Home and Away Spoilers – Mackenzie tries to move on from Gabe

Next week on Home and Away in the UK, Mackenzie returns to Summer Bay and prepares to move on from Gabe, while Xander struggles to come to terms with the loss of his colleague.

The Delaney siblings each have their own struggles next week, following the horrific attack on Xander (Luke Van Os) and his colleague Jamie (Hugo Liu).

Ambushed by a group of thugs wishing to rob their ambulance of its drugs, Xander was rushed to hospital with a torn spleen, whilst Jamie sadly died at the scene.

Following his emergency surgery, Xander had a bad reaction to the anaesthetic which resulted in post-operative delirium. When he violently lashed out at Head of ED Bree (Juliet Godwin) after coming round, she was forced to place him under sedation.

As Xander lay unconscious, his sister Rose (Kirsty Marillier) made it her mission to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Rose’s coping mechanism put her at odds with boyfriend Mali (Kyle Shilling), who disagreed with her spending time gathering evidence rather than being at Xander’s bedside.

Despite constant judgement from Mali, Rose’s determination paid off when a patient, Elise (Micaela Ellis),was brought into the hospital with an overdose of fentanyl—one of the medications that had been stolen from the ambulance.

With Elise’s phone, Rose was able to lure the dealer, Brock (Ben Corlett), into meeting her where she swiftly placed him under arrest.

Satisfied that justice would now be served for both Jamie and Xander, Rose attempted to get back on track with Mali—who accused her of only going after the attackers for her own benefit—by asking if he would come to the hospital with her.

Mali refused however, feeling that Rose needed some one-on-one time with her brother. Telling her that they clearly don’t have the same priorities in life—family is everything to Mali, if you hadn’t caught on by now—Mali then proceeded to break up with Rose.

Next week, Rose heads back to the ICU where Bree is ready to bring Xander out of his sedation, in the hope that the anaesthetic is now out of his system. Although groggy, Xander thankfully is back to his normal self.

After giving him a quick once over, Bree is satisfied that Xander is responding well, and he’s transferred back to a ward. But it doesn’t take long for Xander to remember what Rose had told him just before he’d been rushed into surgery… Jamie didn’t make it.

Xander asks Rose to give him a moment to himself, as the reality of the situation hits him and he starts to break down.

When Mali later visits, the tension between him and Rose is all too obvious to Xander. Rose dishes all the gory details once Mali has gone, and the two end up in a deep and meaningful, providing something of a distraction for Xander.

Xander sides with Rose after hearing how Mali thought she’d abandoned her brother—she did absolutely the right thing by seizing the opportunity to go after the criminals, and she shouldn’t feel bad about it.

Xander’s keen to be discharged but Bree tells him that he knows the drill, he has to stay a few more days for observation.

When she runs into Mali in the diner, Rose points out that Xander had no issue with her going after the attackers, so what right does Mali have to judge her for it? It’s clear the two are never going to see eye to eye on it though, with another conversation the following morning also ending in an argument.

Back at the hospital. Rose brings in a bag of food, with Xander quickly realising that she’s trying to distract herself from the Mali issue.

With Xander now suffering nightmares about the attack, his mind is soon back on Jamie though. Having received a bunch of flowers from the ambulance station, he feels that he’s not deserving of them when Jamie has lost his life.

Having received news that Jamie’s funeral is being planned, Xander begs Rose to find out the details, but Rose is hesitant.

Given her brother’s mental health, not to mention his physical injuries, is it a good idea for him to attend the funeral?

Elsewhere in Summer Bay, having been asked to look after the farmhouse in Mackenzie’s (Emily Weir) absence, Mali is surprised when he rocks up to find that Mac is actually back in the bay already, and has been for two days.

Opting to keep a low profile, Mac has parked her car around the back where no one can see it.

After terminally ill boyfriend Gabe (Akos Armont) chose to leave Mac, rather than expose her to the harsh reality of his final months of suffering with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, she told everyone that she was going to stay with her mum Tanya in the city.

But Mac soon admits to Mali that she’d actually gone to Brisbane to try and track down Gabe. She’s spoken to his colleagues and friends, but to no avail.

Now that she’s back in the bay, Mac is attempting to put on a brave face, but is dreading having to face everyone and tell the truth about where Gabe has disappeared to.

Deciding to bite the bullet and go back into Salt, she’s thrown when an excited Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) informs her that she got married whilst she was away.

With the news only serving to rub salt into the wound as she faces her future without Gabe, Mac struggles to muster up much enthusiasm to congratulate her, leaving Flick worried that she’s done something to annoy her.

With Mac avoiding answering questions about Gabe, Flick and Tane (Ethan Browne) wonder if he’s taken a turn, or even worse, already passed away.

When she returns home and reads Gabe’s note again, Mac finally cracks, ripping it up in anger before bursting into tears.

Eventually forced to reveal the truth to Tane, when he later pops by to ask what’s going on, Mac is quick to boot him out, telling him that she doesn’t want his pity.

In the end, it’s John (Shane Withington) that Mac turns to in her time of need, when he drops over on the pretence of bringing her some mail from the club after hearing about Gabe from Tane.

Opening up to him, Mac explains the heartache she’s going through of knowing Gabe is out there somewhere, dying, with no one to support him.

Gabe had only begun treatment in order to gain a little more time with Mackenzie, but now he’s left he’s likely to have stopped the chemo, meaning the inevitable is drawing ever nearer.

After John offers her a shoulder to cry on, Mac heads back to Salt and apologises to Flick, before deciding it’s finally time to draw a line underneath everything.

Just as she’s done so numerous times over the past few weeks, Mac calls Gabe and leaves him a voicemail, only this time will be the last.

You win,” she tells him. “I will move in with my life the way that you want. It still hurts, I still wish things were different… but I will not call you again. I love you… goodbye Gabe.

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Monday 29th May (Episode 8006)

Rose and Mali can’t find compromise. Xander struggles to cope. Justin faces reality.

Tuesday 30th May (Episode 8007)

Mali presents his plans for the board shop. Mackenzie struggles to put on a brave face as she returns to the bay.

Wednesday 31st May (Episode 8008)

Mackenzie says goodbye. John volunteers a shoulder to cry on. Are Remi and Eden a little too close?

Thursday 1st June (Episode 8009)

Cash and Remi fight over Eden. Marilyn’s stuck in a sales trap. Will Theo’s testimony seal Justin’s fate?

Friday 2nd June (Episode 8010)

Bree can’t handle the heat with Remi. Marilyn turns the Diner into a Day Spa. Justin gets the call he’s been dreading.

Also, Justin’s day in court arrives

Things aren’t looking good for Justin as he faces his day in court. Can Alf save the day?

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