New photos show Neighbours’ Clive Gibbons with mystery woman

Next week on Neighbours in the UK, as Nicolette and Byron accuse Clive of cheating on Jane, he reveals a shocking chapter from his past.

These scenes air in the UK from Monday 11th July, and in Australia from Tuesday 19th July.

As Neighbours enters its final few weeks, are the show’s producers about to break up two of the show’s longest-serving characters?

Jane Harris (Annie Jones) and Clive Gibbons (Geoff Paine) have been on Neighbours since the show’s beginning in the late 1980s, and while they both departed in the early 90s, they both returned to Erinsborough in the late 2010s and have been familiar faces on the street ever since.

Jane’s return initially saw her get together with her old friend Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis), but she eventually realised that Paul was still in love with Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou). She then married her ex-partner Des Clarke (Paul Keane) at the Lassiters Wedding Expo, but they split just a few months later.

Clive, meanwhile, was now Chief Operating Officer of Erinsborough Hospital and soon embarked on an on-again, off-again relationship with Sheila Canning (Colette Mann). At one point, during one of his and Sheila’s off-again phases, Clive began dating Beverly Robinson (Shaunna O’Grady), only to cheat on her with Sheila shortly after.

Fast forward a short while and Jane and Clive ended up together, and have been a strong and stable couple for the past few years.

Now, however, the arrival of Jane’s son Byron (Joe Klocek) has shaken things up, and it’s about to reveal that Clive and Jane are not as stable as they appear.

Byron is living a second life as a gigolo, with a woman called Danielle Pendlebury (Christine Stephen-Daly) as one of his clients. This week, he meets Clive for the first time at a family meal, but instantly recognises Clive’s voice, and realises that there’s a link between Clive and his client.

Putting two and two together, he suspects that Clive and Danielle may be having an affair.

He and sister Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes) team up to investigate Clive, but things are about to get heated as Byron gets caught snooping, while Nicolette discovers some incriminating evidence.

Next Monday (UK: Monday 11th July / Aus : Tuesday 19th July), as Byron tries to suss out Danielle’s connection to Clive, he’s caught in the act.

Danielle fires him on the spot, and suddenly his investigation is going to get a lot harder.

Little does he know, his sister is about to get the evidence they need.

As Danielle and Clive get up close and personal at Danielle’s house, Nicolette hides in the background, surreptitiously photographing the pair’s incriminating meetup through a window.

Nicolette is stunned as they place their hands on each other’s faces, while another photo from next week shows them seemingly about to share a kiss.

Showing the photos to Byron, the two siblings are now convinced their mum is being cheated on. The photos make it hard to deny, but is Clive actually playing away, or does he hide a darker secret?

The following day, and with Byron and Nicolette accusing him of cheating, Clive has no choice but to let Jane know the truth about a shameful chapter of his past.

The shock revelation leaves Jane upset, and she wants answers from Danielle as well.

However, the secrets don’t end there. Things go from bad to worse when Danielle reveals some shocking secrets of their own…

Clive, what are you up to?

Neighbours fans are wondering whether this latest development will lead to Clive and Jane splitting up, leaving them free for reconciliation with their ex-partners.

There is just a matter of weeks left, and we already know that over 30 characters are set to return before the end, including some who haven’t yet been announced.

Will we see Jane reunited with Mike Young (Guy Pearce) or Des Clarke – both of whom are returning for the final episodes? We don’t have long to find out – Neighbours’ final ever episode will air in Australia on Thursday 28th July, and in the UK on Friday 29th July.

Here are the spoilers for next week’s Neighbours in the UK:

8887 – Monday 11th July (UK) / Tuesday 19th July (Aus)

Byron is busted, while Nicolette photographs Clive’s incriminating meetup.

David’s family realise that he’s in more danger than ever.

Terese suggests to Paul that they put off their divorce settlement so he can focus on family.

8888 – Tuesday 12th July (UK) / Wednesday 20th July (Aus)

David embarks on a risky plan to get out of prison and back to his family.

Clive lets Jane in on a shameful chapter of his past.

8889 – Wednesday 13th July (UK) / Wednesday 20th July (Aus)

With Emma subdued, it’s only David left in danger…

An old friend shows up in town with an intriguing proposition for Paul.

Harold is pushed to admit the truth.

8890 – Thursday 14th July (UK) / Thursday 21st July (Aus)

Toadie and Melanie’s engagement party delivers bombshells, shock returns and an explosive confrontation.

Paul grows excited at the idea of going into business with an old friend.

8891 – Friday 15th July (UK) / Thursday 21st July (Aus)

The Kennedys are rocked by another surprise return.

Harold makes a terrible error in judgement.

Melanie takes on a big fish.

Also next week… Harold turns to Joe Mangel for advice

Next week on Neighbours in the UK, Harold heads straight to the source of his fears about Melanie Pearson. Will he be proven right?

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