Home and Away Spoilers – Nikau punches Ryder as he struggles post-breakup

On this week’s Home and Away in Australia, Nikau struggles in the wake of his breakup with Bella, and takes his anger out on those around him.

Oh, Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo). His modelling career hasn’t gone the way he hoped – at all.

He only took the job with Sienna’s agency so he could secure Bella (Courtney Miller) a coveted apprenticeship with Emmett Ellison (JR Reyne), but now it’s brought his whole world crashing around him.

Sienna Blake (Rose Riley) only cares about her job, and getting the best out of her agency’s models. She’s seen Bella as a distraction, someone who will end up pulling Nikau away from his career as her jealousy builds over his new jetsetting lifestyle and the attractive women he’ll be shooting with.

She knew that breaking Nikau and Bella up was the best way to advance Nik’s career, and would stop at nothing to achieve it.

When she made Allegra (Laura McDonald) send Nikau a photo of Bella and Emmett supposedly cuddling up together, her plan worked perfectly. Poor Nikau was devastated at the sight of what he thought was his girlfriend being unfaithful, and fell straight into the arms – and bed – of Sienna.

After they spent the night together, he was racked with guilt. While he wanted to keep it a secret, a constant stream of subtle hints from Allegra, and Sienna’s constant presence in the bay, meant that the truth was bound to come out eventually.

In last week’s Australian episodes he confessed all to Bella. The news hit her hard and she immediately ended things with her boyfriend, heartbroken at his betrayal.

This week, Nikau has had enough. He tells Sienna that he’s done with the agency, and he’s done with her. However, this comes as no surprise to Sienna, who’s always one step ahead. She swiftly reminds him that he’s bound by his contract.

“You won’t be saying that when I see you in court,” she assures him.

Meanwhile, he does his best to patch things up with Bella. He still loves her, and while he knows he messed up, he still desperately wants her back.

However, he isn’t set for much luck there. “You’re dead to me,” Bella tells him coldly, as he makes a heartfelt plea at the door of her apartment.

It isn’t just Bella who’s livid with him. Ryder (Lukas Radovich) can’t believe it either, and makes his feelings to Nikau perfectly clear. Chloe, on the other hand, supports Nik, knowing that it was Sienna’s manipulative behaviour that led him to make the wrong decision.

When Ryder confronts Nikau about what he’s done, he isn’t in the right headspace for a reasoned discussion. When Ryder pushes him for answers, Nikau lashes out and punches Ryder square in the jaw!

Has he just thrown his best friendship away as well?

Having lost his girlfriend and potentially his best friend, Nikau realises there isn’t much left for him in Summer Bay. As he meets once again with Sienna at Salt, she reminds him of all of the benefits of his job, and of the upcoming trip to Japan.

The money, the fame, it’s all starting to grow on him.

“This job is the opportunity of a lifetime,” she assures him.

Later, it becomes clear that Nikau isn’t going to risk legal action, or throwing away the huge pay packets that his modelling career brings, and is going to head to Japan after all.

Revealing the news to his uncles back at the Parata house, he tells them confidently that “I’m telling you, I’m going to Japan, and you can’t stop me.”

However, Tane (Ethan Browne) knows it’s a bad idea, telling him that “Sienna can’t be trusted.”

Will he take the advice of those around him, or continue falling under Sienna’s spell?

Here’s the full spoilers for the next week of Home and Away episodes in Australia:

Monday 5th July (7602)

Nikau goes through a hard time after the breakup. Will the police get to Stephen in time? Bella gets support from the people around her.

Tuesday 6th July (7603)

Bella struggles to deal with everyone’s input. Ryder and Chloe are at opposites. Can Roo help Kieran?

Wednesday 7th July (7604)

Ziggy takes her frustration out on Tane. Chloe and Ryder find middle ground. Will Kieran be able to face Alf?

Thursday 8th July (7605–7607)

Justin continues to make amends. Can Roo bridge the gap between Alf and Kieran? Will Christian be able to win Tori back?

Christian woos the love of his life. Alf’s opinion towards Kieran hardens. Nikau and Ryder come to blows.

Kieran makes one last plea to Alf. Irene gives Alf a piece of her mind. Justin slowly rebuilds his life.

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