Emmerdale Spoilers for 22nd to 24th November

Next week on Emmerdale, Cain tells Chas that he wants nothing more to do with her, David’s deceit may have cost Victoria her licence, and Vanessa makes a big decision about her future.

There’s plenty of drama in the dales next week, as Mack and Charity learn Chloe is pregnant, while Leyla and Liam finally call time on their marriage. Click the links to read more about those storylines.

There are also schedule changes in store. With the World Cup about to kick off, next week sees hour-long episodes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, with no episodes on Monday or Friday.

David’s (Matthew Wolfenden) lie continues to snowball for Victoria (Isabel Hodgins) next week, after an emergency dash to the hospital lands her with additional points on her licence.

With business struggling at the village shop, David is planning to diversify by offering a delivery service in the community, but his plans were put in jeopardy when he received a speeding ticket. Realising that the additional points could cost him his driving licence, David had asked girlfriend Victoria if she would be willing to take the blame for him.



Victoria was horrified by the suggestion, but in his desperation, David went behind her back and named her as the driver of the vehicle anyway.

Going through the shop’s post, he finds a letter addressed to Victoria with the fixed penalty notice from the police enclosed. The enormity of the situation hits David as he stares at the FPN in shame, but he hopes that somehow Victoria won’t find out as he hides the letter from her.


When both Victoria and Jacob come in and announce their plans to support David with the delivery service, he’s left feeling even more guilty. Even if he had lost his licence it seems that he would have been able to carry on with the scheme anyway with their assistance.

The situation only gets worse when David opens the shop whilst the children are in his care. Left unsupervised, Victoria’s son Harry (Teddy & Brody Hall) manages to injure himself. David can’t believe he’s been so stupid, as Victoria hears the news and hurriedly makes her way to Hotten General.

Unfortunately, faced with some temporary traffic lights, Victoria rushes through them only to find herself stopped by a waiting police car. Her top priority being to get to Harry as quickly as possible, Victoria urgently explains the situation, agreeing to a fine and points on her licence.


When Victoria eventually reaches a lethargic Harry, she’s fuming when David admits that he’d opened up the shop and left both Harry and his own son Theo (Beau-Ronnie Newton) unsupervised.

Already in her bad books, David’s in turmoil when Victoria reveals that she’s received six points on her licence. Will he find the courage to tell Victoria the truth about his deceit?


Also this week, Cain (Jeff Hordley) has an unwelcome visitor at the prison when he finds sister Chas (Lucy Pargeter) waiting for him.

Feeling sorry for herself (what else is new?), Chas begins talking about how she misses her lover Al (Michael Wildman).


Cain is fuming at Chas’s self-pity; if she hadn’t been having the affair in the first place then he likely wouldn’t be facing the next few decades behind bars, whilst covering for the real killer, his 10-year-old son Kyle (Huey Quinn).

Cain tells Chas in no uncertain terms that he wants nothing more to do with her.

Plus, Vanessa (Michelle Hardwick) finally makes a decision about her future, as she decides whether or not to head to Canada.


Here are next week’s Emmerdale Spoilers:

Tuesday 22nd November (Episode 9525–9726)

Chloe confronts Priya over the house Al purchased, but she’s left angry when Priya dismisses the allegations.

David feels terrible as he comes comes to a letter from the Police ticketing office, addressed to Victoria.

Samson feels betrayed when he sees Lydia, Sam, Dan and Amelia together with baby Esther in the café.

Wednesday 23rd November (Episode 9727–9528)

Charity promises not to reveal Chloe’s secret, but Chloe tightens when Charity asks who the father is…

Over at the Woolpack, Chas panics when Chloe storms in, appearing ready to reveal who Al was seeing.

Leyla and Liam are heartbroken as they come to the conclusion that they’re no good for one other.

Thursday 24th November (Episodes 9729–9530)

Priya’s heart goes out to Leyla.

Vanessa finally makes a decision about Canada.

Victoria rushes to the hospital to find Harry, and is furious to learn that David left the children unsupervised.

Why do Leyla and Liam break up?

It’s the end of the road for Liam and Leyla, whilst Samson’s actions leave him on the outer with his family…

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Mack and Charity learn Chloe is pregnant

As Charity learns that Chloe is pregnant, will Mackenzie admit that he’s the father?

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