Bree Cameron

Dr Bree Cameron (2022-present)
Juliet Godwin
Episodes: 7852-present

Marital Status: Jacob Cameron (2015-2023, deceased)

Occupation: Doctor

A new doctor at Northern Districts Hospital, Bree was first seen treating Cash after he was shot in the line of duty, where she had him rushed back into theatre with internal bleeding. When Cash came round, Bree tried to counsel him over the fact he’d killed someone and pointed out to him that he wasn’t strong enough to leave the hospital. However, she concluded being in hospital wasn’t good for him psychologically and let him stay with Felicity and Tane. She agreed to a drink with Remi and realised Ziggy was pregnant when she saw her feeling faint. She became a regular sight among the local surfers.

She treated Remi for concussion after he was robbed and, when he wondered why she always kept him at arms length, revealed she was married: She had been with her husband Jacob since high school and he spent a lot of time working away as an engineer in the mines. She continued to spend time with Remi and they shared a moment, which she argued was because she missed intimacy with Jacob. Rose, unaware that she was married, tried to set her up with Xander. Bree and Xander paid her back by first pretending they were on a date anyway and then setting her up an account on Smouldr.

Jacob arrived in town while Bree was having breakfast with Remi. Bree tried to downplay her friendships with him and Xander but it was clear Jacob was unhappy. She told Remi they needed to stay away from each other when Jacob was in town, but when Jacob found out they’d spoken, he beat her, leaving her with a bruised face and cut lip which she did her best to cover up. She suffered another beating after Jacob had a run-in with Remi and Eden, who had realised what was going on. She told them to stay out of it and Remi told her to come to him if she needed help.

Jacob announced he’d resigned and was going to stay in Summer Bay with her. She convinced him to take another three month rotation, during which time she’d find a home for them and they could try for a baby. After he’d gone, she went to Remi for help but was reluctant to move on from continuing to chat to Jacob on the phone. Remi invited her to a gig at Salt and she got dressed up for it but changed her mind on realising she was getting dressed up for a man who wasn’t her husband. Despite this, when Remi came to check on her, she slept with him. They embarked on an affair, prompting Eden to accuse her of using Remi as a distraction. Bree insisted she had never done anything similar before.

Bree looked after Ziggy after she fell down the steps at Salt but became suspicious of Dean when he behaved in an aggressive manner and wanted Ziggy to give up work during her pregnancy. She insisted on keeping Ziggy in overnight, sending Dean home, and then reported the incident to Cash as domestic violence. However, when Ziggy reacted in horror to Dean being forced to stay away from her and Bree overheard Dean asking Mackenzie to look after her, she realised she’d misjudged the situation. She not only told Cash she’d been wrong but made a statement about Jacob’s abuse of her. She was told Jacob had been charged and bailed and had an AVO taken out against him. Bree stayed at Remi’s but decided to move out when he took over her phone conversation with Jacob to tell him to stay away.

She cleared the air with Remi and they soon renewed their relationship. She confided in Ziggy, then learned Jacob hadn’t turned up for work. She shut herself away at the motel, afraid Jacob was going to turn up, and learned he had emptied their joint bank account. She arranged to change rooms but eventually decided to stop being frightened, openly dating Remi and telling everyone she was going to divorce Jacob. However, Jacob then turned up at the motel and demanded she come away with him. When Jacob tied up Remi and broke his hand, Bree agreed to go with him to stop him killing Remi.

She spent the next few days stuck out in the woods with Jacob, playing the dutiful wife as he planned to give them new identities. She tried to leave a note for Remi assuring him she did love him but Jacob found it. Jacob knocked her out and she recovered to find him digging a grave. She struck him with a shovel and accidentally killed him. Summoning the authorities, she was taken to hospital where she refused to see Remi. She admitted to Rose that she had been sleeping with Jacob to keep him onside and didn’t know how to tell Remi. When she learned Remi had made his hand injury worse by playing the guitar too soon, Bree convinced him to see a specialist. She ended up moving into the Diner flat with Rose and Xander.

She was left with mixed feelings on the day of Jacob’s funeral and when the note she wrote Remi turned up. Remi saw her with Xander and accused them of being together. On learning Remi was considering leaving town, she showed him the note and asked him to wait for her. She treated Dean and Ziggy’s new daughter Izzy for viral gastro and ran tests on Gabe Miller on learning he had battled cancer in the past. She attended Remi’s first gig back in action but avoided him afterwards. She admitted to Rose that she was pregnant and didn’t know who the father was. Rose convinced her to go and see Remi but she left without telling him after seeing him showing a woman out of the house first thing, and decided to have an abortion. Before doing so, she told Remi what was going on and he ended up accompanying her to her appointment. She was called into work when Xander was attacked and slept with Remi for the first time since her experience with Jacob. She was uncomfortable when Remi went away with the band for a gig and avoided him on his return, admitting it brought back memories of when Jacob used to go away and she didn’t know what he’d be like when he came back, However, she was unhappy when he cancelled the next tour in order to rehearse for a Battle of the Bands competition, saying he’d robbed her of the power to be all right with him going away. Remi convinced her it was good for the band anyway. She stopped Rose gatecrashing Mali’s birthday party.

She was uncomfortable to meet Mercedes Da Silva, an old friend of Remi’s but tried to be friendly towards her and listen to her stories of Remi’s past. Eden warned Bree not to trust her, since Mercedes had tried to convince Remi to ditch Lyrik once. Bree struggled to find time alone with Remi, although she accompanied the group to Battle of the Bands and ended up being needed when Felicity was raped at the event, taking her to hospital and carrying out an examination. Not long after, she was called upon to treat John, Roo and Mali when they were injured in a bomb blast. She tried to help Remi with his album plans but felt pushed out by Mercedes and accused her of being after Remi, while Mercedes in return said she had no idea why Remi was with Bree. Remi missed a meeting with a studio producer to reassure her. She decided to stay away from the recording sessions to show Remi she trusted him, Remi told her Mercedes might not do the album.

When Bree went along to one of the sessions, she found out why when she overheard Remi and Mercedes discussing the fact she’d kissed him. She confronted Remi, who managed to convince her he was innocent, and then Mercedes. She then found herself talking Mercedes into sticking around and doing the last recording session.

Bree attended the launch event for Lyrik’s album where she inadvertently stirred up controversy by making a caustic remark about Mercedes within earshot of a journalist. She had a vinyl copy of Lyrik’s album made as a present for Remi and helped Cash come to terms with Felicity’s rape. She also helped Remi deal with Kirby leaving the band. With relations between the former friends strained, she arranged for Kirby to take over her room while she moved in with Remi and convinced Remi to let her handle the household bills. Alf asked her advice about moving Roo to Northern Districts where Bree tried to make arrangements for her to go home. When she learned Roo had told Marilyn to move out, she told her she’d been discharged on the understanding someone would be there to look after her and would have to go back to hospital if there wasn’t. She struggled to deal with Remi’s depression over losing his music career and even when Kirby wanted to return to Lyrik, Remi’s mood didn’t improve, prompting Bree to decide to swap homes with Kirby again. She treated Justin after his ordeal at the hands of Vita Nova and warned Leah that his heart was failing and she should prepare for the worst. Fortunately, he recovered.

She refused to move back in with Remi after he sorted things with Kirby, explaining she wanted to enjoy her independence. She helped Leah and Rose realise that Jordan, an orderly at the hospital, was actually a member of Vita Nova, leading to his arrest. Leah asked her for sleeping tablets to deal with nightmares but she recommended a therapist instead. Remi asked her to accompany him to his parents’ anniversary dinner and she met Graham and Nicola for the first time, although she was uncomfortable that Remi had told them nothing about how they met. After enjoying the dinner, she privately told them everything about Jacob next morning. She was uncomfortable however when Remi talked about them being like his parents, still together after 35 years.

She treated Mackenzie when she was brought in after a heart attack and was surprised when a call asking for advice brought Levi Fowler, a top cardiothoracic surgeon. She admitted to Remi that she wasn’t comfortable with having her future mapped out when she didn’t know what was she was going to do with her life. She spoke to Levi about his work with Doctors Without Borders and considered doing something similar. Theo called her for help when Leah suffered a psychotic break and threatened Justin with a knife: Bree managed to talk her down and spent the night keeping an eye on her. Next morning, she helped Leah check into a clinic. She was thrown to realise it was a year since everything had happened with Jacob and decided to see her counsellor again. She was advised to break out of her comfort zone and let Remi talk her into going for a motorbike ride. She decided to apply for Doctors Without Borders and asked Remi to come with her. He agreed until he realised it would mean being away the best part of a year. Bree was ready to give up on the idea but Remi convinced her to do it on her own.