Neighbours Spoilers – Levi confronts his attackers

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Coming up on next week’s Neighbours in the UK, Levi’s attempts to uncover his attackers’ criminal activity brings him face to face with them.

These episodes will air from Monday 12th July.

After being dumped by his girlfriend Bea (Bonnie Anderson), Levi Canning (Richie Morris) has been stuck in a slump.

Unwilling to spend time with his family or friends, he has decided to take up a new hobby – bring down the men responsible for his bashing as a child.

About 12 months ago, it was revealed that while in Sheila’s (Colette Mann) care, a young Levi was bashed by a group of teenage delinquents. However, it was soon revealed that the thugs were in fact after his cousin Kyle (Chris Milligan). The bashing of Levi, which resulted in his diagnosis of epilepsy, was just collateral damage when they turned up and Kyle wasn’t there.

Now, Levi is ready to track the men down and bring them to justice.

From the get go, it is obvious that Levi’s intention to be alone post-breakup is just a façade for a secret he’s hiding. When Kyle rifles through Levi’s duffle bag while he is in the shower, he finally uncovers the truth.

Inside the bag is a camera and a plethora of photos of Mitch (Kevin Hofbauer) and Nelson (Rhys Mitchell), two of the thugs, hanging outside a warehouse. Kyle, who immediately recognises the two men, is shocked that his cousin is hunting down two people whose actions have caused him so much grief. As Levi enters the living room, Kyle confronts him.

I know exactly who these guys are,” he tells his cousin, who is angry that Kyle would invade his privacy by going through his stuff. But Kyle has no time for Levi’s excuses, he wants to know the truth – why is he stalking the men?

Levi assures him that it is merely a stake out. However, bringing up their conversation from the previous week, Kyle wants to know why Levi is still pursuing them.

Later, the pair head to the Waterhole and Levi explains that he was doing his due diligence regarding Nelson and Mitch. It’s obvious that he has uncovered that the men are still involved in criminal activity, and plans to bring them to justice.

Kyle, despite knowing all too well what the men are like, believes that photographs in front of a warehouse doesn’t prove anything. They could simply be working there, and may have turned their lives around since they were teenagers. However, Levi is adamant that his train of thought is correct.

Do you just want them to be guilty?” Kyle asks his cousin, who is taken aback. He suggests that Levi could be desperate for some sort of revenge for what they did to him all those years ago, and is just trying to come up with the answer that works for him.

I know they’re up to something – I can feel it in my gut,” Levi assures Kyle.

Believing he’s going about the whole situation the entirely wrong way, Kyle suggests they go to the police with the information. However, Levi doesn’t want a bar of it and when Sheila enters the mix, the dishevelled cop lets loose.

Realising he’s hurt their grandmother, Kyle gives Levi the what for over the behaviour. “You want us to start treating you like an adult? Pull your head in and start acting like one.

With Kyle’s words as food for thought, Levi heads home to think about his actions. Later, he assures Kyle that he’s going to forget about Mitch and Nelson, this time for real.

It’s now that Levi explains that when Nathan (Jackson Gallagher) apologised for his part in his bashing, it felt as if a weight was lifted off Levi’s shoulders. He was happy and relieved. That feeling was what he was hoping for with Mitch and Nelson.

Realising he needs to apologise to Sheila, Levi heads out. However, at the front door, he finds a toy train.

Horrified, he explains he was playing with a train – almost an exact replica of the one on the doorstep – the day he was bashed. Obviously, it means Nelson and Mitch know he’s onto them, and what’s more, they’ve been able to track him down to Ramsay Street!

Levi, we need to report it!” Kyle urges his cousin. Agreeing, Levi gives in and makes a statement to police.

As he gets the third degree from police partner Yashvi (Olivia Junkeer), Levi admits he made a mistake. He’s still waiting to find out whether he’ll be suspended from the force for accessing confidential records, and now everything is beginning to unravel. He doesn’t want to talk about it any more, and excuses himself.

When Yashvi tracks him down in the Cannings’ garden in Ramsay Street, he’s awash with tears. He feels exactly the same way he did when he was bashed, and he doesn’t want to feel that way anymore.

That afternoon, Levi and Kyle are met with the news that Sergeant Rodwell (Andrew Lamb) has followed up on Levi’s statement and officers are being sent down to Hastings to check on Nelson and Mitch.

Even better, Levi learns that he’s off the hook for accessing the confidential records, with his boss understanding that he was acting out of fear. His job is safe… at least for the time being.

However, it seems his relief is short lived, when Levi is confronted in the park by none other than Nelson and Mitch who have rocked up in Erinsborough looking for him!

What the pair want, remains to be seen…

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours in the UK:

Monday 12th July (8642)

Although Amy is mortified at misreading Ned’s interest in her, it makes him wonder what it might be like to have a fling with her.

Kyle is shocked to discover Levi has been surveilling the blokes who beat him up as a kid.

Yashvi & Mackenzie struggle to warm to their two strong-minded and highly energetic housemates.

Tuesday 13th July (8643)

Pierce gifts Chloe another set of wedding prints causing a furious Nicolette to blow up again.

Paul’s excited as Leo arrives from New York, making him an attractive offer to help rebuild their relationship.

Levi is shaken to find a toy train on his doorstep, explaining to Kyle it’s a threat from the crew he was surveilling.

Wednesday 14th July (8644)

After an unfortunate slip of the tongue, Nicolette informs Chloe and David what she’s said, both of whom are annoyed at another instance of Nicolette being unable to control her emotions.

Alarmed by Nicolette’s attitude about the baby, Pierce shares his concerns to Leo who decides to keep an eye on her.

After Levi’s boss checks in on Mitch and Nelson, the pair accost Levi and insist he stay out of their business.

Thursday 15th July (8645)

Leo invites Chloe to the vineyard he’s buying off Pierce and surprises her with a dream offer.

An oblivious Hendrix boasts about his recent life successes, crediting Mackenzie and making Harlow feel like he’s forgotten everything she’s done for him.

For the first time, Hendrix and Pierce part on good terms.

Friday 16th July (8646)

Melanie’s still privately upset about Toadie’s reaction to the girls making fun of her laugh.

Still uneasy about Nicolette’s possessive comments about the baby, doubts continue to grow when David and Aaron feel pushed out of the antenatal classes.

Harlow is still feeling low and Brent’s letters don’t make her feel any better, so Terese tries to distract her to lift her up.

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