Home and Away Spoilers – Braxton house returns as Lyrik set down roots

Coming up next week on Home and Away in the UK, Lyrik are here to stay as they move into the old Braxton house, whilst Marilyn deceives Roo…

Eden (Stephanie Panozzo), Remi (Adam Rowland) and Kirby’s (Angelina Thomson) plan to put down roots in Summer Bay finally comes to fruition this week, when they move across the street into the old Braxton abode.

The band have been staying at the Parata house with old mate Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) for the past couple of weeks, since being offered a regular gig at Salt.

Although three of the band were up for having a stable income, lead singer Bob (Rob Mallett) felt that a ‘hick’ town like Summer Bay would only hold back his talents and so made a hasty exit, leaving Lyrik to find themselves a new fourth member.

That member came in the form of Theo Poulos (Matt Evans), and with one crisis averted, things seemed to be falling into place when Eden spotted that 55 Saxon Avenue had gone up to rent and quickly made a call to the real estate agent.

Despite what the sign says, it’s actually Saxon Avenue, we promise!

Next door neighbour John (Shane Palmer) was delighted when he spotted the sign himself; the house has been home to hippies for the past couple of years, and he’s made note of the weird music and strange smells emanating from over the garden fence.

Next week, the band finally gets the news they’ve been waiting for when Eden reveals that she’s been given the keys to the house. The three soon start moving their stuff across the road, drawing guitar picks out of a hat to determine who gets the biggest room.

But little do Eden and Remi realise that something else is going on that could threaten the fabric of the band…

After returning from their first ‘away’ gig the previous day, Kirby and Theo are buzzing, and find themselves connecting as they pull an all-nighter, jamming and songwriting. When they finally play their newly completed song all the way through, the two are ecstatic at what a great team they’ve become… and they suddenly find themselves sharing a kiss.

Shortly after moving into the house, Kirby goes to meet Theo and tells him that the band has to come first. She’s already been through this once with Bob, and knows firsthand just how messy it can get when the professional lines are blurred.

That said, the two can’t resist sharing another kiss… not realising that Remi has spotted them!

When Kirby and Theo return to the house, Eden and Remi quickly lay down some new ground rules—first and foremost, there should be no hooking up within the band. Kirby realises that they’ve been sprung, and whilst Theo doesn’t see what the big deal is, he reluctantly agrees to their demand… but for how long?

Meanwhile, John is excited to welcome his new neighbours, buying a big basket of muffins from the diner to welcome them to the street. Justin (James Stewart) nearly blurts out the identity of the new residents, but Marilyn (Emily Symons) quickly butts in—she clearly thinks it will be much more fun for John to find out himself!

Armed with his muffins and plenty of Neighbourhood Watch leaflets to hand out, John knocks on the door…. and is stunned when Eden answers.

He initially thinks that the band are squatting in the vacant house, but is speechless when he realises that they are indeed his new neighbours. It was bad enough when their music was blaring out from across the street…. how’s he going to cope with them next door?!

Eden has to dash to work, but is more than happy to invite John in so Remi can get to know his new neighbour…

Whilst the house at 55 Saxon Avenue is largely known by Home and Away fans of the past ten years as the ‘Braxton House’, its history in the show actually stretches right back to 1998.

The first incarnation of the house, as it appeared back in 1998

It was first introduced as the home of guest character Sean Ellis and his daughter Daria, who Sam Marshall become enamoured with after spotting her whilst on his paper round.

The house was later taken over by James Fraser, with a host of characters including Sally, Harry, Shauna, Vinnie, Leah, Jude and Charlotte living in the house over the following years.

The house eventually became the marital home of Sally and Flynn, with an annexe built opposite the front door following their wedding in 2003, to house a doctor’s surgery for Flynn.

Sally and Flynn later house swapped with Beth Hunter and her children, Robbie, Henry and Matilda, in order to move into Summer Bay House.

The annexe was repurposed as additional living space, which proved useful when Beth later got together with Tony Holden and he moved in with sons Jack and Lucas.

The Hunter children were given an equal share in the ownership of the house after Beth’s death, and Tony continued to live there until his eventual departure with third wife Rachel and baby son Harry.

Known by the writers of the show as the ‘Share House’ by this point, the following years saw a whole host of characters come and go, including Angelo, Charlie and Ruby, before the house was eventually taken over by the Braxtons in 2011.

The various members of the family, together with the likes of Ricky, Josh, Andy, Phoebe and Nate, rotated between the house and annexe for several years until the eventual departure of Ricky and the recently returned Brax in 2016.

The interior of the house looks somewhat different on its return to the show six years later, with the annexe now seemingly long gone.

The living area has been opened up, with the walls separating it from the kitchen and some of the corridor now removed. The area around the back door has been renovated, with an additional door at the other end of the kitchen also added.

Of course, the house also looks different from the outside since its first appearance in 1998, with the show having gone through four filming locations over the years. These most recent incarnations of the Share house and the Palmer house next door were introduced in 2013.

Elsewhere in Summer Bay, Roo (Georgie Parker) isn’t having much joy with her latest venture. Having decided she needs a new purpose, Roo has decided to advertise her services as a private tutor, but her poster in the diner hasn’t had any takers as yet.

Roo decides to redesign the poster, and is delighted when she later sees that one of the tabs with her number on has already been ripped off. Leah (Ada Nicodemou) later asks if she’s had any calls, but Roo explains she hasn’t, wondering if the potential student has changed their mind.

But as the two talk, Marilyn goes over to the poster, secretly ripping off another number, and Roo’s given a boost when she spots that another tab has disappeared!

Marilyn is pleased that her bestie’s confidence is growing, but what will happen if Roo discovers her subterfuge?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 12th September (Episode 7851)

Tane’s plan is derailed. Felicity is left in the dark. The police sting operation ends in bloodshed.

Tuesday 13th September (Episode 7852)

Tane and Nikau play a dangerous game. A Summer Bay resident fights for their life.

Wednesday 14th September (Episode 7853)

Bree battles to save Cash. Felicity takes aim at Rose. Theo and Kirby bond over music.

Thursday 15th September (Episode 7854)

Lyrik bans inter-band romance. Roo’s tutoring plans hit a wall. Remi recruits Ziggy for a favour.

Friday 16th September (Episode 7855)

Ziggy and Remi go on a secret mission. Eden steps into Felicity’s shoes at Salt. Alf catches Marilyn in the act. John’s new neighbours aren’t so new.