Home and Away Spoilers – Cash prepares to propose to Jasmine

Coming up next week on Home and Away in the UK, Cash gets ready to propose to Jasmine, while Theo auditions to be Lyrik’s new lead singer.

Theo (Matt Evans) is torn next week when the opportunity of a lifetime comes along, but one that has the potential to disrupt his studies.

Theo has had a tough time with his mechanic apprenticeship so far. He failed his first assignment after missing the deadline, and was accused of plagiarism for his most recent one after Justin (James Stewart) informed Theo’s tutor that he’d written it on Theo’s behalf.

Although Theo had actually submitted a new assignment in his own words, not wishing to use the one Justin had forced upon him, it still sparked off a full investigation which was only halted when Theo proved he knew his stuff in an exam.

The outcome was that Justin was removed as Theo’s mentor, but the day was saved when fellow Summer Bay Auto employee Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) agreed to step into the role.

Ziggy sacrificed a planned road trip with boyfriend Dean (Patrick O’Connor) to take Theo on, and did so on the condition that Theo would give it his full commitment.

It soon becomes apparent that Ziggy is taking her role as taskmaster seriously when, looking forward to his day off, Theo is handed a study schedule by Justin—who points out that Ziggy will be there in two hours’ time for their first session…

Meanwhile, whilst the ongoing problem of Lyrik’s lead singer Bob (Rob Mallett) has now been removed from the equation—after he ditched the group last week—the remaining band members are in a pickle now that their first regular gig at Salt is fast approaching.

When Salt co-owner Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) returns home, excited about the upcoming gig, she’s shocked to learn that Bob the Snob has taken off on his high horse (well, the band’s van).

Remi (Adam Rowland) puts his feelers out for a replacement singer, but unfortunately no one is available.


Kirby (Angelina Thomson) suggests to Remi and Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) that their only chance is to hold some auditions, but they’ll have to be quick. Felicity agrees to let them use Salt that afternoon, and they rapidly start preparing flyers.

When Theo is handed a flyer by Kirby, Justin tells a reluctant Theo he should give it a go, he’s real good!

Theo’s passion for music has only recently come to light—with him having to largely hide it during his teens from domineering father Dimitri (Salvatore Coco)—so much so that there’s only a handful of people who know that Theo can both sing and play guitar.

Back at home, Theo is distracted during his study session with Ziggy. Being in a band is something he’s always dreamed of, and he can’t stop thinking about the auditions going on as they speak.

Ziggy is surprised to learn about Theo’s apparent talent when Justin brings the auditions up in conversation, still trying to convince Theo to try out. She’s annoyed by the distraction, pointing out that there’s no way Theo could commit to both his apprenticeship and the demands of being in a band.

Theo reluctantly agrees and puts the flyer in the bin, but after Justin witnesses some of the awful auditions going on at Salt, he returns home and announces that Lyrik are clearly not having much success.

As Ziggy and Justin continue to debate, Theo decides he can’t let the opportunity go to waste, and slips out the back door.

Arriving at Salt to find the band packing things away, Theo isn’t put off by being told he’s too late, and picks up Remi’s guitar to start playing anyway.

Remi begins to object, but as Theo plays his first notes, Kirby says they should hear him out….

Theo impresses both the band and Salt’s customers as he performs a cover of Fergus James’s ‘What are we Waiting For‘, and when the sound reaches Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) and Theo’s girlfriend Chloe (Sam Barrett) outside, they head upstairs too.

After a rapturous round of applause, Flick tells Theo that he was amazing, whilst the band keep their cool… “We’ll get back to you,” Eden tells him teasingly.

When they do eventually get back to him later that evening, it’s good news—Theo is Lyrik’s new lead singer!

Justin is just as thrilled as Theo, but they now have the little problem of Ziggy to attend to…. and why isn’t Chloe answering her phone?

Elsewhere in Summer Bay, Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) has reason to celebrate when he finally hears that girlfriend Jasmine (Sam Frost) is heading home.

Jasmine has been helping out at her late-husband Robbo’s (Jake Ryan) parents’ farm in the outer reaches of NSW for the past six weeks, after his mother Wendy (Amanda Muggleton) suffered a heart attack.

During that time Cash has been panicking about spending a drunken night in Rose’s (Kirsty Marillier) car on the eve of Jasmine’s departure.


No, they didn’t sleep together, it was all perfectly innocent, but that hasn’t stopped Cash running around like a headless chook begging people not to say anything to Jasmine, whilst invariably butting heads with both Rose and her half-brother Xander (Luke Van Os).

With Xander struggling to deal with the stress of his job as a paramedic, as witnessed by Rose last week, he finally admits to his sister that he needs help; he can’t go on living like this.

Xander eventually opens up to Cash and admits that he’s worried about asking for help at work as he’s not been there long. Cash then reveals that he needs him to get sorted out, as he’s going to want to call on him as a best man in the near future.

Not only is Jasmine on her way home, but Cash is planning on proposing to her!

That afternoon, Cash prepares the house for Jasmine’s arrival, laying out champagne (with Irene’s permission!) and roses on the dining table, and putting on his best suit.

But as time ticks by, ring in his pocket, Cash gets more and more nervous…. and it’s not just because of the impending proposal, Jasmine is running very late.

He tries to get through to Jasmine’s mobile but can only reach voicemail.

As he gazes out the window anticipating her arrival, he begins to wonder if something has happened to her…

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 29th August (Episode 7841)

A Summer Bay star is born. Ziggy and Justin clash over Theo’s dreams. Felicity brings her boss-woman game to Salt.

Tuesday 30th August (Episode 7842)

The bikies refuse to negotiate. Tane rescues an endangered Chloe. Theo gets a life-changing call.

Wednesday 31st August (Episode 7843)

Rose gets suspicious of Tex. Tane protects his family. Nikau breaks Bella’s heart.

Thursday 1st September (Episode 7844)

Rose investigates Tex. Irene’s family dinner blows up in her face. Xander admits he has a problem.

Friday 2nd September (Episode 7845)

John can’t stand his noisy neighbours. Cash has big plans for Jasmine’s return. Xander seeks help.