Neighbours Spoilers – Krista collapses as Chelsea goes too far

Next week on Neighbours, Chelsea goes too far as she locks Krista in a sauna, leading to a shock collapse…

TV Week reports that Chelsea’s (Viva Bianca) jealousy over Paul (Stefan Dennis) heaping praise on Krista (Majella Davis) leads her to make a drastic move, and one which leaves both Krista and her unborn baby in danger.

It’d be an understatement to say that Krista has had a hard time of it since making the move from England to Australia.

Her first mistake was befriending Eden (Costa D’Angelo), Holly’s (Lucinda Armstrong Hall) then-boyfriend who was out to get as much money as he could, by any means possible.

While Krista was already addicted to drugs, Eden did his best to make sure that she was constantly topped up, prompting her to seek out her former many Melanie (Lucinda Cowden) in search of money.

Melanie and Krista had a dramatic showdown on the Lassiters rooftop, and when Melanie pushed her, she fell and hit her head, rendering her unconscious.

Melanie thought Krista was dead, giving Eden the perfect opportunity to whisk her body away, before blackmailing Paul into silence.

Krista was eventually found on the brink of death in the basement of an abandoned house where Eden was hiding out. She was nursed back to full heath, and with the help of her eventual sober companion David (Takaya Honda), successfully managed to kick her addiction.

The sister of Reece Sinclair (Mischa Barton), whose family business had recently purchased half of Lassiters, a recovered Krista informed Paul that she would be overseeing things after her sister’s departure, and soon began involving herself in the hotel’s events.

She collapsed at the Summer Nights party that she’d organised, leading Paul to claim that she had taken something, but she insisted that her drink had been spiked. When Eden was later revealed to be out on bail, it was assumed that he was to blame.

Having struck up a relationship with Leo (Tim Kano), Krista joined her new boyfriend, plus Aaron (Matt Wilson), David and Nicolette (Hannah Monson) on a big group holiday, but that was rudely interrupted by Eden, who had discovered that Krista was pregnant with his baby.

As Leo wrestled with Eden, David heroically rushed in and pushed Eden off. Sadly, he hadn’t noticed the sheer cliff face beside the grappling pair, and David and Eden tumbled down a large drop, resulting in the untimely death of Krista’s friend and sober companion.

So quite an eventful few months in Erinsborough. Now she’s got Chelsea to deal with, as the gold-digging newcomer wealds her power after convincing Paul to give her the position of Acting Manager of Lassiters.

Chelsea has done her best to undermine Krista at every opportunity, including sabotaging the Lassiters Longest Lie-In event by creating a staffing issue.

Thankfully, Krista skillfully overcame the hurdle and the event was a huge success.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Today’s episode saw Paul present Krista with a bunch of flowers, seemingly genuinely thankful for her hard work.

In tomorrow’s episode, Chelsea puts the next part of her Project Steal Paul’s Money plan into action as she stops taking her contraceptive pill, before going on the charm offensive with Paul as she tries to get him into bed as much as possible.

Next week, Krista’s newfound confidence gets another boost when Lucy (Melissa Bell) asks her to lead the Lie-In presentation to the Lassiters global group – a huge opportunity to showcase her abilities.

Chelsea, obviously, believes that it should be her job as Acting Manager to lead the presentation, but is dealt a blow when Paul agrees that Krista deserves the chance to do it.

Genuinely appreciating Krista for the first time, Paul suggests to Chelsea that it may be time to step back, something which riles up the failed businesswoman even more.

Is her chance of a share of the Lassiters fortune slipping away?

TV Week reports that Paul goes on to give Krista more responsibilities, including dismissing an unreliable staff member. Has Paul really turned a corner?

“Krista’s confidence is blossoming right now,” Majella tells the Aussie publication. “She finally feels like she’s finding ways to prove to everyone she’s a strong, successful woman.”

Sadly for Chelsea, her plan doesn’t seem to work – Krista has noticed what Majella describes as Chelsea’s “brazen attempts to worm her way into Paul’s life,” and she sidesteps them.

Knowing her window of opportunity is slipping away, Chelsea makes her most deceitful move yet. She tells Krista that there’s a maintenance issue at the hotel’s sauna, just before the presentation is set to begin.

Over at the sauna, Krista is stuck in a desperate situation. The door to the spa has magically locked… whoever could have done that?

A pregnant Krista quickly becomes overcome by the intense heat and collapses…

Will Krista and her unborn baby be okay?

New episodes of Neighbours air Monday–Thursday on Network 10 and 10 Peach in Australia, and on Amazon Freevee in the UK.

Here are the Neighbours spoilers for the next two weeks:

Monday 18th March (Episode 9008 / 105)

Krista feels empowered following her string of wins.

Felix makes an admission to his brother.

Paul paves his path back to Leo.

Tuesday 19th March (Episode 9009 / 106)

Feeling threatened, Chelsea doubles down on her plans.

Mackenzie makes a grand gesture.

Toadie and Terese struggle to make amends.

Wednesday 20th March (Episode 9010 / 107)

Toadie is at a crossroads.

Haz is the target of a terrible attack.

The neighbours band together for a good cause. 

Thursday 21st March (Episode 9011 / 108)

Felix is backed into a corner.

Haz hides a terrible truth.

Melanie walks into an awkward situation.

Monday 25th March (Episode 9012 / 109)

Felix is shocked by JJ’s loyalty.

Holly faces a setback.

Krista continues to impress Paul, much to Chelsea’s ire.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Tuesday 26th March (Episode 9013 / 110)

JJ battles with a moral dilemma.

Andrew discovers an uncomfortable truth about his daughter.

Vengeful Chelsea takes things too far.

Wednesday 27th March (Episode 9014 / 111)

Krista faces her darkest hour.

Melanie feels the distance between her and Karl.

Mackenzie is unsettled by Haz’s behaviour.

Thursday 28th March (Episode 9015 / 112)

Chelsea grapples to regain control.

Aaron receives a haunting phone call.

Nicolette challenges Jane’s approach to long-distance flirtation.

Leo reconsiders his stance.