Home and Away Spoilers – Jasmine’s memory loss goes from bad to worse

This week on Home and Away in Australia, Jasmine’s memory loss worsens, as Christian rushes to diagnose her. Elsewhere, Nikau confesses all to Bella.

It’s been a tough few years for Jasmine (Sam Frost). Not only has she had to deal with the death of her husband Robbo (Jake Ryan), but she’s had to watch Christian (Ditch Davey) and Tori (Penny McNamee) grow closer and closer, leaving her feeling isolated from Grace, who was her last connection to her late husband.

Her struggles with her grief led her to develop an unhealthy obsession with Grace, which eventually led to Tori taking out an AVO (Apprehended Violence Order) against her.

More recently, Lewis Hayes (Luke Arnold) entered the picture, and seemed like he may finally bring Jasmine some much needed happiness. The two had a brief fling in university, but went their separate ways after Lewis found love with Anna, and Jasmine eventually wound up in Summer Bay.

By the time Lewis arrived in Summer Bay, they had both been widowed, and that shared connection quickly brought them closer together. It soon became obvious that Lewis harboured feelings of resentment towards Christian, who had operated on his late wife and who he blamed for her death.

While Jasmine tried to help him get over his resentment and threw her full support behind her new boyfriend, little did she know he was in fact bumping off the doctor’s patients at Northern Districts Hospital.

After he tried to kill Christian himself, the truth came out, and Lewis was rapidly snatched from Jasmine’s life, and she was left alone once again.

It’s fair to say there’s a lot she’d like to forget from the past few years. Then, last week, she was caught up in the massive explosion which ripped through La Cucaracha, leaving many Summer Bay residents injured.

While she initially seemed to escape with little more than a gash on her forehead, and spent the first hour running around helping the other victims, she soon collapsed and was rushed to hospital. She needed urgent attention, with a fracture to the right temporal bone and “a haematoma as big as a lemon”.

When she awoke at the end of last week, all seemed fine – Christian explained to her what had happened, and asked her some simple questions to check that she hadn’t suffered any cognitive loss.

She didn’t remember the explosion herself, but Christian assured everyone that that’s normal, as the brain will block out recent traumatic events. Thankfully, she knew where she was, and remembered Tori, Christian and Irene (Lynne McGranger). So far, so good.

However, the doctors quickly realised something was up, when seconds later, she needed reminding what she was doing in hospital.

Leaving things last week, Christian suspected it might be post-traumatic amnesia, something not entirely unexpected after being in an induced coma.

However, as we rejoin the action this week, things are going from bad to worse. She still remembers everything from her past, but her short term memory has been seriously impacted. It’s basically non-existent.

No sooner than she’s reminded of what she’s doing in hospital, she’s asking again why she’s there. It takes its toll on Christian – he’s forced to explain to Irene and Jasmine the tragic death of Rachel (Marny Kennedy), but within minutes Jasmine is again asking how Rachel is getting on with her recovery.

It’s taking its toll on Jasmine as well. When she wakes up in the middle of the night with no idea why she’s in hospital, she panics and tries to leave.

Thankfully, Irene is there to stop her, but it’s clear Jasmine is seriously struggling. “There was an explosion and you were hurt,” Irene is forced to remind her, comforting her as she wanders the wards of Northern District looking for explanations.

“I don’t remember. What’s wrong with me?”

Of course, it isn’t long until she’s forgotten her escape attempt, and Irene and the docs have to explain the situation again from the beginning. It sounds like she has anterograde amnesia, where she struggles to form new memories, but her doctors don’t know how long it’ll last for, or if it’ll get better.

Talking to TV Week about the latest developments, Ditch Davey says that Christian is seriously concerned as they try to determine a diagnosis.

“It’s important to establish how much of her memory was affected in the early stages after the accident,” Ditch explains. “He’s very concerned for his close friend and colleague.”

“Of course, having to deal with a close friend’s injury does blur the lines.”


Elsewhere this week, Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) is racked with guilt after spending the night with Sienna (Rose Riley). He suspected that Bella was cheating on him with Emmett (JR Reyne) but it was all a ploy by Sienna to drive him and Bella apart.

He knows that he messed up, and as his brother Tane (Ethan Browne) reminds him, he couldn’t keep it a secret for one night before he had to tell someone, so eventually Bella will find out.

This week, as they prep for the latest shoot, Allegra (Laura McDonald) makes a subtle comment about his night with Sienna, and he knows the truth will come out one way or another.

In devastating scenes, he sits Bella down and confesses to what he’s done. How will she react? Is this the end for Bella and Nikau?

Also this week… Justin is being set up!

A brand new Home and Away promo shows that the Susie storyline makes a big jump forward, as Justin is arrested for her murder. Is he being set up?

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Here’s the full spoilers for the next week of Home and Away episodes in Australia:

Monday 28th June (7596)

​​​​​​​Jasmine’s memory is on reset. Christian struggles with the tragic death of his patient. Mia’s concerned with what Jasmine will say about the pregnancy.

Tuesday 29th June (7597)

Leah makes a breakthrough with Justin. Christian diagnoses Jasmine’s injury. Kieran makes a huge step forward in his recovery.

Wednesday 30th June (7598)

Justin is under suspicion. Kieran’s patience is tested. Ziggy won’t accept Mac’s apology.

Thursday 1st July (7599–7601)

Detectives begin to draw out suspects. Sienna pulls Bella into her web. Ari decides to upskill.

Roo faces the music. Leah confesses the depth of Justin’s behaviour. Bella’s world is shattered by Nikau’s truth.

Bella and Nikau realise the truth of their new reality. Leah is faced with some hard truths. Justin returns to the interview room.

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