Home and Away Spoilers – John becomes Heather’s next victim

Coming up next week on Home and Away in the UK, John faces Heather’s wrath after voicing his suspicions of her, whilst Tane looks to his future with Felicity…

After discovering her true identity last week, Marilyn (Emily Symons) thought she’d turned a corner with long-lost daughter Heather (Sofia Nolan).

Heather had been playing games with Marilyn for a few weeks, and, after the truth came out, she accused Marilyn of abandoning her to grow up with a mother figure that hated the sight of her.


Explaining her side of the story, Maz was relieved when Heather apparently came around and began to see her point of view.

But as Marilyn asked to keep their true relationship a secret for now, it became obvious to viewers that Heather was merely putting on a front, and was secretly still harbouring ill feelings.

Next week, Heather finds new beau Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) down on the beach during his lifeguard shift.

Seeing Nik sneak a quick kiss with Heather, John (Shane Withington) reminds Nik to keep his eye on the job in hand.


As Nik gets back to work, John thanks Heather for not pressing charges the previous week, after Marilyn was arrested for letting herself in to Heather’s van. Heather says that she can see Marilyn has issues, and it’s nice that she has so many friends to look out for her.

Heather is then surprised when John reveals that he’s actually Marilyn’s ex-husband—she had no idea that Marilyn had been married.

All of a sudden Heather finds John a lot more interesting…

Later, Heather quizzes John about his marriage to Marilyn, and how it’s strange that they’re still friends. It’s at this point that John mentions that they have a son together.

Jett, right?” Heather replies, without thinking.

How do you know that?” a puzzled John points out.

Thinking on her feet, Heather tells him that Marilyn once mentioned Jett, but her explanation doesn’t sit right with John.

Having dinner that evening with Irene (Lynne McGranger), John shares his suspicions about Heather⁠. He explains that something got under his skin with the way Heather said Jett’s name, and he’s beginning to wonder if it was her that sent the nasty message to him from Marilyn’s account.

Irene agrees that something doesn’t add up, but feels it best to stay out of it.

The next day, John hurries into the diner with good news for Marilyn… Jett has been nominated for an award for his services to veterans care.

The two are overjoyed as Irene asks them to send on her congratulations. Overhearing the conversation, Heather wishes them both her congratulations too.

However, as she watches Marilyn head outside, Heather’s smile instantly fades… and John is quick to clock it. He’s onto her!

Heather later catches John searching for her name on the internet, and after confronting him, strangely offers to buy him a drink at Salt.

Intrigued, or just motivated by a freebie, John agrees and asks Heather what her fascination with Marilyn is.

Heather points out that Marilyn was the one breaking into her van, but John knows that Maz wouldn’t have done so without good reason. He then lays his theory out on the table: Heather sent the message to Jett because she’s messing with Marilyn—and he’s determined to find out why!

Heather storms out after refusing to answer John’s questions, and is quick to tell Marilyn that John has been having a go at her. She pulls out a sob story of everyone having it in for her when she just wants to get to know her mother, and threatens to leave town.

John is confused about Marilyn’s change of tune when she confronts him about Heather and tells him to back off, and he can’t help but serve a warning to Nik that Heather may not be the girl he thinks she is…

Later that day, Alf (Ray Meagher) bumps into John outside the surf club and quickly notices that the tyres on John’s car have been slashed!


Who’d do this?!” a bewildered John asks…. but it doesn’t take him long to get an idea…

John’s just made himself a new enemy.

Elsewhere in Summer Bay, Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) is having a stressful week, but it’s about to be made better as Tane piles on the romance.

Faced with the news that Salt has now lost their regular Lyrik gig, Flick isn’t in a great mood when she comes home from work.

She has a moan about it to brother Cash (Nicholas Cartwright), who dismisses her issues before revealing that he’s been suspended from work after someone put in a complaint about him using excessive force.

Flick is immediately worried, having heard about the suspect that Cash tackled to the ground the previous week. Cash asks how she knows before pushing her on whether it was Rose or Xander who snitched on him.

Cash doesn’t want to talk about the subject any further, but Flick keeps pushing for further details. Feeling that Flick doesn’t believe his version of events, he sarcastically thanks her for her support before leaving.

Later in the week, Tane can see the stress that Flick is under as she continues her search for a new band to take Lyrik’s place, and tells her that she needs to stop doubting herself. Comforted by his words, Flick comments that they make a pretty good team.

Tane is already feeling philosophical about his future with Flick after learning that Ziggy is pregnant, but as he tries to talk to her they’re interrupted by a phone call.

Wanting some alone time with Flick, Tane asks Nik if he and Flick can have the house to themselves that evening.

Later finding Flick back at the house crouched over her laptop, Tane immediately puts her into a more relaxed mood and offers to draw her a nice, hot bath.

When Flick later emerges from the bathroom, Tane has laid out a romantic meal for the two of them.

Commenting on the good place they’re in at the moment, Tane asks Flick what it all means.

When she realises that he’s wanting to know where they go next, she admits that she doesn’t know. All she does know, is that they’re in it together.

With a renewed hope for their future, what is Tane planning next…?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 31st October (Episode 7886)

Justin goes into damage control for Lyrik. Can Cash and Eden resist temptation? Felicity gets buried in Mackenzie’s mess.

Tuesday 1st November (Episode 7887)

Is Bree blurring boundaries with Remi? Cash and Eden get sprung in the act. Mackenzie comes grovelling to Justin.

Wednesday 2nd November (Episode 7888)

Are Ziggy and the baby in danger? Xander flaunts his battle scars. Bree and Remi agree to be just friends, but are they? Marilyn dons rose-coloured glasses for Heather.

Thursday 3rd November (Episode 7889)

John has a bad gut feeling about Heather. Marilyn is humiliated. Tane covets Ziggy’s growing family.

Friday 4th November (Episode 7890)

Felicity gives Tane hope for their future. John is the victim of an anonymous attack. Nikau learns Heather’s real identity.

Also this week, Ziggy’s new promotion leads to shock collapse!

Ziggy collapses at the garage in new pregnancy drama, while Bree and Remi blur boundaries.

Read more…

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