Neighbours Spoilers – Aaron gets a phone call from beyond the grave

Next week on Neighbours, Aaron is shocked to the core as he gets a phone call from David – is his boo really still alive?

The beginning of February saw the most harrowing scenes of Neighbours‘ revival, as long-term fan favourite David Takana (Takaya Honda) died from internal injuries after falling down a cliff.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

A dream holiday for David, Aaron (Matt Wilson), Nicolette (Hannah Monson), Leo (Tim Kano) and Krista (Majella Davis) was interrupted by baddies Eden Shaw (Costa D’Angelo) and Veronica McLain (Ellen Grimshaw), who had separate grudges to bear against the holidaygoers.

As David, Aaron, Leo and Krista went on a bushwalk together, Krista dropped hints about wanting some alone time with her boyfriend, and David and Aaron eventually left the new couple in peace.

Soon after, as they lay together on the forest floor, Leo and Krista were startled to hear a voice – Eden’s! He was out of prison, and thanks to a tip-off from Paul (Stefan Dennis), knew that Krista was pregnant with his baby.

After knocking Krista to the ground, Eden dived at Leo and the pair grappled together, inches away from a sheer drop.

David and Aaron rushed to help after hearing the shouting, just as Eden picked up a rock and held it above Leo’s head, ready to strike.

David rushed over and dived at Eden, pulling him off Leo but causing both David and Eden to tumble down the side of the high embankment.

When Aaron and Leo found them both alive at the bottom of the cliff, David insisted that they take Eden to hospital first, before returning for him. Tragically, David had suffered a severe injury to his abdomen, and by the time his brother and husband returned, he had passed away.

The last month and a half have seen Aaron struggling with his grief, and David’s decision to sacrifice himself for Eden, leaving their family to pick up the pieces.

He’s lashed out, attacked Slade (Charlie Di Stefano) after he vandalised the Drinks Divas van, and for weeks gave up his parenting responsibilities, leaving a frustrated Nicolette to parent Isla alone.


Six weeks have passed and Aaron is finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Krista’s recent Lassiter’s Longest Lie In event, which she was originally organising with David, gave Aaron a chance to honour David’s memory as he came to appreciate just how much his boo had done for the community.

Yet next week sees a remarkable turn of events – is David alive after all?

Krista is set to collapse next week after being locked in a sauna by Chelsea (Viva Bianca), who is growing frustrated by the fact that Paul seems more focused on Krista and Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) than on their fledgling relationship.

She’s rescued in time and is taken to hospital, where her friends rally around her. However, as Aaron heads to the hospital, it leads him to feel the loss of David acutely, as he admits to Nicolette that being back there has brought back the pain.

As he’s struggling to come to terms with the fact that he’ll never see his husband again, Aaron receives a phone call. When he answers it, he’s shocked to his core… it’s David’s voice speaking to him down the line!

Is David really still alive?

Also next week, Leo is shocked when he learns that Paul stayed with Chelsea at the hospital after finding her locked in the sauna, thanks to Chelsea’s desperate move to keep control of Lassiters.

Paul makes a heartfelt admission to Leo, telling him that he sincerely regrets not giving Krista more of a chance. If he’d done so, then perhaps David would still be alive.

Leo appreciates Paul’s words, and tells his dad that he wishes he could resist his demons more often, and be the man who was there for Krista at the hospital.

Paul insists that he’s trying to do better, and seems genuinely remorseful. Seeing the pain his father is in, Leo offers Paul forgiveness.

Is Paul finally beginning to win his family back?

New episodes of Neighbours air Monday–Thursday on Network 10 and 10 Peach in Australia, and on Amazon Freevee in the UK.

Here are the Neighbours spoilers for the next two weeks:

Monday 18th March (Episode 9008 / 105)

Krista feels empowered following her string of wins.

Felix makes an admission to his brother.

Paul paves his path back to Leo.

Tuesday 19th March (Episode 9009 / 106)

Feeling threatened, Chelsea doubles down on her plans.

Mackenzie makes a grand gesture.

Toadie and Terese struggle to make amends.

Wednesday 20th March (Episode 9010 / 107)

Toadie is at a crossroads.

Haz is the target of a terrible attack.

The neighbours band together for a good cause. 

Thursday 21st March (Episode 9011 / 108)

Felix is backed into a corner.

Haz hides a terrible truth.

Melanie walks into an awkward situation.

Monday 25th March (Episode 9012 / 109)

Felix is shocked by JJ’s loyalty.

Holly faces a setback.

Krista continues to impress Paul, much to Chelsea’s ire.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Tuesday 26th March (Episode 9013 / 110)

JJ battles with a moral dilemma.

Andrew discovers an uncomfortable truth about his daughter.

Vengeful Chelsea takes things too far.

Wednesday 27th March (Episode 9014 / 111)

Krista faces her darkest hour.

Melanie feels the distance between her and Karl.

Mackenzie is unsettled by Haz’s behaviour.

Thursday 28th March (Episode 9015 / 112)

Chelsea grapples to regain control.

Aaron receives a haunting phone call.

Nicolette challenges Jane’s approach to long-distance flirtation.

Leo reconsiders his stance.