Home and Away Spoilers – Bree returns to Summer Bay with heartbreaking news

Next week on Home and Away in the UK, Bree returns to the bay with some heartbreaking news, while Theo heads down a dangerous road after his chemically-fuelled trip with Valerie.

There’s shocks in store for everyone when Bree (Juliet Godwin) returns to Summer Bay next week, three weeks after she headed back home to be with her critically ill father.

Bree had been reluctant to leave boyfriend Remi (Adam Rowland) when she got a frantic call from her mother, explaining that her dad had suffered a serious head injury following an accident at work and was on life support.

Remi had not long undergone lifesaving surgery after being knocked off his bike, and Bree had not left the hospital since his admittance, determined to keep him from further harm.

Bree had struggled to keep her emotions intact and put on a brave face for Remi, eventually cracking in front of Kirby (Angelina Thomson) as she admitted that her father was fighting for his life.

Although Bree forbade Kirby from revealing the truth to Remi, Kirby thought it important that Bree be with her family and so betrayed her confidence.

Remi managed to convince an emotional Bree that he would be okay, and after making Kirby promise to keep her updated, Bree left for her family home.

In the meantime Remi has been struggling with his recovery after being discharged from Northern Districts Hospital, and stubbornly refused help in case word got back to Bree and she felt she had to return home.

Eden was forced to call in brother Levi (Tristan Gorey), who had performed the surgery on Remi, to check on him after she found him writhing on the bathroom floor in pain.

Thankfully Remi’s issues were nothing that a better pain management routine wouldn’t sort out, and he has been back on the road to recovery. But Bree is still oblivious to the fact that Remi has even left the hospital…

Next week, Remi’s thrown when he receives a text from Bree to say that she’s back in the bay. Knowing that she’d be getting ready to head straight to the hospital, Remi gingerly replies to say that, actually, he’s at home.

Bree is in the diner picking up a coffee when she reads Remi’s message, and after asking Irene (Lynne McGranger) and Marilyn (Emily Symons) how long Remi’s been home, she’s stunned to learn that it’s been a week or more.

Bree rushes over to the share house and is relieved to see Remi in one piece, but is soon turning her eyes on Kirby as to why she wasn’t informed.

Remi tells Bree not to blame Kirby, it was on his instructions as he didn’t want Bree to feel as though she had to return home rather than be with her family.

Remi tries to move the conversation on to how Bree’s father is doing, but Bree’s on the edge as she tells Remi that she needs a moment.

After attempting to change the subject several times, Bree finally breaks and admits to Remi that her father died. As a doctor she’s often had to have the talk with families about turning off life support, but she explains to Remi that it was a completely different experience after hearing that dad was brain dead.

A supportive Remi asks when the funeral is, but Bree is forced to admit that it’s already been and gone. Remi is stunned, wondering why she didn’t tell him, but Bree runs out after they’re interrupted by the return of Kirby.

Will Bree allow Remi to provide the support she desperately needs?

Elsewhere in Summer Bay, Theo (Matt Evans) and Valerie’s (Courtney Clarke) friendship is taken to a new level during their chemically fuelled trip.

Theo was having a particularly bad day, having learned he’d failed a TAFE assignment and after having an argument with Kirby, when Valerie let him in on her little secret—the pills she uses when she feels that life is getting on top of her.

Valerie urged Theo to try one, saying it would help, and Theo didn’t need much persuading.

As we return to the scene this week, Theo begins to fly as high as a kite as he and Valerie head home and hang out in his room to avoid any suspicion from Justin (James Stewart) and Leah (Ada Nicodemou).

As Theo begins to dance around the room, he asks Valerie why she takes them—is it because of the guilt over her brother, Josh?

Valerie quickly deflects and points out that now isn’t really the time for deep and meaningfuls. They’re interrupted by Theo getting a text from Kirby, asking to meet again to talk following their earlier bust-up.

Valerie thinks Theo should perhaps wait a while for things to wear off, but Theo is raring to go.

Kirby’s taken aback when Theo greets her with a massive hug and compliments her appearance, and it doesn’t take long for her to realise that he’s more baked than Irene’s blueberry muffins.

Theo doesn’t even attempt to deny it, and refuses to answer Kirby as she asks whether this was Valerie’s brilliant idea.

Returning to Valerie, they both decide to take another pill and dance into the night before collapsing onto the bed together.

One thing leads to another, and after the two share a kiss, they give in to temptation and decide to utilise the bed for their next activity.

As they lay together afterwards, Valerie opens up on how whilst therapy has helped with coping strategies, it doesn’t take away the pain of what happened to Josh. That’s where the pills come in.

The next day, Theo explains to Valerie that he’s keen to repeat the evening’s experience (both of them!), but Valerie warns him that he needs to take it seriously.

Theo assures her that he can handle it, he just wants to have a bit more fun before returning to TAFE work, and offers to pay for a new supply.

Is this the beginning of a dangerous road for Theo?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 8th April (Episode 8201)

Kirby issues a warning to Theo. Bree falls apart.

Tuesday 9th April (Episode 8202)

Harper’s back in the dating ring. Does Dana have a new crush? Theo’s desperate for more.

Wednesday 10th April (Episode 8203)

Mackenzie’s affair creates tension at home. Mali serves Levi. Can Dana keep her feelings secret?

Thursday 11th April (Episode 8204)

Mali’s loyalties are questioned. Eden confides in Cash. Can Roo dissuade John?

Friday 12th April (Episode 8205)

Eden’s left out by her brother. Rose influences an influencer. John and Roo press Cash for answers.

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