Neighbours Spoilers – Neighbours gives new Mike Young update

Next week on Neighbours, Jane is left devastated by news from fiancé Mike, as he extends his UK trip yet again.

When Neighbours finished in July 2022, the show’s producers reunited 80s teenage sweethearts Jane Harris (Annie Jones) and Mike Young (Guy Pearce), as Mike returned to Erinsborough and was revealed as the dad of Sam (Henrietta Graham).

Jane had broken up with Clive Gibbons (Geoff Paine) shortly before Mike’s return, after discovering that he’d been tempted by an ex-lover.

While Clive worked to try and win Jane back, Jane’s entire world was thrown into a spin as she collected decorations for Toadie (Ryan Moloney) and Melanie’s (Lucinda Cowden) upcoming nuptials.

Carrying a box full of heart-shaped trinkets, Jane bumped into someone in the Lassiters complex. As the pair bent down to pick up the spilt box, Jane looked up to find she’d just bumped into a man she hadn’t seen in over three decades.

Her ex-boyfriend Mike Young, complete with trademark leather jacket and motorcycle helmet!

Back when she was “Plain Jane Super Brain”, Mike and Jane pair endured a long-running romance, and were at the time described as the love of each other’s lives.

As they became reacquainted, Jane decided to take Mike on a nostalgic trip around Ramsay Street as most of the houses prepared to go to auction.

While most of the Ramsay Street residents eventually opted to remain on the street, Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) kept with her planned move to Sydney, meaning Mike’s old home at No. 24 was available. The final episode of the show saw Mike purchase the house as he and Jane decided to give things another go.

When the show returned last year after being saved by Amazon, Hollywood actor Guy Pearce agreed to make a brief return, and shot scenes in England alongside Annie Jones.

The first few weeks of the rebooted show premiered in September 2023, and we saw Jane and Mike on holiday in the UK, where Mike proposed.

Jane was forced to return to Australia early as she fought for the future of Erinsborough High, while Mike remained in the UK, opting to continue their tour of the country alone.

In late October, just as Jane learnt that the school would indeed be closing, she received a call from Mike, just when she needed him the most.

Sadly, Mike brought bittersweet news. He informed Jane and Sam that he’d been offered a job as a tour guide by the owner of a motorbike tour company, who believed Mike’s dulcet tones would be more palatable for American tourists than his own thick Glaswegian accent.

While Mike had initially turned down the job, Jane assured her fiancé that he should go for it. The plan was for him to be away for three months, before returning to Erinsborough to be with her.

Jane and Mike have had to continue their relationship through video calls and texts ever since, but while Mike has been living life to the full travelling the length and bredth of the UK, Jane has endured never-ending career and personal drama.

The three months have come and gone (and then some!), and next week we’ll see Mike again – but only via video call, as he gives Jane further bad news.

Over a video call, Mike grows concerned that Jane has a lot on her plate with the Eirene Rising development, and the ongoing tension between Nicolette (Hannah Monson) and Aaron (Matt Wilson).

As before, Jane quickly downplays how bad a time she’s having, not wanting to worry him. As Mike praises Jane’s strength, she admits she can’t wait to have his support and encouragement in person soon.

However, Mike then reveals that his company have asked him to stay on for even longer! Jane once again puts her own needs to one side and assures Mike that he should do what he needs to do.

Although Jane pretends she can handle another three more months without him, she’s painfully disappointed as she hangs up the call.

With no end to their long-distance relationship in sight, how long can the pair continue to live apart?

Will we ever see Mike Young back on Ramsay Street, or is the distance the beginning of the end of the childhood sweethearts’ engagement and relationship?

New episodes of Neighbours air Monday–Thursday on Network 10 and 10 Peach in Australia, and on Amazon Freevee in the UK.

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Here are the Neighbours spoilers for the next three weeks:

Monday 26th February (Episode 8996 / 93)

Sadie makes a surprise confession.

Toadie struggles to redeem himself.

Andrew has a big decision to make.

Tuesday 27th February (Episode 8997 / 94)

Andrew goes out on a limb.

Sadie has her eyes on someone.

JJ finds himself in trouble.

Wednesday 28th February (Episode 8998 / 95)

JJ makes a poor decision.

The Education Department throw a spanner in the works.

Nicolette struggles with her resentment.

Thursday 29th February (Episode 8999 / 96)

The walls close in on an anxious JJ.

Chelsea attempts to control the narrative.

Tension simmers in Number Twenty-Four.

Monday 4th March (Episode 9000 / 97)

Nicolette makes a divisive choice.

Chelsea is taken on a ‘Paul Robinson’s Greatest Hits’ tour.

Toadie seeks comfort in all the wrong places.

Tuesday 5th March (Episode 9001 / 98)

Sadie’s night takes an unexpected turn.

Jane struggles to keep her family together.

Mike has an update.

Wednesday 6th March (Episode 9002 / 99)

The Rodwell house expands as three become four.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Byron feels betrayed.

Toadie is propelled into action.

Thursday 7th March (Episode 9003 / 100)

Felix is confronted by a terrifying possibility.

Paul embarks on a less than glamorous mission.

Toadie’s commitment wavers.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Monday 11th March (Episode 9004 / 101)

The residents of Erinsborough come together for the Longest Lie-In, but it’s not long before tensions begin to simmer.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Tuesday 12th March (Episode 9005 / 102)

The reveal at the Lie-in leads to major consequences for those involved.

The Lie-In ends with surprising winners… And losers.

Aaron receives a call that shakes him to the core.

Wednesday 13th March (Episode 9006 / 103)

Toadie struggles with his new reality.

Felix is drawn to JJ, despite his best efforts.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Hugo finds himself in grave danger.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Thursday 14th March (Episode 9007 / 104)

Toadie tries to keep a level head in the face of a terrifying situation.

JJ draws on Felix’s advice.

Felix makes a fateful decision.

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