Neighbours Spoilers – Disaster as Felix and JJ’s robbery goes wrong

Next week on Neighbours, Felix’s plan to rob tools from Eirene Rising goes badly wrong as Andrew Rodwell is knocked unconscious.

Felix (James Beaufort) arrived in Neighbours just a few weeks ago, but he’s already made quite the impression.

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He’s fresh out of Warrinor Prison for the part he played in a series of robberies, but as Wendy (Candice Leask) reminded police sergeant husband Andrew (Lloyd Will), he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and didn’t spearhead the crimes.

Yet while Felix claimed that he was on the straight and narrow and was looking for a fresh start, it wasn’t long before he started plotting his next crime.

When Wendy secured him a job as a labourer on Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) and Jane’s (Annie Jones) Eirene Rising development, he instantly started eyeing up the construction materials and sourcing buyers.

When he met Slade (Charlie Di Stefano), who had spent weeks terrorising the residents of Erinsborough before setting his sights on JJ (Riley Bryant), Felix cut him a deal – if Slade helped him out on the robberies, they’d both get their payout before skipping town, leaving JJ in peace.

Of course, when Felix discovered that he was JJ’s dad, having spotted their matching birthmarks, it made Felix doubt his plan.

JJ may have no idea that Felix is his father, but their attachment to one another is organically growing by the day – does Felix really want to let that go? Then there’s the matter of his growing relationship with Andrew, Sadie and Wendy – does he really want to throw that away for one payout?

In next Monday’s episode, Felix attempts to fix things with Holly (Lucinda Armstrong Hall) after she embarrassed herself by asking him on a date at his ‘Welcome to Ramsay Street’ party. Felix’s girlfriend Jools (Eva Seymour) swept in and put Holly in her place, leaving her feeling like an idiot.

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Yet Felix’s attempts to fix things backfire as he spills coffee on Holly’s brand-new book, only serving to make things between them even more tense.

Soon after, Felix returns to Holly with a second-hand replacement of the book he ruined, and a genuine apology for not telling her about Jools. It does the trick and their friendship is back on track. Unfortunately, Felix has accidentally left his hand-written plans for the Eirene Rising robbery tucked into the book… Oh dear!

The following day, despite losing his map and plan, Felix meets Slade to cement the final plans for the robbery.

Back on Ramsay Street and Cara (Sara West) and Remi (Naomi Rukavina) consider softening their stance on JJ spending time with Felix, unable to deny that Felix’s involvement with JJ has put their son back on the right path.

JJ is grateful when his mums lift the ban, but is betrayed when he discovers that Felix and Slade are working together soon after.

Jumping into damage control, Felix quickly reveals that Slade is only helping him because he needs two people to pull off the heist.

JJ is then thrown when Felix insists he’s doing this for him, explaining that he’s offering Slade a cut on the proviso that he leaves JJ alone.

Just as JJ is coming around to the idea, havoc ensues when Cara and Remi spot Slade at the tram.

Slade is still technically on the run after his joyride with Hugo (Tanner Ellis-Anderson) a few weeks ago, and Cara quickly performs a citizen’s arrest before carting him off to the police station.

JJ and Felix watch on in shock as they realise the job is in jeopardy. Believing that Felix is acting for the right reasons, JJ offers to step in as his wingman.

Although Felix tries to point out that JJ would be breaking the law, the teen insists that they’ve got each other’s backs, and a desperate Felix is forced to concede. The father and son Eirene Rising heist is on!

In next Wednesday’s episode, Felix almost immediately has doubts as he talks an inexperienced JJ through the robbery plan, but JJ insists he can handle it.

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The doubts keep coming when Felix arranges a final dinner with Wendy and Andrew that evening to say thank you – with neither of them having any idea that he’s planning on skipping town the next day.

He’s clearly sad about leaving the home he’s built for himself, and his reinvigorated relationship with his brother.

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It all gets too much for Felix when he witnesses JJ’s flourishing relationship with mum Cara, and he tells JJ that he no longer needs him – pretending that he’s found someone else to help with the robbery.

Yet the next day, JJ turns up at Eirene Rising anyway, having figured out that Felix was lying.

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Meanwhile, Holly discovers the map of the Eirene Rising development in her book. As she does some digging, she develops a theory that it has something to do with Felix, and explains her suspicions to Andrew.

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While he’s doubtful, Andrew feels obliged to investigate anyway. As he approaches the site, JJ and Felix have just completed the robbery and are getting ready to scarper.

Yet as they’re interrupted by Andrew, there’s a misunderstanding which sees JJ get into the van and knock over some scaffolding, which collapses on Andrew!

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As Andrew is knocked out cold, the pair are left terrified of what will happen next…

New episodes of Neighbours air Monday–Thursday on Network 10 and 10 Peach in Australia, and on Amazon Freevee in the UK.

Here are the Neighbours spoilers for the next two weeks:

Monday 25th March (Episode 9012 / 109)

Felix is shocked by JJ’s loyalty.

Holly faces a setback.

Krista continues to impress Paul, much to Chelsea’s ire.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Tuesday 26th March (Episode 9013 / 110)

JJ battles with a moral dilemma.

Andrew discovers an uncomfortable truth about his daughter.

Vengeful Chelsea takes things too far.

Wednesday 27th March (Episode 9014 / 111)

Krista faces her darkest hour.

Melanie feels the distance between her and Karl.

Mackenzie is unsettled by Haz’s behaviour.

Thursday 28th March (Episode 9015 / 112)

Chelsea grapples to regain control.

Aaron receives a haunting phone call.

Nicolette challenges Jane’s approach to long-distance flirtation.

Leo reconsiders his stance.

Monday 1st April (Episode 9016 / 113)

Felix faces a setback.

Wendy and Andrew struggle to accept their evolving relationship with Sadie.

Jane Zhang / Amazon Freevee

Aaron deals with a fresh wave of grief.

Tuesday 2nd April (Episode 9017 / 114)

Jane is cruelly targeted.

Andrew oversteps the mark.

JJ steps up for Felix.

Wednesday 3rd April (Episode 9018 / 115)

JJ’s decision has catastrophic consequences.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Felix is focused on his endgame.

Melanie reads between the lines.

Chelsea makes an inspired declaration.

Thursday 4th April (Episode 9019 / 116)

The Rodwell family process Felix’s deception.

Chelsea’s jealousy blooms.

JJ prepares for a tough conversation.