
Aaron does his best to hide his injury, but with Paul constantly on his case, this proves easier said than done.

After opposing Xanthe in a school debate on romance, Yashvi is shocked to discover Mishti’s profile on a website for arranged marriages.

Keen to pay her mum back, Chloe persuades Terese to let her turn an empty hotel room into a games room.

Sonya wonders about her role in Hugo’s life.
Terese decides to escape, but what from?
Rob impresses Amy on their first date.
Karl looks for connections.
The truth about Cassius is revealed.
Gary succumbs to temptation.
The pressure on Aaron continues to mount.

20th – 24th August

MONDAY (7911)
Dipi questions Mishti’s decision to opt for an arranged marriage.

Despite their best efforts to avoid one another, Leo and Terese find themselves in the sauna together – and the steam is not the only reason that Terese’s emotions seem to be hotting up.

Toadie finds Hugo a place in child care, but forgets to put Sonya’s name on the approved pick-up list.

TUESDAY (7912)
Sonya wonders if she belongs in Hugo’s life, but Toadie comes up with an idea to help.

Flustered by her encounter with Leo, Terese decides on an immediate leave of absence to visit Imogen and Daniel in LA.

Doctor Rob impresses Amy on their date when he clocks Chloe’s activities in the games room.
Cassius panics when he learns his mother is in town.

The truth about Cassius and why he is in Erinsborough emerges. As Ned catches him in a lie to Piper, it is only a matter of time before his past catches up to him.

Chloe is invited to lunch by a wealthy widower, who leaves her with a surprise.

Karl starts researching his family tree.

Elly’s date with Mark does not end as she hoped.

Ned finds Cassius and his mother together and demands to know what is going on.

Mishti continues her internet search for a potential partner and receives some unexpected support from Leo.

Struggling to meet the costs of Xanthe’s private medical treatment, Gary dips into Jeremy’s bag of hot cash, intending to replace the money when the insurance payment comes through.

FRIDAY (7915)
Cassius spins a half-truth to Ned and begs him to keep the matter secret.

Elly has some questions when she bumps into Ned and Bea on a nocturnal walk.

Aaron’s back continues to hurt as he struggles with the pressures of his wedding preparations and a mounting workload.

Clive thanks Dipi for keeping certain private matters under wraps.