Home and Away Spoilers – Ziggy’s new promotion leads to shock collapse

Coming up next week on Home and Away in the UK, Ziggy collapses at the garage in new pregnancy drama, while Bree and Remi blur boundaries.

In upcoming scenes, Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) steps up when Justin (James Stewart) is forced into damage control, after his disastrous start as Lyrik’s band manager saw the group lose their regular gig at Salt.

Egged on by Leah (Ada Nicodemou), Justin attempted to force an ultimatum on the venue’s co-owner Mackenzie (Emily Weir)—either she increases their fee by 20%, or the band walks.

What he didn’t expect was for Mac to call his bluff and announce that the gigs were cancelled. Naturally the band are fuming when they realise how much chaos Justin has caused in such little time, and he gets to work on trying to find another venue to host a regular gig.

When Leah points out that Justin is neglecting his duties at Summer Bay Auto, he comes up with a plan to promote Ziggy, unaware that she’s planning on dropping some news of her own. 

As Ziggy continues to struggle with her 24/7 morning sickness, Dean (Patrick O’Connor) believes it’s time she should tell Justin about her pregnancy, despite her initial wish to wait for the second trimester. Ziggy agrees, she just wants to pick the right moment.

Determined to not let the pregnancy stop her doing what she loves, Ziggy and Dean head down to the beach for a surf.

As they wait on the sand for Ziggy’s latest bout of queasiness to pass, they bump into Bree, who asks Ziggy how she’s getting on.

Ziggy quickly puts on a brave face as she tells her everything is fine.

The next morning, after Ziggy spends some more quality time over the toilet bowl at work, Dean puts his foot down—she needs to tell Justin today.

As luck would have it, Justin arrives just at that moment, so Dean leaves them to it.

But before Ziggy can break the news, Justin reveals that he’d like to offer her a promotion at the garage, with a pay rise to match.

When Dean finds the two celebrating in the diner later, he naturally assumes that Ziggy has told Justin about the baby… but Ziggy is quick to butt in before he says any more; they’re celebrating her promotion, he’s looking at the new Director of Operations (aka manager)!

Dean warns Ziggy that she can’t keep putting it off, but for now Ziggy just wants to have her moment.

However only a short while later, Ziggy is alone in the garage when she opens a tub of solvent. The fumes quickly get to her and cause another dizzy spell.

As Ziggy passes out, she crashes to the floor, taking the tool cart down with her.

Will Ziggy and the baby be OK?

Elsewhere in Summer Bay, after hitting new friend, and persistent flirt, Remi (Adam Rowland) with the bombshell that she was actually married, Bree finds herself blurring her own boundaries next week.

Though embarrassed that he’d been making a fool out of himself, Remi made it clear that he wouldn’t continue pursuing Bree. Bree was pleased to see Remi hadn’t lost his charm as he quickly turned his attention to a nurse at the hospital, Stacey (Maleeka Gasbarri).

When Bree and Remi catch up over breakfast—just as friends, of course—Remi quizzes Bree about how her marriage works when they’re so far apart—it’s been two months since Bree has seen her husband, Jacob, who works as a mechanical supervisor in the mines.

Bree admits it can be difficult, but she and Jacob manage to work things out, before she quickly changes the subject.

When their lunch comes to an end, Bree asks Remi if he’d like to catch up again later, but Remi sheepishly says that while he’d like to, he actually has band rehearsals.

As they pass Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) on the way out, Bree tells Remi to enjoy rehearsals, which is news to Eden. With Bree out of earshot, Remi admits that he’s actually going out on a date with Stacey. Eden’s curious as to why Remi just didn’t tell Bree the truth…. he admits he doesn’t know.

As Bree heads down for a surf later, she’s surprised to see Remi frolicking on the beach with Stacey.

But rather than be happy that Remi is moving on, Bree seems to be rattled… and not just about the fact that Remi lied to her.

Bree makes a hasty exit before Remi spots her.

As the two share a pizza that evening – their second meal together in one day – Bree reveals that she saw him on the beach, where it looked like he was having a lot of fun. Remi admits that caught him out, but still can’t explain why he felt the need to lie about it.

Bree and Remi’s eyes lock for a few seconds, before Bree offers to pour some more wine. The moment broken, Remi decides it’s best they call it a night instead.

The next day Bree does her best to avoid Remi, but he feels that they need to talk about what happened.

Heading up to Salt, Remi notes that the vibe got a little weird the night before, which Bree rationalises as her having missed the intimacy of company whilst Jacob is away.

Remi agrees that it makes sense and it seems the air is cleared…. or is it?

As the two continue their coffees, Bree seems uneasy—does she actually have feelings for Remi?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 31st October (Episode 7886)

Justin goes into damage control for Lyrik. Can Cash and Eden resist temptation? Felicity gets buried in Mackenzie’s mess.

Tuesday 1st November (Episode 7887)

Is Bree blurring boundaries with Remi? Cash and Eden get sprung in the act. Mackenzie comes grovelling to Justin.

Wednesday 2nd November (Episode 7888)

Are Ziggy and the baby in danger? Xander flaunts his battle scars. Bree and Remi agree to be just friends, but are they? Marilyn dons rose-coloured glasses for Heather.

Thursday 3rd November (Episode 7889)

John has a bad gut feeling about Heather. Marilyn is humiliated. Tane covets Ziggy’s growing family.

Friday 4th November (Episode 7890)

Felicity gives Tane hope for their future. John is the victim of an anonymous attack. Nikau learns Heather’s real identity.