Home and Away Spoilers – Rachel’s life is on the line again

This week on Home and Away in Australia, Rachel is rushed back into hospital just hours after her halo brace is removed. Will Christian be able to save her life a second time?

Christian thinks he survived to save Rachel… is he about to be proven wrong?

As the weeks go by, we’re beginning to think that Christian (Ditch Davey) isn’t quite the saviour he thinks he is. He’s been trying to find meaning ever since Lewis’s attack, and has come to the conclusion that he survived so that he could save Rachel Young (Marny Kennedy).

However, we’re no longer so convinced that he’s her lucky charm. He happened to be there the day she carried out her first ever solo skydive, bumping into her moments before she took to the sky. He may have saved her then, but by bringing her to Summer Bay, he’s about to put her life on the line a second time.

After bringing her to Northern Districts Hospital for treatment, he’s developed a close friendship with her, confiding in her as his relationship and engagement to Tori (Penny McNamee) falls apart around him.

Christian has sacrificed his relationship with Tori to care for Rachel

As part of her recovery, he’s taken her on numerous trips to Summer Bay, where they’ve shared long walks around the beach, without a second thought for Tori’s feelings. It’s been bliss for Rachel – it’s a chance to escape the stuffy hospital wards, but it’s also been an opportunity to get closer to Christian.

The two have bonded a little too much during Rachel’s treatment

She may rely on him for physical support as she gets used to walking in a halo brace, but when she held his hand as they sat on a bench last week, it was clear that she has developed an emotional connection as well.

Yet by bringing Rachel to disaster-prone Summer Bay, it looks like Christian is actually opening his patient up to even more danger. In this week’s dramatic Australian episodes of Home and Away, a huge explosion destroys Ryder and Chloe’s Mexican food truck, and it seems Rachel is set to be caught up in the accident.

We first reported on Rachel’s arrival back in February, when Marny Kennedy was spotted filming in her halo brace, as she and Ditch Davey walked along the beach in scenes which recently aired. A few weeks later, she was spotted filming as part of the explosion scenes, this time without a brace.

At the time, we speculated that the scenes may have been filmed out of order for logistical reasons, with the explosion causing her to end up in the brace. However, we also speculated that the explosion may provide a setback to her recovery, and that now appears to be the case.

UPDATE 21 June – It looks like Rachel may not have been caught up in the explosion at La Cucaracha after all. Just what does land Rachel back in hospital just hours after having her brace removed remains to be seen, and we’ll likely find out in Thursday’s triple-bill.

Christian gives Rachel the good news… she can leave

This week, with her recovery progressing well, it’s finally time for Rachel’s brace to be removed. Her skull and spine have begun to fuse back together, and it’s a momentous day when Christian announces that they can take it off.

Even better, she’s ready to leave the hospital and restart her life. However, she has her reservations. “I wouldn’t let you leave here if you weren’t ready,” Christian reassures her, telling her it’s a good thing.

Rachel isn’t ready to let Christian go

Knowing she’s about to lose her daily contact with Christian, she reaches to touch him, placing her hand on his. “Is it? It’d mean I wouldn’t see as much of you any more.”

It’s finally clear to Christian that she has feelings for him, and he realises he’s led her on by giving her mixed messages.

Still completely devoted to Tori, Christian is forced to let her down gently, assuring her that there’s nothing more than friendship between them. Despite only knowing the doc for a few weeks, the news leaves Rachel devastated.

Speaking to TV Week, Marny says: “Christian has been there for her since the start of her time in hospital, and she’s developed feelings for him, based on the fact he’s been her anchor. She’s also terrified of stepping outside of the hospital, away from Christian.”

Terrified she should be! Despite having no connection to Summer Bay before that fateful day she skydived, it looks like she makes a beeline straight for the town, perhaps hoping to bump into Christian once again, or maybe looking to satisfy a craving for Mexican food.

Sadly, whatever the reason, it seems her visit ends in disaster.

UPDATE 21 June – It looks like Rachel may not have been caught up in the explosion at La Cucaracha after all. Just what does land Rachel back in hospital just hours after having her brace removed remains to be seen, and we’ll likely find out in Thursday’s triple-bill.

While nothing is yet confirmed, the filming from January suggests that Rachel gets caught up in the unexplained blast that rips through La Cucaracha, and is knocked to the ground unconscious.

She joins Marilyn (Emily Symons), Chloe (Sam Barrett) and Jasmine (Sam Frost) as the main victims, as all four are knocked down and left in various levels of consciousness.

She’s in a bad way, and rushed straight back to Northern Districts Hospital. There, Christian performs CPR as he rushes to try to save her once again.

A still from a new promo, showing fire engulfing La Cucaracha

Tori is left with no choice but to assist, as she watches her once-fiancé try to save the life of the woman who all but ended her engagement.

Davey, speaking to TV Week about the latest twist in Rachel’s story, explains that “he believes he was given this second chance to save Rachel and nothing will come in between that.”

He may have saved Rachel once, but can Christian do so a second time?

Here’s the full spoilers for the next week of Home and Away episodes in Australia:

Monday 21st June (7590)

Rachel mixes messages. Roo reads Kieran’s letter. Nikau enters dark territory.

Tuesday 22nd June (7591)

Who will come out unscathed from the explosion? Has Mackenzie hit rock bottom? In the aftermath of the explosion, people look for answers.

Wednesday 23rd June (7592)

Nikau is trying to have his cake and eat it too. Mackenzie and Ryder talk it out. Is Kieran keeping a secret from Roo?

Thursday 24th June (7593–7595)

Dean tries to help a spiralling Justin after he lashes out at Ziggy. Irene gets a taste of the slick new homicide detective. Roo supports Kieran after his shock admission.

Ziggy continues to support Justin against her own better judgement. The new detective has started rattling a few cages. Justin continues to find new ways to reach rock bottom.

Ari and Mia take Chloe home. Jasmine wakes up. Rachel finally gets her brace off. Justin wakes out of his reverie.

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