Rose Delaney

Constable Rose Delaney (2022-present)
Kirsty Marillier
Episodes: 7760-present

Date of Birth: 21st April 1998

Parents: Samuel Edwards & Yvette Delaney (née Sanderson)
Alexander Delaney (deceased)
Xander Delaney (half)
Stepsiblings: Jasmine Delaney

Occupation: Police Officer

Rose arrived in town with her half-brother Xander. She had been raised by their mother and Xander’s father, who had recently died and whose will had revealed he had another daughter: Jasmine. She met with Jasmine’s boyfriend Cash while swimming before introducing herself to Jasmine, then caught a thief robbing the Diner and revealed to Cash that she was a police officer. She learned from Cash that her stepfather had abandoned Jasmine as a child and resolved they should stay rather than abandon her themselves. They met Jasmine and Cash for brunch but Jasmine found the talk of their father awkward and took refuge in her bedroom. They later went for a walk but she had trouble bonding with Jasmine. Even though Jasmine asked them to stay, Rose went back to their mother’s place in the city.

She turned up a few days later to quiz Xander about returning home but he revealed he was considering moving to Summer Bay. Rose made enquiries about getting a transfer to the area but bickered with Jasmine, prompting Xander to invite her to the caravan park for a game of volleyball and then reveal she was actually playing against Jasmine. Rose ended up being struck in the face with the ball and Jasmine took her to hospital to patch her up. Rose decided to move to Summer Bay as well.

She was disappointed when her first day with the local police force consisted of desk duty and visiting an old lady who was just after company. She and Cash pulled Alf over for speeding and she was frustrated when Cash let him off but agreed to try and get used to small town policing. She attended the scene of a car crash involving Logan and another driver, Millie, which Jasmine and Xander helped out at. She brushed aside Jasmine’s concerns about Xander getting involved with Millie even though she was concerned herself. Xander came to her and Cash and told them Millie had caused the accident by looking at her phone. He privately told Rose that Millie was threatening to accuse him of harassing her. When Millie was questioned, Rose argued with her when she made the accusation and Cash took her off the case. However, she later convinced Millie to confess by telling her about an incident early in her career where she messed up by charging in without back-up.

She became interested when Cash’s sister Felicity asked him to look into someone called PK, deciding to help out Felicity herself and learning PK had paid off the debts of his associate Nathan Silva. She convinced Cash to take an interest and identified PK as Peter King just before he turned up murdered. She and Cash interviewed Felicity, Nathan and Dean, who Nathan said PK had argued with. They found the murder weapon in the car Dean was using and that he’d lied about his alibi but Nathan turned out to be the real killer.

When Cash invited her for a drink in Salt, she was surprised it was just the two of them. After getting drunk together, they slept it off in her car, being discovered by Felicity next morning. She felt awkward around Cash after he kept what happened from Jasmine, shortly before Jasmine left town to help out on her in-laws’ farm. Rose challenged Cash about it, causing both him and Xander to realise she was attracted to him. She denied it and asked not to be rostered on with Cash at work. She agreed to move into the flat above the Diner with Xander but started seeing Tex Wheeler. When Xander invited Cash over for lunch, Rose brought Tex along and flaunted the relationship in front of him. She admitted to Xander that she loved Cash but still wanted to keep seeing Tex and he asked her to keep him in the loop.

She took Tex with her to collect her things from the city and ended up in a row with Cash when she returned. She witnessed Xander nearly attacking Rodney Jorgensen, a drunk driver who had killed a teenage boy, and found he had shut himself away in his room at home. She wasn’t reassured by his reveal that he had tattoos done of any case that affected him and confided in Cash. She endured a tense meal at Irene’s where Xander deflected from his problems by announcing she loved Cash, before admitting he had problems. He also broke the news to her that Jasmine wasn’t coming back.

She was concerned when she witnessed tension between Tane and Felicity and Tex, and learned that Tex had no online record and had abruptly quit the caravan park, where no-one had known much about him and had paid him cash in hand. Rose ran a check on Tex’s license plate and learned his real name was Lee and he was a member of a biker gang. She spoke to Tane who admitted Tex had blackmailed him into laundering money through the gym. Rose arranged for Tane to wear a wire in order to get evidence from the gang. During the following raid, Rose arrested Tex but Cash was wounded and gang leader Marty killed when they exchanged fire. She went along with the pretense of arresting Tane and Nikau to maintain their cover and kept a bedside vigil over Cash but was blamed by Felicity for what had happened. She was upset when Cash came round and accused her of hiding the truth of what happened from him. Xander helped perk her up with some sparring and she reluctantly smuggled the case file to Cash to give him answers. When Cash was discharged and said he couldn’t be around her, Rose admitted to Xander that she didn’t know why she was still in Summer Bay. She found out Xander had a new tattoo that had become infected but Xander pointed out he hadn’t needed to get one in weeks. Seeing how the likes of Irene and Marilyn worried about them convinced Rose that they had a place in Summer Bay.

She looked into why Tane hadn’t had a court date and learned the gang’s calls were being monitored. As a result, she found out the gang had taken a hit out on Cash and warned him. She was offered a commendation but decided to refuse it. Cash convinced her not to, then kissed her, prompting her to throw him out. He apologised the next day but was reluctant to be friends again. Partnered with Cash on his return to work, she stepped in when she felt he had been too harsh with mugger Pete Wilson, who suffered a bruised shoulder. She was forced to give a statement when Pete made a complaint against Cash, calling his behaviour out of character. She tried to set Xander up with Bree, not realising she was married. Xander and Bree got their own back by signing her up for an account on Smouldr.

She investigated Leah’s suspicion that Heather Frazer was behind vandalism at her house, with John having previously suspected her of slashing his tyres, and found she had left town. Her attempts to track her down received a boost when Justin revealed that Leah and several others had gone missing and Heather was Marilyn’s secret daughter. After a check on Heather’s home found her stepmother’s body in the freezer, Rose and Cash checked out the function centre the missing Alf, Irene, Leah and Roo had been summoned to and managed to free them after Heather had tied them up.

She had a bet with Xander over a game of pool which led to him asking out Stacey, a new gym worker. Rose found out about the date from Leah and surprised Xander at Salt before the date, although she left when Stacey turned up. She got on well ith Cash’s foster father Gary Morrow when she met him, listening to his stories of being a country copper. When she found out Marilyn and Roo were organising a golf charity fundraiser, she offered her services, having won police tournaments, and soon found herself tapped by Marilyn for information. She gave Kirby golf lessons and volunteered herself for John’s team, who ended up winning.

She was roped into helping Cash and Eden recover some stolen wedding dresses, posing as Cash’s fiance to trap the thief. She was concerned to find Xander and Stacey weren’t monogamous, suspecting Xander wasn’t comfortable with the arrangement, and accused Stacey of leading Xander on when she stumbled across them having dinner together after breaking up. She wasn’t happy when they started seeing each other again monogamously, and discovered Stacey still had an active profile on Smouldr. When she nearly fell out with Xander as a result of her interference, she gatecrashed one of Stacey’s classes and they bonded after Stacey narrowly defeated her in a series of challenges. She found Remi injured and tied up at the motel and was unable to give him news of Bree, who had gone missing.

She had to alert Cash to the fact Eden and Felicity had been involved in a car accident and informed Remi when Bree was found. Bree confided in her that she had been sleeping with her abusive husband Jacob to keep him on side and Rose invited Bree to move in with her and Xander. She caught Stacey with another man, Jordan, and tried to get her to confess to Xander before telling him herself. Cash asked her help in investigating the bikers, who had caused Felicity’s accident, and they identified the culprit, Lloyd Stevens. She realised Cash was planning to meet the bikers so arranged to have him placed under police guard while she and the task force arrested Lloyd and several others.

She went for dinner with new board shop manager Mali Hudson, but he reacted oddly on seeing her in uniform. He explained you couldn’t trust the police where he came from but agreed to give her a chance and they had a breakfast date next time he was in town. They went out for dinner together but Rose felt uncomfortable and backed off when they tried to go back to his van. However, after she agreed to a surfing lesson, they spent the night together only to be sprung by his sister Elandra next morning, who insisted on having lunch to get to know her. She was Bree’s confidante when she struggled with being pregnant and not knowing who the father was. She investigated when Justin attacked Conor, a man he believed had hurt Ava, and got Ava to admit she lied about being in trouble to get attention.

She rushed to the hospital on hearing Xander had been attacked by drug thieves and his friend Jamie killed. When a drug user, Elise, was brought in after an overdose from the stolen drugs, Rose questioned her and got the number of her dealer, Brock. She arranged a meeting posing as a buyer and arrested him. However, Mali felt she should have been with Xander at the hospital and broke up with her, even though Xander understood once he regained consciousness. She tried to hide the fact it was Jamie’s funeral the day of Xander’s release from hospital but eventually took him along. She worried about him overexerting himself and he lashed out by telling Mali she’d been checking his socials. She and Mali cleared the air over dinner. She kissed him after a surf lesson but was left embarrassed when he backed off, proceeding to get drunk at Salt and insult Xander for quitting the ambulance service and working there. She got Xander to scope out the surf club in order to avoid Mali, only for Mali to twig what she was doing and give her his schedule so she’d know where not to be. Realising she was being silly, she agreed to be friends. She was hurt to find she hadn’t been invited to Mali’s birthday party and nearly crashed it, with Bree stepping in. Mali then turned up to reveal Mackenzie had organised the party and they sat up all night talking about his troubles letting his mother know he’d moved to Summer Bay.

She got a phone call from Elandra saying Mali should never have broken up with her. She and Mali tried to talk things over but were interrupted by Kirby, upset at breaking up with Theo. After that, she told Mali she didn’t want to get back together, feeling he gave up on them too early. However, they soon talked things over and reconciled, although she was relieved not to have to go to his mother’s birthday.

She received reports from Marilyn and Roo after the forner was threatened, apparently by Stunning Organics and looked after Mali when he was injured warning John and Roo of a bomb. Her slow investigation of the matter brought her into conflict with Kirby but she managed to arrest the former Stunning Organics CEO for the bombing. When she learned of Mali’s money troubles as a result of not being able to do surf lessons while he recovered, she suggested he ask his family for help but he didn’t want to be seen as a failure.