Home and Away Spoilers – Felicity vanishes after unmasking Tane’s stalker

Coming up next week on Home and Away in the UK, Felicity is shocked to the core when she discovers the identity of Tane’s attacker—but will anyone believe her? Plus Ryder and Theo take their first step to internet stardom in a bid to raise some cash…

All eyes have been on Felicity Newman (Jacqui Purvis) over the past couple of weeks, following the horrific chemical attack on Tane Parata (Ethan Browne) in the gym.

Although Tane was the sole intended victim, the pesticide spread through the ventilation system to Martha Stewart’s (Belinda Giblin) fundraising event upstairs at Salt, which led to both Martha and Marilyn Chambers (Emily Symons) also fighting for their lives.

Tane had been target of a bizarre campaign over several weeks which saw roses being sent to him with cryptic notes. His immediate thoughts turned to Felicity, who he’d recently been having casual sex with before breaking things off after realising she wanted more from the relationship.

Relations became progressively worse between the pair over the weeks as Tane accused Flick of stalking him, and she began to feel increasingly intimidated by Tane’s presence around the bay. It reached the point where she was forced to take out an AVO on him, the very day of the chemical attack.

Realising she had no alibi, Flick called on her best friend and workmate Anne (Megan Smart) to provide one for her, but she ended up going against her word by not corroborating Flick’s story when being interviewed by Federal Police Detective Darren Nasser (Julian Maroun). Anne apologised to Flick, explaining she was scared, and the two made up.

But it didn’t help Flick’s cause, particularly when a receipt for the pesticide was found in her van by Jasmine (Sam Frost). Although he had his doubts, brother Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) eventually believed his sister’s innocence and shocked her by burning the receipt. It turned out to all be in vain though when, following a police search, Nasser uncovered a stash of sedatives in Flick’s van.

Next week, as Felicity protests that she’s never seen the sedatives before, Detective Nasser drags her to the police station for questioning. As she begs Cash for help, it becomes obvious that he no longer believes her, and, whilst he attempts to accompany Flick, Nasser tells him that doing so could compromise the investigation.

Nasser interrogates Flick and tells her that the latest toxicology reports confirm that the drugs found in the van are a match for the ones used on Tane. Facing charges of attempted murder and grievous bodily harm, Flick insists that someone must be framing her—but admits she has no idea who it could be.

Nasser eventually releases Flick without charge the next morning as the investigation continues, and it’s Anne that Flick turns to in the wake of Cash’s disloyalty towards her.

When Jasmine later talks to Flick at the surf club and tries to defend Cash, pointing out that he destroyed evidence for her, Flick points out that she never asked him to burn the receipt. This is overheard by Anne who later questions Flick on what they were talking about, but Flick tells her to mind her own business.

Shortly afterwards, an anonymous post on social media mentions that the police should be “looking into the missing burnt pesticide receipt“, and, when Flick sees this, she realises there’s only one person who could have posted it…

As everything finally falls into place, Flick looks across at her best friend—”It was you… it was you all along!

But rather than deny it, Anne simply tells Flick to prove it, with a wry smile on her face.

Anne soon drives off, but not before taunting Flick further with her knowledge about what Cash did to try and protect her.

Meanwhile, Cash is panicking when Nasser also spots the social media post. When he asks Cash whether he knew anything about this supposed destroyed evidence, Cash denies all knowledge. He later admits to Jasmine that he wants to come clean and confess, as she tries to talk him out of it.

Rushing up to Cash on the beach, Flick exclaims that she knows who did it! But Cash is dismissive of her after seeing the evidence against her, and, with no proof of what she’s claiming, he simply tells a devastated Flick to go and talk to the detective.

As Cash returns to the police station, he finds Nasser and the team readying to head out and arrest Flick for attempted murder. He desperately tries to put a halt to the proceedings by repeating Flick’s claims, to no avail. But as they head to Flick’s van to take her into custody, they find it completely empty.

Has Flick done a runner?

Whilst Flick may be feeling as though everyone is against her, it seems she has a sympathiser in an unlikely place. As Tane is released from hospital next week following his miraculous recovery, Detective Nasser pops round to tell them the latest on the case—they have a warrant out for Felicity’s arrest.

Tane continues to voice his opinion that Flick isn’t responsible, even when another rose appears on his doorstep.

But Tane’s nephew Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) remains convinced of Flick’s guilt, and continues to rile up his hate campaign towards her on social media, despite girlfriend Bella’s (Courtney Miller) pleas.

Will Bella or Tane be able to convince Nik to put a halt to things before it gets out of hand?

Did you spot the clue?

Although there’d been no direct contact between Tane and Anne on-screen until after the stalking started, there was a clue hidden in plain sight during a scene which aired two weeks ago.

The morning after the incident at the surf club, Flick’s meeting with Anne to ask her to provide an alibi saw Anne wearing a pair of boots identical to the ones worn by Tane’s attacker.

Though some fans may of course argue that the introduction of a guest character connected to Flick, soon after the storyline kicked off, could also have been a pretty big clue!

Elsewhere in Summer Bay, Ryder (Lukas Radovich) and Chloe (Sam Barrett) have reluctantly agreed to team up with Theo (Matt Evans) to earn some desperately needed cash, and they’re surprised by his suggestion—social media video challenges!

Theo reveals that the video he took on his phone on the night he ‘kidnapped’ Ryder to take him to his 21st birthday party has been put online and monetised, and is scoring a lot of views.

Whilst Ryder isn’t too impressed with the fact that his freaking out at Theo has been viewed by nearly 50,000 people, Theo then points out the comments—people simply cannot wait for the next video featuring them both.

The next morning, Theo is trying to put things right with Justin (James Stewart) by offering to clean up the office at the garage on his day off.

When he then gets a text from Ryder wanting to meet up, Justin insists on letting him go, with both he and Leah (Ada Nicodemou) impressed that Theo finally seems to be making an effort to settle down in the bay.

Ryder agrees to Theo’s plan, with certain conditions attached, and they begin working on ideas for their first video.

With the two struggling to agree, it all comes down to Chloe pulling an idea out of a hat—which ends up being a chilli eating contest!

But as Chloe films Ryder and Theo square up and begin the challenge, little do any of them realise that the evening will end with an unexpected development…

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 17th January (Episode 7681)

Ryder and Theo agree to a partnership. Cash finds himself in a moral dilemma. Felicity believes someone is framing her.

Tuesday 18th January (Episode 7682)

Felicity knows where her fate lies. Tane is discharged from hospital. Nikau creates a witch-hunt.

Wednesday 19th January (Episode 7683)

Logan wants to bring Marilyn out of a coma. Bella fears she’s losing Nikau to social media again. Tane doesn’t share everyone’s opinion of Felicity.

Thursday 20th January (Episode 7684)

Marilyn has a change of attitude. Dean and Ziggy’s chemistry is strong. Logan thinks he’s missed something in his diagnosis.

Friday 21st January (Episode 7685)

Theo and Ryder face off in their first challenge. Dean wants to overcome his hurdle. Marilyn’s out of character behaviour continues.

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