Neighbours Spoilers – Paul finds Nicolette and offers to buy her baby!

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On next week’s Neighbours in Australia, after 3 weeks missing, Paul tracks Nicolette down in Canberra. When she refuses to return to Erinsborough, he makes a drastic move to reunite her baby with David and Aaron.

These episodes will air in the UK at the beginning of September.

They say that the joy of parenthood is a blessing indeed.

However, for David Tanaka (Takaya Honda) and Aaron Brennan (Matt Wilson), their journey into parenthood has been anything but.

Not only did their first foster child Emmett (Ezra Justin) return to living with his mother, their second, Brent (Texas Watterston), joined the army after heading down a criminal path and finding himself facing years in prison.

So, when the pair decided to look into surrogacy, they were thrilled when their close friend Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes) agreed to carry their baby. Despite the decision being made on a drunken night together, they forged ahead.

They struck up a ‘shared parenting’ agreement – David and Aaron would be the primary caregivers, but Nic would still be heavily involved, as a sort of overbearing aunt. While many in Erinsborough were sceptical that they could make it work, the trio were convinced it could be a success.

Nicolette pursued a relationship with Aaron’s sister Chloe (April Rose Pengilly), which was something both had longed for but never admitted. But when Chloe’s ex-husband Pierce (Don Hany) returned, things began to turn sour on all fronts.

More recently, Chloe and Nicolette’s relationship broke down after Chloe spent the night with her ex-boyfriend Leo (Tim Kano) – who happens to be David’s twin brother. While nothing actually happened, the thought that Chloe had even considered it was enough to make Nicolette feel betrayed.

Then, of course, there has been the ongoing rivalry between Nicolette and David’s father Paul (Stefan Dennis).

Only three weeks ago did he deliver his coup de grace – his most brutal of attacks – just after she learnt of Chloe’s night of dishonesty.

You’re carrying my grandchild, that’s it,” he reminded her, his poisonous words cutting an already fragile Nicolette to the core.

You’ll never be anything more to any of us.

Broken, Nicolette did what she does best – she ran. Packing her belongings, she upped and left Erinsborough, eight and a half months pregnant with a child that legally was hers, but morally was not.

Three weeks have passed, and with still no word from Nicolette, David and Aaron are going out of their minds with concern. Nic is now past her due date – they could be parents and not even know it.

While Aaron seems to be holding it together, David, anxiously attempting to locate his child, puts his livelihood on the line.

At the hospital, David used the hospital’s electronic patient filing system to look up Nicolette. In his mind, it’s the only hope he has to find the child. Nicolette has cut herself off from everyone in Erinsborough and hasn’t returned anyone’s messages.

Unfortunately, it seems the distraught dad-to-be is in for another heartache when he is caught by Karl (Alan Fletcher). Breaching patient confidentiality as David has done comes with a hefty penalty and it’s an action that could cost him his job. 

It seems everything hits David at once and the doctor breaks down in his stepmother Terese’s (Rebekah Elmaloglou) arms.

Seeing the pain that his son is going through, Paul decides to take action into his own hands.

He finally begins to regret what he said to Nicolette before she left, and realises that he most likely played a big part in her disappearance. So, the businessman / amateur sleuth embarks on a secret mission to track down the mother of his granddaughter.

Boarding a flight to Canberra, Paul tracks down a clue in the form of Audrey (Zahra Newman), Nicolette’s former colleague and the woman with whom she stole a dying man’s lottery winnings.

Audrey’s return to the series was confirmed by Zahra, who told TV Week that she would be shooting ‘some very small stuff’ in Canberra for Neighbours in December of last year.

A brief glimpse of the scenes in question were shown in a behind the scenes video on the Neighbours Facebook page two months ago.

Thanks to Audrey’s revelation that Nicolette enjoys exercising in a particular park in Canberra, Paul is able to track down a frightened Nicolette.

However, the biggest shock is yet to come when the red-head opens her coat and reveals that she has already given birth to the baby!

Paul can’t believe it. But Nicolette has an even bigger bomb to drop: she’s not coming back to Erinsborough. On top of that, she announces that she is planning on keeping the baby!

Seeing red, he can’t believe how much pain Nicolette has decided to continue to put his loved ones through.

Paul reminds Nicolette of the promise that she made to the boys. Taking the child for herself would mean breaking that, and in turn, their hearts. They’re already in enough pain as it is.

Realising there’s only one way left to convince Nicolette to give up the baby, Paul decides to open his wallet. The Lassiters owner offers Nicolette an exorbitant amount of money to give the child over.

With so much at stake, will Nicolette take Paul’s bribe?

It seems so! After confronting Nicolette, Paul returns to Ramsay Street with baby Isla… but things aren’t as they seem. Paul Robinson, what have you done?

Meanwhile, it seems Paul is in for another shock next week, this time involving his hotel.

After weeks of setting up traps to ensure the downfall of the Quill Group, it seems that the team at Lassiters have a new strategy.

When the opportunity arises, Terese decides to buy into the business. In layman’s terms, it means that Lassiters will now own a portion of the company that took them down five years ago. Will Paul let her go through with it?

With Jesse (Cameron Robbie) now batting for team Lassiters, the future of the Quill Hotel Group is now more uncertain than ever.

Here’s the full Neighbours spoilers for next two weeks in Australia:

Monday 2nd August (8676)

David refused to acknowledge Leo, meanwhile Aaron reaches out to Chloe to rebuild their relationship.

Everybody is gobsmacked by Ned’s proposal that Amy officially date him and Levi, and the guys are taking idea of polyamory more seriously.

Tuesday 3rd August (8677)

Terese’s protectiveness of Jesse intensified when she learns Shay Quill is pinning the downfall of the family company on him.

Mackenzie is determined to help Melanie with her job hunt and accidentally emails Melanie’s old CV to new prospects.

Wednesday 4th August (8678)

After Amy makes it clear that she’s not keen on the idea of polyamory, the trio try to return to their casual fun, but Levi and Ned express they both want more.

Melanie doesn’t think Toadie needs to know the details of her affair with Justin, but Toadie wants to truth.

Thursday 5th August (8679)

Despite Melanie’s insistence that her relationship with Toadie is different to any she’s had before, Toadie can’t but worry.

While at the hospital, David plans to use the electronic patient file system to find Nicolette, a risky move that could end his career if he is found out.

Amy, Levi and Ned officially begin their polyamorous relationship by establishing ground rules, with all of them committed to making it work with their mutual girlfriend.

Monday 9th August (8680)

Unaware that Paul is on a secret mission to find Nicolette, Aaron and David struggle with the loss of their daughter.

Paul flies to Canberra to find Nicolette, contacting Audrey who suggests he go to a park where Nicolette is known to exercise.

Tuesday 10th August (8681)

Stunned to see that Nicolette has given birth, Paul demands to be taken to his granddaughter, but Nicolette refuses.

Leo cooks up a peace offering, which slowly thaws David and the brothers talk through their issues.

Wednesday 11th August (8682)

Leo keeps his stance from Chloe, deciding that he can’t stay in Erinsborough right now.

Jane returns from Queensland, full of questions about why Nicolette hasn’t returned.

Aaron and David embrace fatherhood when Paul returns with baby Isla, but things aren’t as they seem.

Thursday 12th August (8683)

When Sheila accidentally catches Amy and Ned in the act, she warns Levi that Amy’s actions are no different from on partner cheating on another.

Paul puts the breaks on when Terese starts to make the necessary arrangements for the Quill investment.

Paul is shocked to learn that Jane’s hired her own PI to hunt for Nicolette.

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