Neighbours Spoilers – Victor collapses as his health deteriorates

Next week on Neighbours, Victor is left in a dangerous situation as he collapses on a walk – will his family find him in time?

Last week, Victor (Craig Hall) put his foot in it once again when he pushed Amira (Maria Thattil) to give things a go with his daughter, and told Wendy (Candice Leask) that Byron is already thinking about marriage and kids with Sadie (Emerald Chan)!

Understandably, Nicolette (Hannah Monson) and Byron are mortified as we return to the action today, and while Nic demands that he apologise to Amira and explain that he’s just a silly old fool, Byron warns his dad to refrain from any more meddling.

Thankfully, Byron soon sorts things out with Sadie, who freaked out when she heard Victor’s exaggerated version of events, but it leaves Victor’s relationship with his kids on rocky ground yet again.

Needing to get his kids back on side, Victor suggests a family getaway to Mount Dandenong, a picturesque mountainous suburb just half an hour from Ramsay Street.

Jane Zhang / Amazon Freevee

While Byron and Nicolette are enthusiastic, Nic can’t help but notice Jane’s (Annie Jones) strange reaction to the idea.

When questioned, Victor explains that the spot is somewhere Jane had always talked about showing while they were married, but they’d never gotten around to it.

Jane Zhang / Amazon Freevee

What the kids don’t know is that earlier in the week, Jane and Victor shared a moment. Vic kissed her hand in the living room of No. 24, prompting a shocked reaction from Sam (Henrietta Graham), the daughter of Jane’s absent fiancé Mike.

Jane Zhang / Amazon Freevee

Is the idea of visiting the picturesque beauty spot with her charismatic ex-husband, while her supposed future husband is having the time of his life over in the UK, all getting a bit too much for Jane?

Jane Zhang / Amazon Freevee

When Vic asks Jane to take the day off and accompany him and the kids, she tells him that she can’t – things are far too busy at school. Vic later tries again, calling her, but she turns him down a second time.

Later, Nicolette turns up at the school, urging her mum to change her mind and reminding her that Victor is dying.

Yet Jane refuses to budge and, getting flustered, reminds her daughter that she’s engaged to another man!

Jane Zhang / Amazon Freevee

Nicolette doesn’t see the problem and accuses Jane of overthinking her life instead of simply living it. The argument ends in a stalemate and Victor and the kids are left feeling disappointed when Jane doesn’t show.

Next Monday (10th June), Byron, Nicolette and Victor arrive in the Dandenongs ready for a lovely day out. Nicolette reminds her dad not to push things too hard – after all, he is dying, having been diagnosed with late-stage cancer.

Jane Zhang / Amazon Freevee

Back in Erinsborough, Jane is still torn and feels bad about disappointing her family. She eventually decides to tag along and leaves work early, jumping in the car and heading to surprise them.

When she arrives at the Dandenongs, she’s unsure which track her family have chosen for their hike, and picks one at random, hoping for the best.

Later, Byron and Nicolette escort a breathless Vic back to the car park after he realises that his body isn’t up to the hike.

Yet when he spots Jane’s car and realises that she’s come after all, he immediately brightens up.

When Byron can’t get hold of Jane by phone, Victor worries that she’s going to get lost in the labyrinth of trails on her own. Byron and Nicolette head out to look for her, giving Victor firm orders to wait at the car park until they get back.

However, before long he disobeys their orders and heads off down a different path. As he stumbles through the forest in search of his ex-wife, he quickly begins to feel tired and breathless again.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

He nearly turns back, but then catches sight of Jane’s sunhat caught in the brush beside the path.

With his worry for Jane increasing, an exhausted Vic forces himself to continue onwards, but it’s soon all too much for him and he collapses.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Meanwhile, as Jane and Byron excitedly bump into their mum on the other path, they have no idea of the danger that their dad is in.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

All alone and unwell, will he be found in time?

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

New episodes of Neighbours air Monday–Thursday on Network 10 and 10 Peach in Australia, and on Amazon Freevee in the UK.

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