New Home and Away promo hints Justin is being framed

A brand new Home and Away promo airing in Australia hints that Justin Morgan is set to be framed for the death of Susie McAllister.

Major spoilers ahead for UK viewers.

It’s been quite a week for Justin (James Stewart) in the latest Australian episodes. His drug problem has worsened to the point where Tori (Penny McNamee) has kicked him out of the Morgan house, and even Leah (Ada Nicodemou) barely has the strength to stand by her boyfriend.

Justin has also become increasingly more jealous of Stephen (Bren Foster), who is growing ever closer to Leah. He landed Stephen in hospital last week, giving him a beating after spotting him comforting Leah.

His erratic behaviour is becoming more and more worrying, with both Leah and Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) now scared to be in a room with him alone. He has returned to scoring drugs online, this time from dodgy dealers, and this week found himself slumped in his car at the side of the road after they had a bad effect on his body.

Yet the new promo has revealed that not everything is Justin’s fault, and he may be being set up for Susie’s murder.

The promo, which you can view in full in this article, is interspersed with footage from the past few weeks reminding us of Justin’s fragile state. It shows him smashing his phone outside the garage, him in his car on the side of the road as the police speed past, Tori confronting him in his police cell, and an angry confrontation between him and Stephen.

However, there is plenty of new footage which suggests that Justin is in for a whole world of pain as the Susie storyline progresses over the next few weeks.

It begins with Detective Amy Peters (Lisa Flanagan) discovering a smashed phone in Justin’s ute. Considering Justin’s recent aggressive behaviour, a smashed phone isn’t the most unusual thing in the world. Oh, apart from the fact that it’s Susie’s!

“I have never seen that before,” insists Justin.

“This phone,” reveals Amy, “belonged to Susie McAllister.”

Just how did it end up in Justin’s car? Did he really have something to do with her disappearence?

However it ended up there, it’s enough to give Cash and Amy cause to arrest Justin.

“Justin Morgan,” starts Cash, the Yabbie Creek’s newest senior constable, “you’re under arrest.” Two arrests in three weeks is pretty good going, as Cash and Amy bundle him into the back of a police car.

Let’s presume for a second that Stephen has nothing to do with this. He’s already distrusting of Justin, having ended up on the wrong end of his fist, and is seeing the affect that his behaviour is having on Leah.

Next week, he expresses his feelings to Leah, and it’s fair to say he thinks Justin may have had something to do with Susie’s disappearance. “We’ve both seen what he’s capable of,” he tells Leah in the new promo.

Though is Stephen really so innocent? In Thursday’s triple bill, he made a move on Leah, leaning in for a kiss and revealing to us that perhaps Justin has a right to be jealous. More importantly, he also let slip that he knew Justin was an addict, and although he brushed off Leah’s questioning by making out that it was obvious, it gave us one of our first hints that perhaps there’s more to Stephen than meets the eye.

John (Shane Withington) has recently been made the prime suspect in Susie’s murder. He had been receiving texts from what he thought was Susie’s phone, but it now transpires that she was already dead when he started receiving them.

It was Stephen who hinted to new Senior Constable Cash Newman and homicide detective Amy Peters that perhaps John had been sending them to himself, a way to pretend he had nothing to do with her disappearance.

Stephen, you’re our #1 suspect. Anyway, back to the promo.

“All it takes is a seed of doubt,” says the promo’s voiceover. Thanks to a little encouragement from Stephen, does even Leah now think her boyfriend is capable of murder?

“Does Justin often lose his temper?” Cash asks Leah, as we cut to a flashback of him smashing a cup outside the garage.

It’s hard for her to say no, as Stephen reminds her that “he’s been violent and unpredictable.”

We may not believe Justin was capable for Susie’s body washing up in the waters of Summer Bay, but it’s becoming harder for even his friends and family to deny that he’s capable of harming her. He’s the perfect scapegoat.

He continues to take his anger out on everyone around him next week, and seems set for a massive blow out with Christian (Ditch Davey) as he goes cold-turkey.

“Hey,” screams Christian, in a scene likely to air early next week. “You want me to call the police? Is that what you want?”

As the doubt grows in Leah’s mind, she turns to Stephen for support once again.

“You were right about Justin,” she admits, as she falls into his arms. Is his plan working?

Then we hear new detective Amy, as she runs through the evidence against Justin. “The missing money, your aggressive behaviour… it’s all starting to add up.”

“Why won’t you LISTEN?” Justin screams at the cop, as he realises everyone is starting to believe he’s responsible.

On the board of ‘Main Suspects’, which also features John and Irene (Lynne McGranger), Justin is now front and centre.

“If you don’t already have a lawyer, you get one,” Cash warns Tori.

And then comes the massive revelation that will shake Leah and John to the core.

“She’s about to discover the truth,” reveals the voiceover.

As Leah searches through a bag of stuff – we assume in Stephen’s motel room – she comes across the last thing she ever expected to find.

A bag full of cash, bundled up exactly how it was when Susie stole it. Their missing money?

Also, a black laptop. When she opens it, her worst fears are realised.

It’s Susie’s!

Is Justin being framed? Will Leah manage to get the all important evidence to the police, or will Stephen find her and stop her?

Here’s the full spoilers for the next week of Home and Away episodes in Australia:

Monday 28th June (7596)

​​​​​​​Jasmine’s memory is on reset. Christian struggles with the tragic death of his patient. Mia’s concerned with what Jasmine will say about the pregnancy.

Tuesday 29th June (7597)

Leah makes a breakthrough with Justin. Christian diagnoses Jasmine’s injury. Kieran makes a huge step forward in his recovery.

Wednesday 30th June (7598)

Justin is under suspicion. Kieran’s patience is tested. Ziggy won’t accept Mac’s apology.

Thursday 1st July (7599–7601)

Detectives begin to draw out suspects. Sienna pulls Bella into her web. Ari decides to upskill.

Roo faces the music. Leah confesses the depth of Justin’s behaviour. Bella’s world is shattered by Nikau’s truth.

Bella and Nikau realise the truth of their new reality. Leah is faced with some hard truths. Justin returns to the interview room.

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